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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Colour: Black|Style: for iPad mini|Change
Price:£89.99+ Free shipping

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on 29 June 2016
Don't know how I ever used my pad without one. The only thing that annoyed me was that although it is described as a UK keyboard it really isnt. I regularly use the £ symbol which isnt shown on keyboard. It's achieved by the secret button push of alt 3. Similarly " and @ are switched.

Apart from these quibbles its excellent especially if you have small hands. UNfortunately I have huge hands and because the keyboard and the screen are very close when attached its a regular thing to mess up and accidently flick the keyboard whilst typing. Not the devices fault. Next time I buy something similar it will be hinged as far back as possible.

Update: Having used this thing since May I would not be without such a device. However the most recent problem I hve is that wheras it used rohave TWO recline / tilt positions, the most near position no longer works. It seems to have worn out and now always goes to max tilt which creates a reflection on the screen. I'm often finding myself having to tilt the screen forwards so I can more easily eras etc. This is a poor issue and I don't think it can be resolved. I have dropped the device on star accordingly. I will be looking for a replacement KB which has a proper UK keyboard and a screen clip further back. With full adjustment. If anyone can recommend such then please comment on this review.

UPDATEthis thing has become practically useless. It often disconnects and need restarting. But the worst is after usual wear and tear - it refuses to take the default position at about 45 degrees. Its worn out and relaxes to an unusable position. I will try other keyboards here on in. Very disappointed in the longevity of this product
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I do a lot of writing, and although I use a laptop at home it's just that little bit too heavy and bulky to carry around when I'm out and about - but typing for any length of time on an iPad touchscreen is impossible. I bought this keyboard cover hoping this would solve my problem and I wasn't disappointed - it's exactly what I needed.

When it arrived it was completely out of charge, but it comes with a small USB-to-micro cable and when I plugged it in it was fully charged in about an hour to ninety minutes. I had no problems at all getting the keyboard and my iPad to 'find' each other via the Bluetooth connection, so once the keyboard was charged I was ready to start work in a matter of seconds.

The keyboard itself is nice to use. It's nowhere near as cramped as I expected it to be and it has various functions designed specifically to work with the iPad. The iPad slots neatly into a groove on the keyboard, but you do need to make sure you have your iPad the right way up with the home button on the right hand side - only one side of your iPad has magnetic connectors in it. Once the iPad is in place the whole set-up feels surprisingly stable and can be comfortably used on your lap as well as on a solid surface like a desk or table.

When you're finished, you just use the keyboard as a magnetic screen cover in the same way as an ordinary iPad cover. It has the same feature of automatically switching your screen off when you close it that other magnetic screen covers have. Somehow, despite feeling well-made when you're typing, the keyboard is very slim and light, so although it naturally adds a little weight to the iPad, you hardly notice the difference when you're carrying it.

Essentially, if you download the free MS Word app from the Apple app store and save your documents in OneDrive or similar, this keyboard turns your iPad into an efficient, lightweight laptop - a really excellent little gadget and highly recommended.
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on 6 March 2013
By Ipad keyboard standards this one is expensive, but you pay for what you get. Its compact, the same size as the Ipad Mini its self, The build quality is excellent and has the look and feel of a high class product. Like the add says its like the bit Apple forgot to ship.

The keyboard is a british layout with the £ sign and signs, unlike most other alternatives. Tons of great short cut keys, including a cool set of cut and past ones

Personally I think its a perfect addition to the ipad mini, but at £69 its going to be a big ask for most to justify
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on 24 October 2013
Sadly recent reviews didn't mention that the keyboard lost some of its functionality if iOS 7 was installed, so as a result I've paid for gadget with limited functions...at least that's what I thought initially. Logitech say that fn+3 (access virtual keyboard) and fn+6 (cut) won't work with the new OS, however, I find that fn+1 (on-screen search funtion) and fn+3 don't work. Fn+1 takes you back to the home page. I did find out about some existing and new shortcuts which seem good so I'm going to hold onto the keyboard in the hope that Logitech and Apple sort out some of the minor glitches. I've given it a three stars as I think it should clearly state on the Amazon page that there are problems with the using the keyboard and iOS7. I've copied the new keyboard shortcuts below in case of use to anyone. I have to say the manual that comes with they keyboard is pants. I found out all the useful stuff via online fourms.

Existing shortcuts
Shift+Arrows => Select text
CMD+A => Select everything
CMD+Arrows => Move cursor to end/front of line
ALT+Arrows => Move cursor to next / previous word
CMD+C/X/V => Copy, cut, paste

CMD+T => Open new Tab
CMD+W => Close current Tab
CMD+L => Move cursor into location bar (allows to start typing new URL immediately)
CMD+R => Refresh page

CMD+N => Compose new Mail
CMD+Shift+D => Send mail (in compose mode)

Other: press home button twice on keyboard shows all open apps
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 December 2015
The keyboard cover has totally transformed my iPad, and I have found myself using my iPad much more often. I wish that had obtained a separate keyboard sooner and don't think that I could do without one now. It is so much easier to type using the keyboard, and of course you can still use the touch screen so it's easier and more efficient to get things done. I now always use the keyboard as a screen cover for my iPad as this is the most convenient way for storing them. My only complaints that the iPad isn't securely fixed onto the keyboard and can easily fall off if you are working with it on your lap.
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on 22 August 2016
Excellent. The ipad is a pain in the arse when trying to use it as a work horse. The keyboard makes it so much better. It is slim, clips on perfectly, and now no more typing on the actual ipad. The only thing I would have loved is a trackpad on the keyboard. I also got a sansdisk usb stick. Both together make the ipad much more useful for work.
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on 16 May 2017
This is a fantastic keyboard for an iPad making it perfect for sitting on the sofa and at desks. I did a lot of research when picking a keyboard for my iPad and i decided to go for this Logitech keyboard which was due to fantastic reviews from friends and reviews. It holds the position a lot better than every other keyboard i have tried. I bought it used but it was still in fantastic condition. Strongly recommend
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on 5 May 2013
Good looking and well-built keyboard which doubles as the iPad screen protector/cover. Very simple to install - charge the keyboard using the micro USB connector (I left mine around 3 hours) and simply clip the keyboard to the iPad using the magnetic clip.

The keys have a good solid feel to them, similar to a laptop keyboard and the iPad simply but firmly slots into the channel in the keyboard.

The Bluetooth works well, it may take a few seconds to connect initially, but once connected it stays connected.

Not the cheapest keyboard out there, but the build quality, looks which match the iPad and functionality make this a Best Buy!
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on 26 August 2014
Battery life is brilliant but it takes practice to get used to the slightly cramped keyboard. Feels like a good quality item and should last well. The angle of view when the iPad screen is located into the keyboard is not quite right. I keep wanting to push the top of the screen further away. Also they have hidden the hash key. There is no hash symbol on the keyboard and it turns out you have to hold down alt and press 3. Who knew?
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on 26 November 2016
It does not fit the iPad Mini 4 as a cover. The magnets don't align. I didn't really get much chance to use it - returned it for a refund,
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