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on 28 July 2011
This keyboard is great by firstly being a media keyboard and being illuminated at the top only and secondly by its nice looking design.

Ignore some reviews, i am telling you that this keyboard is nearly full size and the keys are all full sized. If you have a laptop, then this keyboard will be near or exactly the same but slightly bigger which is similar to a full sized keyboard.

Only the very top of this keyboard is illuminated, under the keys is just a nice orange base which gives the impression that it is illuminated there also, but is not.

The keys have a very good feel to them and is very quite too.

Very good keyboard for the price, leave a comment for this review if you have any questions and i will be happy to answer them for you.
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on 22 March 2010
Nice compact keyboard, function keys are well laid out and useful for quick access to email, media player (itunes, etc) volume controls, etc. Only gripe is that the keys are slightly smaller than a standard layout so if you touch type it will take a little while to get used to them. Keys are slightly spongy, which personally I don't like (prefer clicky keys). Overall it's perfectly fine and good value for the money.
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on 25 January 2010
The K300 is a nice keyboard to use with positive key presses. However Logitech describe this keyboard as having 'backlit or illuminated media controls', it does not. The images are also slightly misleading. The K300 looks as though the surrounding area around the keyboard has an orange light which is does not. The only thing that does light up on this keyboard are some icons above the function keyas. The information on Logitech's website shows and implies that the media keys on the keyboard light up when they do not. There are better keyboards available for less money. Logitech customer service not too helpful either.
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on 7 April 2012
This Keyboard has me sceptical because it's so cheap, alas my worries where pushed to the side when I received it.

It's incredible, it's functionality keys are handy, also stay lighted up, although the keyboard's not got a back-light it's worth the money.

It barely makes a sound whilst typing which is handy for myself, and it's extremely good looking. I also enjoy the compactness of this keyboard!
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on 1 January 2011
I am giving 1 star for MISLEADING images shown above.

(1) Keys on this keyboard are smaller than normal size.
(2) Don't be fooled by the orange illustration around the keys in the picture. There is no light etc. to help typing in dark.
(2) For similar price you can get a better keyboard.
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on 15 November 2013
I came across this keyboard when looking for a quiet model to type on often. It is compact, but not tiny - the space has been saved by rearranging the page up/down group of six keys and the arrow keys and squashing them to the left and right, while keeping the number pad. The keys are basically normal size and the whole keyboard, including its edges measures a bit over 40cm in width.

Under the keys is an orange-coloured rubber coating that protects the internals from water splashes and there are small drainage holes that emerge on the underside to let the liquid out. I haven't tried this or spilt anything on it yet, but it's a nice feature to have.

It has quite thin F-keys along the top, and when you press down a function key, the backlights along the top row become brighter and change these keys to media functions. It's handy if you want to quickly load up the calculator or change tracks.

One of my main reasons for choosing this keyboard was it was supposed to be quiet. I think it is quieter than your average keyboard, but not perhaps as quiet as the Cherry G230 that I also own. The action of pressing keys is slightly dampened by the rubber underneath and is quick and responsive. It's good to write on and has lasted several years now.

New users might find the compact key placement slightly unusual, but with practice you will soon get up to a high number of words per minute. For taking up less space on your desk than a regular keyboard, having a smooth action, being quiet and quite resilient, this is a great keyboard.
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on 1 January 2015
This is the best keyboard I have used. The keys are very comfortable to type with, and the compact design doesn't take away from its functionality at all. The programmable function keys at the top of the keyboard are so useful that I don't need to use taskbar or desktop shortcuts anymore, or very rarely. I have had this keyboard for 2 years and it's holding up greatly. I use it for gaming, homework, etc. and it performs perfectly.
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on 29 April 2012
I bought this product to replace a Dell keyboard that I had. It was one of the best keyboards I've ever used. I had to replace it because I didn't take care during the cleaning process and lost/damaged some of the keys.

I thought about buying the same Dell keyboard again, seeing as I was so used to it and I could type really fast without looking. But I thought why not try something different, so I purchased this keyboard because of the affordable price and excellent ratings/reviews it had.

I don't think I have a single bad word to say about this product. It's prices brilliantly, it's packaged brilliantly, and it just works! The buttons are nice and sturdy, not much pressure is required to press them. It makes a great sound while typing and feels very easy on the fingers. It has a wrist rest (which isn't really usable unless you have massive hands). The keys are reasonably spaced out - easy to reach from one to another, allows for efficient typing. It has a numeric keypad on the right. The "Enter" key is nice and big, fills up two rows like my previous Dell keyboard, so that was nice to have. The "Backspace" key also takes up two columns of keys, which is also the same as my previous keyboard.

It hasn't got any adjustable hot keys, though it does have quick navigation keys however. These are accessible via the Function key (labelled "FN" on the keyboard, in orange). The lights that indicate the quick navigation keys (above the "F" key alternates, right on top of the keyboard) light up when you press the "FN" key.

There is "Logitech" branding on the wrist rest.

Definitely the best bang for the buck.
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on 9 November 2012
So bought this keyboard after spilling a large glass of coke on my other one :) No damage done but the sticky keys were getting on my nerves and it was an old Dell keyboard so time for an upgrade I thought.

I looked for a cheapo replacement as I'll be giving it and the rest of this computer to my little brother in about a weeks time when my new machine arrives.

For the price the Logitech K300 Compact keyboard is amazing. It looks fantastic, the keys "feel" good and the lay-out isn't at all compromised by the compact design. I will admit to being a bit confused when looking for "Delete" I just didn't notice it above the Return key.

I haven't had the chance to test the programmable multi-media Function buttons yet but they look particularly handy for quick access to programs. There are a few default programmed functions as well but I haven't tried those either so can't comment.

It's very comfortable as well, the keys "feel" good, they aren't chunky and loud when your typing and are still a very good size, again not compromised by the compact design.

Really it's a great keyboard and exactly what I needed and at a great price. Highly recommended.
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on 14 February 2012
Logitech has always come up with some impressive gear, in my opinion, and here is in no way different, as we have a very nice keyboard and at an affordable price.


1. Soft keys (actually true!) very much a laptop.
2. Several function keys* that all work just like a laptop's keys.
3. Small, or as I call it: cute! Unlike a laptop, you actually have the numpad keys!
4. Excellent price for what you get.
5. Shiny black coating and the rest is a nice looking black.
6. None-intrusive and stylishly simple palm rest.
7. USB 2.0 interface, which can be converted with a cheap USB-PS/2 converter, if the need should arise. The cable is also long enough for most people, I would think.
8. The keys don't make God-awful clunky noises!
9. Subtly lit up function key icons that brighten upon FN key press.


1. For me at least, the shift key and backspace key have a little rattle, which seems to be normal for just about every keyboard I've ever bought! But it's not THAT bad, I'm just slightly obsessive over these things. :P

That's it! I can't think of anything else wrong with it; superb product and I highly recommend it to anyone.

* Internet, E-Mail, Search, Calculator, Music, previous track, pause/play, next track, mute, lower volume, increase volume, and power, in the order from left to right.


I had this keyboard for a good while, but unfortunately did the predictable inevitable and spilled something all over it. :( It didn't kill it, but it made it so sticky that it had to be cleaned, and in the end I just replaced it. xD I love my keyboard (although noisy from so much use - speed typing! :P) but I do sometimes miss the keyboard I once had. :| GOOD TIMES. Every keystroke was a dream. OK, slight exaggeration, but it's a nice keyboard. [:
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