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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Price:£39.79+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 11 April 2017
Great until the left button starts turning single clicks into double clicks (for me about 2 years, for many others event less). There are instructions available to "re-tension" the spring underneath the button but we shouldn't have to do that for a relatively new product. The issue has been known for ages so why Logitech is not sorting it out is a mystery. Avoid this mouse.
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on 30 April 2017
I've had two of these mice now in 6 years and will be getting another when this one gives up the ghost too. It will depend on the individual as with all things computer but I find this really comfortable and easy to use. The blue ball pops out so that you can clean In the area where it sits as it does pickup a bit of dirt from constant use although its really easy to clean. The batteries last for ages and I use it day in day out. If your on windows 10 make sure you download the Logitech tools, drivers etc. as it was playing up for me until I did that. Nothing to do with this bit of kit though more likely to be windows 10 as before I used windows xp and 7 and it was fine with that. The mouse connects to the computer with a little receiver that is really small and hardly noticeable for me. definitely recommend this.
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on 27 January 2016
I have been using Logitech Trackball for over 10 years (since 2005) its been the best mouse ever (obviously I was using he wired version since then). I then decided to upgrade to the wireless version (a bit expensive but I thought it would be worth it considering the amount that I have used it.
Ordered the mouse and it worked amazing (as expected). Though after about 10 months of using the mouse I have noticed that the left click has become a bit flaky, this particularly problematic when I am dragging and dropping stuff - and I do a lot of dragging and dropping (moving emails form my inbox into various other folders) I end up having emails and folders being erroneously moved all over the place - this happens a lot.
On doing a bit more googling I noticed that this seems alike a know issues -[...] This site and a really good step by step procedure to fix this issue though it involves soldering and stuff (way beyond my expertise)

I also ordered a wired version of the same and I am facing the same problem with after about a couple of months of usage.
I have not idea what to do - I dont want to spend another 50£ to replace this mouse - one option would be to swap and left and right click in setting but that doest get ride of the underlying problems and its painfull using any other PC

============= Update ==================
Had to reduce the rating on this product considering that the left click is really erratic and unusable
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on 14 January 2016
I was skeptical at first but after 4 days use now, I'd not go back to a normal mouse. I'm on a Mac so I have a Magic trackpad and where its good for somethings like the gestures, for a full days use, it gives you pain. The trackpad now sits on the left and the mouse on the right. Yes it feels weird doing things with a ball and thumb but you soon get used to it and its a very pleasurable experience.

The scroll wheel is the only letdown. Firstly you can't invert the direction so pushing up makes the page go down. Its a small annoyance but an annoyance nonetheless. Also it feels very cheap and isn't that smooth. A shame really when you consider the overall cost.

The buttons are easy to assign but with a Mac, they won't work in all applications. Apparently the software is far superior with Windows. As an ex windows user of nigh on 20 years, you can keep Windows and I'll deal with the little annoyances!

Yes its pricey ( too pricey ) but ergonomically its spot on. It doesn't feel that well put together and only time will tell. However for daily use it really is lovely and I would never use a normal mouse again. Only 4 stars because its let down by the software and scroll wheel but not a deal breaker and worth having.

**** Update Jan 2017 ***

Amusingly out of warranty by 10 days and the track ball / sensors have packed up!. It gets incredibly slow and sticky which no amount of cleaning will sort out. Spray Air initially helps but then its knackered within an hour. Sad as the above is spot on when I originally reviewed it. Easy 50 quid each time for Logitech. Don't bother and look elsewhere. You can't even crack it open to try and clean it as its a sealed unit.
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on 21 December 2016
Works on any surface (obviously). You don't have to move your entire forearm; the area around the mouse can be occupied by other objects as the mouse itself does not move around (only your thumb has to move in order to move the cursor; you could probably still use this if you're missing your thumb(s)). Still as accurate as normal computer mice (simply adjust mouse sensitivity via operating system to your preferences). I became fully adjusted to using this trackball within 2 days. I can play Skyrim using this mouse just as well as with a normal mouse. I recently completed Dark Souls 3 using this trackball, so perhaps that gives some people an idea of how reliable this mouse is. Trackball carries momentum/inertia (whatever the physics term is), so you can access areas of the screen with a quick spin of the trackball (also makes it easy to do a 180-degree turn in video games). Steep price compared to normal computer mice, but I think the advantages mentioned justify the price. After experiencing what a trackball can offer, I don't want to return to normal mice. It's trackballs for me from now on.
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on 12 April 2017
Slightly disappointed initially as the wheel was rough and ratchety compared with my original also the cursor would freeze on screen occasionally. But the wheel settled down after a few days and a new battery stopped the freezing, now it feels like my old original M570 I really can't tell the difference.I've used these since they first came out I hate using a conventional mouse now (though they're probably better for gaming)
Superb doesn't have to be on the mat, use it anywhere on the desk, on you chair arm, on you knee almost anywhere, fantastic bit of kit.
It's a 5 star product really but because of having to run the wheel in and the flat battery had to knock a star off.
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on 26 May 2015
I love this mouse. After the initial adjustment period, it is so much easier to use then the regular mouse, it is simply amazing. As somebody who spends a lot of hours with computer every day, I really appreciate it. Battery life is quite decent too. A lot of other reviewers described good features in a lot of details, so I will not go there.

Sadly, after about 6 months, it started misbehaving, so right mouse button sometimes produced a double click, however, it was not a big issue. After more then a year, left button started behaving like that too and it made mouse unusable (closing one window would close the entire app). After restarting outlook 15 times in a day, I did some googling and found it was a common issue, connected to the microswitches used for button press detection. I opened my mouse just to be certain that it wasn't some fluff that got into it, but sadly no. Since I am not a soldering expert, I decided to retire the mouse, if you are, do a quick google search and you will easily find how to repair it (you need to buy microswitches and replace the existing ones).

I tried to see what is the return policy on Amazon because I don't think an expensive mouse should become unusable so quickly, and it is 1 month. On Logitech site, there is a 3 year limited hardware warranty so I would strongly suggest you activate it, you will likely need it.

I investigated other mice, the only other trackball ones have a central ball which is not appealing to me so have repurchased this one on ebay (Amazon 1 month guarantee is really not helpful so decided to save some money).

I am giving the mouse 3 stars since I really like it but I am quite unhappy about its hardware components that make it useless rather quickly. I do own quite a lot of Logitech products (keyboards and mice) and usually upgrade them because I like new design - less space, no charger, better reception etc, and not because they stop working, in fact, I am now using a previous Logitech mouse that has now left its retirement!
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on 19 April 2017
This mouse is alright. It's not the best track ball, but it's not the worst. The ball itself is fine (it could be a little bigger, but hands are quite large anyway) but the overall shape feels odd, and when resting my fingers, I keep clicking the right button.

The scroll wheel is fine for average use, but I intended to use this mouse for CAD too, which is where this mouse falls. The scroll wheel doesn't click in properly; it is too stiff and it doesn't register when I'm holding it down very well (critical for using CAD).

I'll keep it for my gaming pc when I'm using a controller, as it's neater than my wired mouse, and I can sit on the sofa with it. It hasn't got much else going for it.

If it had a much higher quality scroll wheel and a slightly larger ball, I'd give it 4 or 5 stars.
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on 27 June 2017
I love the design of these and they are great to use for extended periods. Much better than a regular mouse. The problem is that this is now My 3rd in under 5 years because of the dredded left click issue. The old white/grey models had much better build quality as just one of those lasted me over a decade. These mice are not cheap so Logitech really need to sort out the quality of this product. It's a shame as there really is nothing like it once you get used to using one.
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on 2 May 2015
Very accurate trackball (I was able to play even games such as wow & I use it daily in Photoshop / Lightroom).

It has helped me relieve much of my "tennis elbow" suffering ( reason I purchased it in the first place). I am not a doctor but based on my experience I consider this item a must purchase for those suffering from mouse related wrist/arm pains.... this device requires no elbow/ arm movement and the wrist is also less utilized during trackball operation.

This device has nicely placed forward / back buttons and a roller besides the two "basic" mouse buttons. Unlike some other / older trackballs, you rotate the ball with your thumb and still use index fingers for the left / right buttons.

The ball tracking is done optically but the ball socket does accumulate dust which renders ball rolling stiffer. Cleaning of the ball cavity is required, I found, every 2-3 days. It is an easy, one minute process but in my experience it has to be done...

The wireless connectivity is excellent, the ball tracking is as I already said impressive, allowing precision work to be done without frustration (older trackballs used to register a "fall off movement" when fingers were raised off them)

Battery life is very good so far. I am using the trackball for two weeks, many hours per day and so far no battery low signal (the device has a battery indicator)

Overall I am very pleased with my purchase.
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