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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 11 January 2014
It is physically a clone of the Playstation's DualShock 2, but it's cheaper and works on PC with no hacking required.

Games see it as an xbox360 pad.
The bumper buttons are analogue. Lots of people don't like this but I think it could be useful because they are quite sensitive and they show up as a single axis so you could use them for steering or something.
The dpad is different from DualShock but I like it because it's easier to hit diagonals. You can also swap the dpad functions with the left stick just by pressing the mode button.

There is a dead zone on the sticks that can't be adjusted. Lots of people complain about it. I have no problem with it because I don't think you should be using sticks to aim in FPSs in the first place.
I've had some lock-ups using it on Mac OS X, but officially it only supports Windows so I can't really complain about third party drivers crashing.
It's a little bigger than the DualShock so it feels slightly wrong in your hands if you are a DualShock fan. The thumb extension is too much to reach the sticks if you don't have big hands.
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on 14 October 2014
From a basic consumer standpoint, this is a great buy. The price is reasonable, and the product itself does exactly what you expect it to. I've given myself some time with it, and now feel comfortable enough to rate it and give it a review. Now, why didn't I give it a five star rating?

- The trigger buttons are very resistant, and you may have to be a little more forceful with them than what you're used to.

- The A, B, X, and Y buttons are solid and responsive, but they make about as much noise as an Atari keyboard when pressed. And if you're pressing vigorously late at night... well, then, I hope you live with heavy sleepers...

- The edges of the underside of the controller are very sharp around the back of the thumbsticks. The plastic is not rounded off very well at all, so if you have long fingers then could be in for some discomfort where extensive sessions are concerned.

- The D-pad is a single chunk of plastic. However, a press in any direction has a very satisfying click, because underneath that chunk of plastic is four separate switches that are super-responsive. I know a key detraction where the Xbox 360 controller is concerned is the D-pad, and I was a little skeptical with this controller because of the visual similarities, but the D-pad on this is far and above the D-pad on the Xbox 360 controller. But still, a single chunk of plastic feels cheap and clunky under the thumb.

- The "Start" and "Back" buttons are positioned much higher on the front than what you may be used to, to make room for the "Mode" button. Now, this took a good amount of time for me to get used to, and I spent a long while turning the "Mode" button on and off because I was missing the "Back" button to open a map.

These are my major problems with the controller, due mostly to immersion-breaking and comfort issues. Positives where this controller is concerned are that the wire is lengthy, all of the buttons are responsive and (with the exception of the triggers) satisfying to press, the thumbsticks themselves have a nice grip on them and overall (with the exception of the sharp edges under the thumbsticks) very comfortable to use.

These are the reasons I have not given it a five star rating. I have given it a four star rating because I find it to be reliable, versatile, and good value for money. I would recommend this controller to anyone who was disappointed with the Xbox 360 controller and is looking for a more stead-fast replacement for PC gaming.
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on 27 July 2013
Logitech gamepads are built for hardcore use (my first one is still in very good condition after six years of use, while my ps4 one lasted for a year and a half). F310 is smooth in use and the level of accuracy regarding the analog buttons is very satisfying. For its price u ll never get anything even remotely similar in quality.
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on 23 February 2015
I have used Logitech products for over a decade, and have found them to be well-priced, well-built, and well-thought out. That is not the case with this gamepad unfortunately, simply due to the huge dead-zone area (the area you move the analog sticks before actual in-game movement happens). This makes any sort of fine or precise movement impossible, or at the very least, frustrating.

The background to me buying this device is that I had a ps3 controller connected to my PC for games, but got tired of having to use external software to map buttons in games. I prefer the Sony controller style over Microsoft, so this product seemed ideal for me. You plug it in and it is recognised as an official Microsoft controller, so no fiddling or mapping with external software was needed.

Unfortunately, the huge dead-zones ruin an otherwise great product, and I am far from the only person having this issue, as a quick search on the Internet proves. This means it is not a faulty unit, but a massive design flaw. Logitech are claiming it is an X-Input problem due to the nature of the API being quite low level, but I bought a wired Microsoft controller after this and it works fine. You can switch the controller to DirectInput, but then you need to install the Logitech software and it isn't recognised as an official Xbox controller.



- Very well built
- Great ergonomics (Slightly larger than PS3 Controller, with stiffer triggers)
- Great price
- Works flawlessly from a connectivity perspective
- DPAD is solid and clicky, not mushy like the XBOX one
- Option to use DirectInput easily for older games via switch
- Option to easily use DPAD as either a HATswitch or a copy of left analog stick on the fly via button

- Massive Deadzone on the analog sticks ruins a great product
- No Vibration. However, I didn't expect it at this price point. The F510 fills this role.

Buy for games where precise analog aiming isnt needed, such as racing games, or to use for fighting games etc. with the DPAD. However, better options exist for both. If not for the Deadzone issue this product would receive 5/5.
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on 28 February 2016
This is a nice controller - but I have marked it down due to breakage. I have purchased 3 controllers, and they have been used quite rarely, but one broke after just a few uses. Because I use it quite rarely it was around 6 weeks after purchase date that it broke, and they seem to cover products for about 5 weeks guarantee.
This is a very short period, and I would have thought that they would cover the product for at least 3-6 months.
We treated the controllers in a gentle way - no violent button mashing etc.
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on 15 November 2014
I bought this so my son can play games on the Mac. At first it did not work and after searching the web, someone wrote that if it is changes to Direct Mode it works nicely with Mac. When I did that it just worked with all the Lego games for mac. At last a controller that works nicely with Mac.
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on 21 January 2016
Feels really cheap compared to any Xbox or Playstation controller. The buttons are very "clicky", the d-pad feels imprecise (and like it's about to break) and the whole thing feels completely unergonomic in your hands. Possibly the worst product I have ever bought from Logitech.

Worse, it only really works on Microsoft Windows. There is a fallback mode that will work on other operating systems, but which is not compatible with many games on Steam.
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on 25 February 2014
PC Gaming won't have stood a chance if I didn't get this for my son, but now he is making good use of my games collection and has decided that console gaming is a complete waste of time and money, so isn't interested in the next-gen rubbish that has been released. Small investment to avoid pointless future expense.
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on 4 January 2016
This works really well. Basically it does everything that it claims to.
I haven’t had any problems with it so far. The gamepad is responsive and is well put together.
It has worked so far with every game and system that I have tried it with.
It has been a while since I have used gamepads so I can’t really compare it to any other rival products.
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on 24 January 2016
I am using a Mac book pro running Windows in boot camp. So this is not the ideal setup for controllers. Wrong hardware, non Microsoft drivers. Add to that the games are being run on the Steam platform. And yet I just plugged it in and it works instantly. No configuration, no downloading, it just works. I am impressed!
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