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Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 1 May 2013
Disappointed with this guide. In fact I'm increasingly disenchanted with the Lonely Planet/Rough Guides. More than ever they are difficult to negotiate. Here, for example - there is no comprehensive `Contents' page. This for me is vital - it's the way into the book. Rather than tell me immediately how to get there - I'd like to know why I should go (even if I actually know!). I'd like a quick overview of Canada - it's a massive country! Tell me something of the geography, demographics, culture, customs, and what makes Canada special (not polar bears - they may look `cuddly', but they're not, and most people will never see one!).

It would really benefit from more (relevant) pictures, and larger print. Travellers come in `all ages' these days, and even with `specs', reading can be a challenge! It may well run to another couple of dollars/pounds but it would be worth it. Though it's quite informative in places - I get tired of the endless juvenile slang some of which must be problematic even for Americans and British, certainly for speakers of other languages. Maps are another problem eg the map of Vancouver Island is the wrong way around - looking more like the Isle of Wight! That is disorientating.

It's probably a bit ambitious to cover a country of this size in one book, rather than each province/area separately - but if you're travelling around great distances you may well find it very useful, particularly for accommodations and food. The most select hotels are detailed alongside the humble hostel. This may work for many travellers - however it may be more profitable to concentrate on either - the `well heeled' tourist with a vehicle, or, the more adventurous and traditional `backpacker'??
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on 4 May 2013
I have always used this series, so when heading of to Canada in October 2012, I didn't even consider any of the other guides.

For me what makes this travel companion so useful is all the really practical stuff at the end of book, regarding among other things transportation, which you will find in the 'Getting there and away'section. This tells you how far the airport is from the town, if there is a train station available, or if buses/cars are better for you transport needs.
This guide is so detailed, it even gives you some information about distances and times to and from destinations.

Another vital and very helpful section is under the heading 'Survival', here you will find information which will help you deal with every eventuality you might find yourself in, such as losing your passport.

This guide is written by people who have spent time travelling in the region, and so that gives it more of a personal view, it is not just a fact based list of places to see, stay and eat in.

You really get a feel of a the visited place, and what it would be like if it was being recommended to you by someone you know.

It's very conversational and chatty and points out the practicalities throughout, such as toilet facilities, time restrictions at locations, prices, and as much useful background knowledge it can acquire on your behalf.
For example when going on excursions it suggests which basic requirements you might need to take along with you, such as warmer clothing if the place is known to have cooler evenings.

It is very fair, and I never feel as if I am being over sold somewhere, or being given a glossy overview. It is not laden with pretty pictures, and prefers to pack in as much helpful information for the reader as possible.

You are given a really comprehensive picture of what you can do for night time entertainment, and what the cultural calender contains for each area. You get a good picture of what kind of place you are going into, and how to equip yourself in preparation for your visit. For example if you need to cultivate your clothing to complement cultural sensibilities.

It also often contains maps of which are detailed enough to use for any city, and in this edition there is a map of the city of Vancouver, which includes a bus map also.

Don't leave home without it.
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on 12 August 2013
I have purchased 4 lonely planet guides over the last couple of years and I think this will be my last.

Now, I understand that this guide covers the whole of Canada and that Canada is an extremely large place. To fit all of the sites and sounds of Canada into 1 book is no mean feat at all, but I do feel the layout of this guide is confused and unnecessarily difficult to navigate.

To me there are 2 ways in which a traveller would want to use a guide book such as this. Firstly, before they set off on their adventure they want to get an understanding of where they are going. They want to be inspired and excited about their journey. Secondly, they want to be able to look up useful information quickly while they are travelling in a country where they have little or no access to the internet. To me this book fails in both of those situations.

When you open the book you are presented with page after page of text. So much information crammed onto each page that it is almost daunting to start. It feels like a textbook; hardly inspiring when planning a trip. As travel inspiration why not break up the text with some pictures about the things you are talking about? Alternatively as an informational guide the book is too big and difficult to navigate. I almost think that this should be split into 2 different books; an inspirational book full of photos that you can plan your trip with and then a smaller more informational book that you can take on with you on your trip to help you along the way.

The pull out map of Vancouver is also very basic and not overly useful. Some points of interest on it would make a big difference. You're probably better off grabbing a map at the information centre when you get there.

Maybe I've purchased the wrong book but I think this will remain on my shelf when I travel to Canada as the weight of carrying it around would cost more than than any benefit gained from using it.
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on 4 March 2014
I always buy the Lonely Planet books before adventuring anywhere, and the latest trip to Canada is no exception. The new addition will be coming out soon, and yes I will be buying that one too as this one is a few years old now. Still, this version is a fantastic book and nearly all of its content is still relevant. So if you don't fancy spending the extra on the latest edition, this one will still serve you well.
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on 18 May 2013
I like the format that Lonely Planet started to used a couple of years ago. It is more elegant and easy to use. The only thing I miss is a detailed punctuation of highlights based on several criteria. It would be easier to decide what to visit or not based on some kind of scores.
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on 26 February 2013
I would highly recoommend this great book! east to read and has a lot of useful and cool information! makes me want to come back to Canada...again and again and again!

p.s. has a lot of interesting facts about Canadian history and nature (which one normally does not know).
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on 21 April 2012
Was looking forward to getting this book. I am just dissapointed with the lack of photos in the book and the pages seem to be made out of a newspaper type material which makes it feel cheap. Apart from that some good information.
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on 15 May 2012
Brilliant Book- full of detail. I would like it if they included more photos tho and is the photos were next to the releavnt pages. Cant wait for my trip now :)
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on 14 April 2011
Excellent resource to help plan itinerary and I will be taking it with me as it has invaluable information on everything you need to plan a perfect trip.
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on 17 February 2014
I used this guidebook on my summer holiday to Canada last summer. The guide proved to be really useful and managed to discover some hidden gems from it.
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