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on 27 May 2017
Great sound quality; noise cancelling doesn't work completely, but helps; nice comfortable fit; zip-up case is handy for carrying around.
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on 10 December 2013
I purchased these headphones mainly for portable use to throw around etc because of their relatively low price.

Upon receiving them and seeing the box, I could instantly tell that this was a product which was worth more than £85. The box is luxurious and just un-boxing them is an experience. They come with a semi-rigid neoprene carry case and a cable as well as some documentation coupled with 2 AAA batteries for the Noise Cancelling.

Taking them out of the case for the first time, I was surprised with the build quality that was presented to me. Generous padding on the headband and even better soft and leather-like material on the ear pads. These are a seriously comfortable pair of headphones. I actually prefer these for comfort when compared to the Sony MDR 1R, which is accepted to be one of the most comfortable headphones ever designed. These headphones also fold, reducing them to a small box-like shape, which is excellent for portability. They are made mostly from high quality plastic and metal in places such as hinges. The UE logo is raised rather than printed or laser etched.

Sound: For this review, I will stick to the passive mode, which to me sounds much more balanced and audiophile - like.

Bass: Without bass reduction, there is slightly too much bass. If you are a bass head, you will appreciate the bass as it comes in good quantities. I personally turn it down a little bit on an equalizer to give me a slightly more balanced and reference sound for certain genres of music. When turned down, they remind me of the 1R bass with slightly more emphasis in the sub - bass region. Overall an enjoyable bass which sounds better than any headphones I have heard in this price range.

Mids: These headphones are slightly boosted in the mids. This gives a great sound when listening to vocal tracks. They sound lush and detailed. I prefer these to the MDR 1R mids, which are too forward and ruin some genres such as EDM for me. Mids on these sound like on a pair of £150 at the very least. Some have said that they sound better than on the AKG K550, which is believed to be one of the very best closed headphones below £500 (I would give that to the VMODA M100).

Higs: Slightly rolled off at the very top end which is what prevents these from being audiophile grade, but this is in a way a positive thing. When highs are not rolled off, they can sound slightly harsh and penetrating. A good example of this would be the SHURE SRH 940, which despite being excellent headphone are very true to the recording and as such sound harsh in certain songs. This is why the UE 6000 could be described as a musical headphone, as it does not provide a reference sound but instead sounds good with all types of music.

Active Noise Cancelling: This is activated with a button on the right ear pad. Activating it instantly makes the sound MUCH more bassy and unbalanced. It turns the headphone from a more audiophile headphone into a slightly better sounding version of beats. I do not like this mode for that primarily, but also because the ANC is not that effective. It is made to cancel out low frequency sounds. Playing a recording of a plane's cabin through speakers, they do an OK job of cancelling out the sound, but that is not a primary reason to buy these headphones. If you want noise cancellation, either buy a good pair of IEM's with foam tips or BOSE QC15's, which are accepted to be the best in the industry at cancelling noise.

Overall, I would give these an 9/10. Their sound is outstanding. I think they sound better than Sennheiser Momentums, Sony MDR 1R, Beyer DT770 pro etc, but cannot quite match higher end headphones such as the VMODA M100, closed Ultrasone models and essentially all open headphones.

With that in mind, I would fully recommend these for anyone looking for a great listening experience. For £85, you won't get better.
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on 3 February 2015
work very well,better than I expected - so I bought this second pair
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on 30 December 2014
To start with I will give you an idea of how i chose these and most of the things I buy - I tend to spend weeks reading reviews, watching youtube videos etc to try and make sure I get what I want. So i know how important these reviews are for others.

I've been looking for decent pair of noise cancelling headphones ever since I bought my wife some Bose QC15's. While she loves her pair, I'm not a huge fan of the sound they produce of the vacuum feel they give - almost gives me a headache.

I had been looking at the "audiophile" options - though Goldring, Audio Technika etc again don't give the sound I like.

I did own some Beats Solo HD's and found these really nice and comfy and produced a good sound if a fractionally bass heavy - but I do like a punchy and deep bass - just with the highs and mids as well :)

So I looked at the news Beats Solo 2.0 and also the Studios - though found both to be overpriced and also the new ones are still not the best build quality. If I'm spending £270 on headphones I want them to feel like they are worth it - not that they just look nice.

But after seeing a review of the UE 6000 headphones I dug a little deeper. Found they could possibly produce the sound I want, look great and at an amazing price.

So here we are - delivered an hour ago and been on ever since (as I type as well)

First of all - the feel of the headphones is amazing - a reassuring weight (not too heavy) and a really high end feel.
The packaging makes them look the part as well. Really nice carry case included.

When I put them on the first time, the comfort is immediately noticeable. Very soft on the ears (mine a normal - bordering on large ears) Compared to the Bose - very similar, I find these actually more comfortable as they don;t put pressure under the earlobe like I get with the Bose. Compared to Beats - better, but this is personal preference I guess - but I can't see anyone saying these are not comfortable.

So onto the sound - WOW, truly amazing. Very detailed highs (treble) - not too much, and very nice deep lows (bass). At times the bass really does rumble - though only when needed and does not detract from the other parts of the music. Best sound I ever heard from a headphone.....without doubt. I listen to all types of music and so far RnB, Pop, Country and easy listening have all sounded amazing - every string noticeable on the country songs.

Now the final test - noise cancellation. Well in the office I can not hear anything outside - even my typing (which is usually loud) - Voices are very feint if they are right net to me though you can not make out anything.

The switch to turn this fires up the amp in the headset - which makes the sound come alive all over the range - though without it is still as good as most headphones out there - handy when the battery runs out mid flight or journey and you have no new batteries - it comes with Duracell batteries already just so you know.

After my flight to the DR in 4 weeks I'll update the review to let people know about their effectiveness on a plane - obviously these aren't going to be up to Bose standards though for £80 - you can't complain.

Logitech and UE have a winner here - shame they are overlooked for the Beats as these out do ever single aspects - even the look and style
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on 10 December 2013
If you are looking for good sound/durability/looks you have your headphones here. I tested them and the beats before getting these and I can assure it is NOT worth to pay triple the price for the beats. These are actually more comfortable and have better sound quality. Yes, even for a bass head. These have an NQ function that doesn't cancel that much noise but it will boost your bass and treble by a LOT and as an avid listener of electronic music I loved that. They also function without batteries but you lose a bit of those two sound aspects. If you're going to listen to rock music or classical I recommend the ATH-M50(which I own) rather than these as they emphasize the treble and it can sometimes lead to some distortion with drum plates and that "tsss" sound. By no means does that mean they will perform badly it's just that the M50's perform better on those genres. Overall these have an excellent build and audio quality for their price range. They are very good looking and feel and sound like first grade equipment. If you're looking for an excellent pair of portable and stylish headphones go for these, you won't regret it.
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on 27 February 2014
These headphones genuinely shocked me by how crystal clear the audio is. I was previously using the headphones that came with my iphone and the audio difference is quite scary. You actually hear more of the music with these headphones. I 100% recommend these over beats solos.
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VINE VOICEon 24 January 2013
Until being given the UE6000's to test and review, I wasn't even aware that Logitech even made headphones. I've purchased a few of their surround sound for pc speaker packages and been pretty much impressed with their performance and good value pricing, so it was going to interesting to hear what a set of their top end active noise reduction headphones would sound like. I've owned a set of Bose's Quiet Comfort 3 noise reducing headphones for over five years and they're the most expensive headphone I've ever purchased and by far the best, so I was more than curious to compare the two side by side.

For any of you unaware of what active noise reduction is, in a nut shell, when the headphones are powered on they emit an inaudible sound which cancels out most background noise across a range of different frequencies meaning you get to listen to a 'purer' sound of the music. It's most noticeable when traveling, be it in a car, on a train or on a plane, the constant background hum of the engine is substantially reduced. Even in an already quiet room, try the headphones on with the power on but no music, and the quiet room sounds even quieter.

The headphones come in a very well presented black storage box, which itself is within the presentation box and has their image across the front. Inside the box, as well as the headphones, you will find a soft zip fasten travel case, a blue (approx 4ft) cable with in line mic and iPhone music/media controller, 2 AAA Duracell batteries are already fitted and there are the the normal user documents. There's also a headphone splitter allowing you to share your music with someone else.

The design of the carry case has had some thought put in to it as there is an internal pocket for cord and battery storage, and when not in use it folds flat for easy storage in your pocket or bag.

The headphones themselves fold flat when not in use and are easily unfolded and `clicked' into their operating position for listening. The left hand ear piece is where the 2 AAA batteries are stored that operate the active noise reduction system. A small button on the bottom is pressed which releases the battery cover. On the right hand earpiece you will find the input for the 3.5mm headphone cable along with another button that swiches the ANC system on or off. When the ANC is on a green light is illuminated.

The in line controller turned out to be very versatile and really useful as a media controller as well as a way of answering and ending calls. The functions you're able to perform (but only on an iPhone) via the button are -

One click - Resume or pause audio playback or answer/terminate a `phone call.
Two clicks - Advance to the next track.
Three clicks - Revert to the previously played track.
Click and hold - Activate Voice commands or Siri.
One click followed by click and hold - fast forward through the current track.
Two clicks, then click and hold - rewind through the current track.

The media controller also functions as an up/down volume on none iPhone devices.

As well as the central media control button, on the controller itself is the inbuilt microphone.

Another plus point of these headphones is that (unlike the Bose Quiet Comfort) - they still function without batteries (albeit without the ANC operating), so if you're on a long journey and your batteries go flat, you're still able to use them.

So down to the reason most of us buy headphones - the sound they reproduce, the overall listening experience, how they feel when being worn and are they worth the cost ?

The headphones are extremely well constructed and this is evident as soon as you handle them. The ear pieces swivel slightly to give you a precise fit, they're covered in a thick memory type foam which itself is covered in a black leatherette material. The headband is fitted with a padded cover too. First impressions on wearing them is that they feel extremely comfortable and quite light weight considering their size and construction.

Now to the sound test. I used the headphone splitter to compare the UE6000's directly against my Bose Quiet Comfort 3's (which, bear in mind still retail at £130 more than the UE6000's). I used an iPad as the sound source, as iPhones still have an EU legislated volume restriction built in to them which prevents you from deafening yourself over the years. The iPad as far as I'm aware is free from this restriction and is able to supply the headphones with more 'oomph....'

I listened to a variety of different music to give a balanced test on the headphones. Iggy Pop - A Real Wild Child, Journey - Don't Stop Believing, several David Guetta, Muse, Blank and Jones and a good range of Club and Floor Filler anthems. I also sampled tracks from Classical albums, Abba, The Pet Shop Boys, Flo Rida and Dizzee Rascal. As I listened to each track I switched between the two headphones to gain an accurate and fair comparison. I tried to use 320kps playback rate where ever possible, again to get the optimum performance.

The sound from the UE6000's was amazing. I thought I was being overly optimistic in expecting them to perform as well as my Bose's, but within a few moments of listening I knew they were as good as their competitor. I listened with the iPad volume on full and the equaliser set to flat.. The sound was incredibly detailed; warm and rich without a hint of distortion. Treble was crisp, clear and comfortable, mid-range and vocals were smooth and fluent and the bass was incredibly warm, tight and punchy. As with the Bose's, on the louder and more powerful bass tracks, the bass drivers themselves seemed to use power from the batteries to physically move within the ear piece which added that extra 'wow' to the overall listening experience.

I've also had several friends sample these headphones. Their reactions ranged from "Wow....", "Oh Lord, they're amazing...".,"Awesome...."...,"How to they get the sound that clear ??.."..., and, "I gotta have a set of those...." ..., The landlady of my local pub having tried them immediately went on to Amazon and ordered herself a set......

So, in conclusion, you won't find a better, more competitively priced ANR headphone on the market, and considering the UE6000's are £130 cheaper than the Bose Quiet Comfort 3's then it's a no-brainer - buy them, try them..... and love them. I can't praise them highly enough - totally recommended.

Update - I've had more opportunity to use these headphone's with an iPhone and the difference from the sound quality from an iPad is negligable. They sound just as good and perform equally as well on both devices. I would recommend listening to the David Guetta track "Sexy Bitch" to fully appreciate what these headphones are capable of - it will blow you away.
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on 14 March 2016
I first bought these in December '13 (that pair were from another seller on here) & a week after the year warranty the earpiece fell apart from the head band so were no longer usable. In March '15 I bought another pair from this seller. They were comfortable & good sound. Then 2 weeks short of a year later the exact same thing happened, the earpiece came apart & again unusable. At this rate I was paying £76 + every year for a pair of headphones. I contacted the seller - twice - & got no reply, I then contacted Amazon who said they were only guaranteed for 6mths, Amazon also contacted the seller who eventually contacted me to say the same. I then spoke to Logitech, sent them details of purchase & photos. They asked for a copy of sale invoice. I contacted the seller asking for that, no reply, I contacted again, no reply. I then had to contact Amazon, again, who said all they could do was e mail the seller with same request. What Logitech will do, if I ever get the invoice, I do not know yet.

I am a disabled woman in her 50s & use these mainly for listening to audio books. I've always handled them carefully & they were well looked after. I thought the first pair was unfortunate but now 2 pairs have broken after one year. The customer service has been terrible. I can't just walk to the shops, for most of the year I am bed ridden & nor do I have the money to keep buying new headphones every year. I have found all this so upsetting, no-one has offered any help or advice, I have been continually ignored. I have been left stuck with nothing to listen to my books, able people will probably not realise how important that is to someone who cannot walk.

I wish I had never bought these, they have caused endless problems, cost me a lot of money and now left me with nothing. I wish I could walk out my door & buy another pair of headphones, but I can't. People sell you stuff, take your money & then ignore you when they don't work or are not fit for purpose. It's terrible.
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on 9 February 2014
I read a lot of reviews and watched several Youtube reviews before going for these. I'm glad I did. Thesound from them is I got them at the reduced price of £69.99, bargain, a real bargain. I ordered the white set but got the black set instead - result. The packaging of the headphones screams of quality. The headphones come with a splitter, nice touch, and easily connected detachable cord. There's also a stylish pouch with a pocket to keep the cord - well thought out. They fit really comfortably on my head and don't pinch my ears or feel tight even after prolonged wearing. They fold up nice and small for storage.

I'm impressed with the sound quality from these headphones. They cope really well with the music I've thrown at them, hip hop, reggae, jazz, pop, classical, rnb etc. I feel immersed in music as the soundstage is impressive. I'm hearing sounds in certain song's I'd never heard before whilst wearing other headphones.

The noise cancelling works more as a boost for the highs and the lows rather than blocking out the outside noise. My only gripe is there is a hiss when the noise cancelling is turned on - in gaps between tracks. But I can live with that as the sound when playing music is fantastic.

I've had a range of headphones, in ear, on ear and over ear. I'm not an audiophile but I know what I like to hear. To date these are the best headphones I've used or owned. Well done Logitech and well done Amazon for the pricing.
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on 15 November 2014
These really are a great pair of headphones for the £40 I paid for them. Unbelievable thry can even be found for about half this these days. Firstly, they look stylish and help to define you from the beats crowd. Build quality is superb (I think original rrp was near £200! So expect quality to compete in this price range). Comfort is also top notch and they remain comfortable fir hours of extended use due to the deep memory foam and pleather ear cups. Sound is good in passive mode with the volume cranked on an ipod or phone. In active NC mode bass is boosted which gives a fun on the go sound but will not be pleasing to the audiophile crowd who expect a flat frequency response. Accessories are good with batteries, neoprine case, removeable cable with remote and two way splitter. Packaging is also high quality. The only reason I haven't rated these five stars is that they are not rechargeable and need batteries for active noise cancelling mode. However, on the pair that I had I didn't really notice a massive benefit to the noise cancelling. A major plus is that they still play in passive mode if the batteries are flat unlike other models. The other downside, which ultimately led to us parting company was that they are quite large and protrude quite a distance from the head. I have quite a small head and felt the two things did not complement each other very well. Worth bearing in mind if you too have a small noggin. Otherwise, excellent headphones!
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