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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 27 April 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I got this trackpad as part of my home computer set-up. At work I have the official Apple Trackpad as part of my set-up and so I thought I'd do a comparison between the two, as I would imagine that this is what most people are also considering.

Functionality (tracking):
I found little difference between the two devices with regards to general functionality. The logitech track pad is as responsive as Apple's and gives access to all the same multi-touch controls (two finger scroll, three finger change full screen windows, 5 finger spread to show desktop, 5 finger pinch to go to launch pad etc...).

Functionality (clicking):
One-finger and two-finger clicking works the same on both devices, though I do find that the logitech click was less pronounced. I.e. less of a solid click. I find this less satisfying and prefer Apple's.

Both connect easily over bluetooth, but the logitech version isn't as good as waking up the computer as the Apple one. You really need to use the keyboard instead. Also, whereas for Apple in the bluetooth settings you can see the remaining battery, you don't get this for the logitech.

Battery Life:
The Apple one generally last 3 weeks of every day use on the rechargeable. For the logitech, after a week or two of continuous use I couldn't get the battery to drop-off. Also, there's no way to see the %-age left so it's impossible to know. That being said, it's also less of an issue as you can easily simply charge up via the mini USB cable.

I actually find that the Apple trackpad can become quite uncomfortable to use after long periods of time. Your wrist is left in a slightly uncomfortable position. The logitech pad has a shallower angle and is therefore much more comfortable. Design wise, they are similar, though the Logitech's black plastic backing will offend a few Apple fan-boys, not to mention the fact that they have put their logo on the track pad itself (and you can't remove it)

Logitech: £60
Apple: c.£50 on Amazon (£59 at the apple store) but to replace the rechargeable functionality you'll need to the Apple rechargeable batteries at .£25 for £75-£84 total.

Overall, It's a nice bit of kit with a few (very) minor flaws. If saving £20 is important to you or if you find the Apple one uncomfortable then this might be a good alternative. Though if saving £20 is important you probably shouldn't have bought a mac in the first place...
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on 4 August 2014
I love this device initially but started to really struggle with productivity. In the end a separate touchpad is not a good replacement for a mouse, so I changed to the Logitech Touch Mouse and that is brilliant.

I also thoroughly recommend the Logitech rechargeable keyboard for Mac. This is fantastic and even better to type on than the Mac itself.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac is a smooth, shiny metal, bluetooth trackpad that installs effortlessly on Snow Leopard or later operating systems and feels just like an Apple laptop track pad in use. However, it's considerably bigger, and therefore is ideal for people who find that, even on the latest retina display MacBook Pros, the trackpad is just a bit fiddly. It's also great if you have a big external screen and keyboard and like to have your MacBook to one side.

This product doesn't install at all on Leopard. This is not a failing -- the box says quite explicitly that it doesn't. We tried it anyway, just to see, and the box is right. On Snow Leopard, bluetooth finds it easily, identifies it instantly as a trackpad, and pairs flawlessly (it was the pairing which didn't work on Leopard, as it wanted you to enter a 10 digit code from the trackpad). Once installed you can download special software from Logitech to enhance the experience, but, since it works perfectly without, including two-fingered taps etc for the 'right-click', I never got as far as the download.

Visually this looks just like it would if Apple had designed it. You don't get that very often with non-Apple branded products. It's got just two controls -- an on-switch and a bluetooth connect button. To charge it you plug it into the USB. The entire width of the surface is active, and it feels flawless in operation.

This is a really good product, and it works perfectly with my setup. If an external trackpad is what you need, this one gets my recommendation.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Fancied a trackpad since I changed to a Imac which is about 18 months ago, but was unsure If I could use one and the price was a little off putting.

The Logitech made more sense than the apple version as it has the recharge feature, my apple mouse eats batteries and guess the Apple trackpad would do the same.

On unpacking it it is smaller than I had assumed, 135mm x 130mm, I don't know why I thought it would be bigger.

The surface feels like glass as you run you finger over it, lovely.

I use my Mac on a daily basis and cut and paste from iworks and web content all the time, this is where I have struggled with the trackpad, you push down and then dragged the mouse across the content, found it easier using both hands but that seemed daft, It's been hit and miss and frustrating, a mouse I can cut and paste in the blink of an eye, it takes me 10 times longer with the Logitech, but I'm persevering as everything else is so much nicer than using the mouse.
I'm not as quick as finding the mark for the pointer and when scrolling down a page I can make the pointer disappear but again that will come with time, I guess if you use a laptop (which I don't that often) you will manage quicker with the dragging and scrolling.

Charging is easy, plugs in to a USB port and so far the charge has lasted just under a week and I use my MAC all day as it's part of my business.

Can't say if the Logitech is better than the apple version as I haven't used the apple, the logitech works very well.

Biggest grumble is the user guide, its not clear on what way you use the trackpad to cut and paste, I googled it and found a useful guide.

If you've got a MAC then you probably want one of these like I did, does it make using the Mac easier and more usable, no not really, but it a lovely alternative to a mouse.
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on 25 August 2014
It's a decent trackpad, does the job, and the rechargeable battery is a nice plus.

Unfortunately the battery doesn't last very long. I use it heavily, and I need to fully charge it weekly. It also relies on Logitech's software to even function, and have gestures. Something that doesn't work in Yosemite Beta 2 at all. I can only use a single finger and left click. Yes the OS might be in beta, but even in support Mavericks it has plenty of little niggles.

Once your Mac wakes from sleep, or restarts, all my gestures are reset, along with the tracking speed. Making it slower than wading through treacle. It's rather annoying constantly having to turn tracking speed up, and activating gesture.
It also sometimes has issues with multi finger gestures, just randomly mind you.

The build quality is top notch, and I can't fault them. When it works, it works extremely well.
I am replacing it with an Apple Trackpad though, as it works everywhere, and all the time. I'll just have to deal with swapping batteries as a trade off.
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on 4 July 2014
I bought this for my iMac and didn't have an Apple Trackpad initially so nothing to compare it with. Works perfectly and multiple gestures are great. Easy to install. I have a trackpad on my Macbook so I'm used to using one although for some it will take a bit of getting used to over a mouse.

If you're not keen on paying over the odds for the Apple Trackpad then this is a perfect alternative. If you had an Apple Trackpad initially and this is a replacement, then will take a little time to get used to the subtle differences.

Superb product for £30.
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on 26 November 2014
This trackpad supports all the Apple multitouch gestures, and can be set up to respond to a tap or a proper click.
For reasons best known to Apple and Logitech you need to download Logitech's preferences software to configure it, rather than it appearing in the native Trackpad panel, but once you do this, all the same options are available.
The software has recently been updated for Yosemite, and I've had no problems with the Mac forgetting about the trackpad.
The click buttons are actually built into the little front feet, which is clever but it will only work on a flat surface. If you're using it on a sofa then you need to enable tap-to-click.
Build quality and appearance is good. Not as rugged as Apple's billet aluminium, but then it's a lot cheaper and its USB-rechargeable.
Making it solar-rechargeable like their keyboard would be my only improvement.
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on 6 November 2014
I bought this as a present for my other half who has just migrated from a laptop to a desktop and is not used to a mouse. He also has a hatred of cables and desktop clutter so this bluetooth solution is ideal. This is a slightly larger trackpad than I expected but that's no bad thing. You need to download the control software from Logitech and their website isn't as clear as it could be but, once downloaded and set up, the trackpad is a very good piece of kit. The surface is smooth glass and you can set the responsiveness in the settings. I like the fact you can set the two front corners as mouse clicks, left or right, and you can set it up for left or right hand use. It supports all the gestures used by Macintosh and/or you can customise them. I've no idea how long it lasts between recharges as I haven't had it long enough. I bought it primarily for this recharge feature (USB cable into back of Mac - remove when charged) and also for the fact that it is half the price of Apple's aluminium one. I don't have the keyboard the Apple trackpad matches anyway and my Mac doesn't care! The pad comes beautifully packaged, including cable and set up booklet, and with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty once registered on Logitech's website. Other half a happy bunny and I might even buy one for myself.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 April 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having been a convert to the 'Mac' way of doing things through the purchase of an iPad a couple of years or so ago, I have since become the proud owner of a Mac Book Pro as well. I love the whole 'gesture' way of working with the iPad, and can't see myself ever going back to a way of working that doesn't have it.
About the only thing I don't like about the Mac Book is the track-pad. This is not a Mac-only fault, but something that I have always found a problem with laptop computers.
I find that I am hunched up when using it, with both my hands on the centre of the keyboard. After a while I find that I am getting aches and pains in my shoulders and upper back. Normally I just buy a wireless mouse and this solves the problem. However, with a Mac, a mouse doesn't give you access to all those neat gestures, so I was delighted to have a chance to review this particular attachment in the hope that it would do the job of both mouse and gesture pad.
I was not disappointed.
Set up is very easy, and my laptop recognized the Logitech Trackpad as soon as I switched it on. It was immediately listed in my Bluetooth stack, and I was able to open it up and set my preferences by downloading the free software control panel.
It has been a great addition to the laptop set up, and I am using it pretty much all the time. Right click equivalent (for PC users) is simply 'ctrl' click using the track-pad and keyboard, or even easier tap with two fingers. The tap is a gentle one - no bashing required!
You can also draw with it in packages like 'Sketch Book Pro' by holding 3 fingers to the trackpad and simply sliding them along the glass surface.
It also looks great, and has the Mac style all over it. If you took the Logitech logo from the front you would think it was a genuine Mac accessory. So far I haven't been able to find a fault with it.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been using both the Apple Magic Mouse and the Apple Trackpad with my Apple iMac for some time now. I find them 'horses for courses' and switch between them for personal convenience depending on what I am doing on my computer. For example, I prefer the mouse for 'drag and drop' operations, but love the pad for ease of browsing and flicking through web pages. The Logitech Trackpad is roughly the same size as the Apple one, but flatter and glass covered. Both are silver in appearance. The Apple one runs off 2 x AA batteries which give it a greater 'slope' and allows it to mirror more the 'slope' of the Apple keyboard I use. It is made of aluminium and has no facial markings. There is an opening at one end which enables battery fitting. A small coin is handy to open this covering. At the other end is a push button used in Bluetooth set up. A small green light shows briefly to indicate connection. The batteries need changing frequently I find and bought rechargeable ones. My computer tells me when the AA batteries are getting low. The Logitech pad has the brand marking at the top on the face and has an integrally fitted, chargeable battery. There is an ON/OFF switch at the right-handside and, on the rear, a Bluetooth button which is pressed for set up. It started up right from the box and showed a small blue light at the top right corner of the pad. Once plugged in to my computer, the light flashed green to indicate the battery was taking a charge. Within an half an hour it stopped indicating a full charge. A charge lasts a considerable time depending on use. A blinking red light in the same position indicates when a recharge is needed.

I found it interesting that I could have both pads linked simultaneously to my iMac which allowed me to compare them directly. At first I found the Apple pad much smoother to use, it accepting the full range of customised commands. The Logitech pad was less smooth, more jerky and not responding to my some of my attempts at different gestures. I then realised that I had not fully completed the product set up, and did so. The full instructions are found on page 4 of the Guide which comes in the box. Once I had downloaded and installed the Logitech software from the mentioned website, I found that the pad worked every bit as smooth as my Apple one and the responses mirrored those of the Apple trackpad. You can customise them to your preference.

Like the Apple pad, the Logitech one is extremely sensitive to touch and both are really easy and very pleasing to use. Apart from the superficial physical differences, the biggest advantage in favour of the Logitech pad is the easy USB recharge set up and the fact that you can continue to use the pad with your computer during recharge. Both pads cost roughly the same, but, if you are thinking of starting using a trackpad with your Apple computer, I would advise the Logitech one simply for the recharge benefits.
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