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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 17 October 2009
I was one of the lucky fans that attended (or experienced,witnessed,lived, etc.) the Final Two gig at Earls Court last August. George Michael was in top form, having fun throughout the evening and provided the ecstatic crowd with flawless performances from his huge catalog of hits. All eras of his 25-year long career were represented: From the Wham! days ("Everything She Wants" & "I'm Your Man") up to his latest offerings ("An Easier Affair" & "Feeling Good"). The technical setup was astonishing (sound, light, laser beams, the curving LCD Mega-Wall, etc.) but the performances he delivered were the real star of the night.

Don't seek out highlights of the show; the show in its entirety is the highlight of Mr. Michael's illustrative career. It may have taken too long for him to present a live DVD, but bearing in mind the kind of perfectionist he is, he did it the right way.

The only low point (if any) in my opinion is that two of the most distinctive performances of the show were not included in the DVD: "Praying for time" & "Star People". On the other hand we get a behind-the-scenes documentary!

I would definitely recommend!
5+ Stars.
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on 15 October 2009
Have waited nearly 3 years for a DVD to be released. A must for all George fans that will not leave you disappointed. Those of us that saw him perform will be able to re live it, whilst those not so lucky will catch up on what they missed. Earls Court concert was the evening of a life time. George's performance was breathtaking - as the bloke said next to me "it doesn't get much better than this"
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on 5 February 2010
George Michael live in London is a 2 disc set 23 tracks plus 3 bonus tracks all filmed at Earl's Court and including a documentary "I'd know him a mile off!" Filmed by his friend David Austin, who follows George around, getting in the way and providing an insight into George's sense of humour, in allowing this candid, yet also funny 'warts and all' unpretenious documentary to be made.

George performs on stage in front of and upon, a curving, rotating LCD wall which features old footage, video clips and close ups of George on stage.
The concert footage itself is nothing short of brilliant as George delivers a faultless performance of some of his best-known hits as well as a few surprises.
Beginning with the song 'Waiting' sung from behind the stage, George appears and kickstarts the concert with a blistering performance of 'FastLove' to get the crowd going, which it certainly does. Indeed, the crowd are brilliant throughout and George looks genuinely humbled at times by their enthusiasm and singing. He invites them to join in, but they need no invitation.
From singing along to the old favourites, to duetting with him on 'Careless Whisper', their enthusiasm never wavers. And neither does George, who is vocally as powerful and perfect as he always has been.

A particular stand-out moment for me is 'One More Try' which George delivers with such emotion, as he performs the gospel version which was available as a b-side a few years back. I would say that is my favourite moment, but overall I enjoyed the whole concert from start to finish, so it is hard to choose stand out moments when I loved it all so much! The whole show is a highlight in itself and covers all of his 25 year career.

George also delivers powerful, note-perfect performances of his big ballads and old favourites of mine such as 'A Different Corner', 'You Have Been Loved', 'Father Figure', 'Jesus To A Child' and the more recent ballads, the touching 'My Mother Had A Brother' which he wrote in memory of his mother and uncle and has a particularly moving backdrop, also 'John And Elvis Are Dead'.

A couple of surprises are thrown in: 'Roxanne' which he states is one of his favourites from his covers album he released a few years back and 'Feeling Good', as well as plenty of songs to dance along to. 'Amazing' is as the title suggets, as is 'Flawless'.
Humour comes by way of a blow up George Bush during 'Shoot The Dog', which was a controversial single when released in July 2002, due to it being highly critical of George W. Bush and Tony Blair in the leadup to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
George shows he is not afraid to laugh at himself with his performance of 'Outside'.
More recent tracks 'Precious Box' and 'An Easier Affair' blend well with the old favourites 'Too Funky', 'Spinning The Wheel' and 'Faith' before the concert ends with the brilliant 'Freedom'90'
The Wham years are not overlooked, as fans are treated to 'I'm Your Man' and 'Everything She Wants'.

The sound quality is superb throughout and George looks really happy and relaxed on stage, enjoying every moment of the 26 songs he performs.
Whatever you may think of George Michael, his talent is in my opinion unquestionable. This is a DVD that every fan should own.

We may have waited years for this, but the best things are always worth waiting for!
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on 16 October 2009
Live In London [DVD] [2008]I was lucky enough to see George at his farewell concert at Earls Court last year, and if the DVD has captured what an "amazing" night it was, I will be in heaven once again!!!! A true genius singer/songwriter - Let's hope George decides to make another combeback and make alot of people VERY VERY happy.
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on 13 December 2009
Not only is this a great performance-in it's fullest sense, it is also a showcase for a truly stunning voice, and writing talent.
Georges' ability to convey the feelings in his own work , as only a singer/songwriter can , only adds to his continually growing reputation as a Towering British Talent.

His capacity for communicating feelings in the simplest language , along with the ability to marry perfect melody and genuine emotion, really seems effortless, (which It can't be or many would have achieved it.)

Georges perfect voice shows a vunerability, his lyrics emotional intelligence, in his ballads particularly , and the visuals in this show only serve to enhance his beautiful work.
The stunningly simple, everchanging backdrop, during 'A Different Corner' for example, moved the song up my list of favourites, and the moving sequence at the end of 'my mother had a brother' I found worked to enhance and highlight the lyric beautifully.
I'm sure he's had a lot of influence in this shows visuals, and why this has taken some time to produce.
The inclusion of slices of some of the older and newer sequences from his videos also worked well. "I'm your man' , 'Too Funky', 'Fastlove' and 'Outside' and 'Spinning the wheel' were examples of where this was particularly good

I think the balance of the set list works well, in the main because every song is a winner, and moving from hit to hit just works, whatever the tempo.
The bonus tracks on Disc Two are as brilliant as those on Disc One. Quality through and through, with the options of dolby stereo, and 5.1 surround sound- excellent.

This man's talent is unquestionable, and despite having grown up, come out, and suffered at the 'mouths' of others ,(making his transitions in front of us all)
He has shared his journey within his music and honestly-for those of us really listening,- and I for one appreciate this normal, gifted human, pushing through the celebrity rubbish that surrounds him, whilst his artistry still manages to shine through, and he thankfully shares his exceptional music with us all.

P.S............... his sense of humour gleams brightly in his agreeing to allow the witty '' I'd know him a mile off * '' warts n'all documentary (speaks volumes). Unpretentious funny and cool.
*how long before''waste of a plastic neon tabard , buck toothed, witless, plonker '' who, 'knew him a mile off'' starts opening supermarkets.HAHA!(way to go Wembley stadium-roll on the olympics)

This DVD /BLU RAY captures the evening brilliantly..............FIRST CLASS ENTERTAINMENT.-with added funny bits...................
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on 26 October 2009
I was 9 months pregnant and just about to drop when he had these shows. I've been a life-long fan so was absolutely gutted when I saw his tour dates. Finally I can catch up and see what I've been waiting for what seems like forever! I don't doubt it will be fantastic and can't wait to get my copy! C'mon 7th December....!!!
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on 27 January 2010
What can I say? This DVD is amazing, and shows just how brilliant a singer George Michael is. Why he's not released a live DVD before baffles me, (and he does say that it will be the only one he ever releases - what a shame!)

As someone lucky enough to see George twice during the 25Live tour, (at Wembley Stadium and Manchester MEN Arena) having waited those full 25 years to see him, it was worth every second of the wait, and I'm so so glad he released this as a memento of those shows for all his devoted fans.

It's really hard to choose a best part as the whole show is brilliant, but I guess I'd pick out 'I'm Your Man' (which made me scream like a 15-year old again!) and 'You Have Been Loved' (which made me cry), although I also loved 'Everything She Wants' 'Flawless' and of course, 'Careless Whisper' - a bonus on this show which I haven't seen him sing live before was 'Fantasy' which I've always thought was a great dance track. The man has it all - he makes you want to dance, he makes you scream and laugh, and his voice can make you cry. He is, without doubt, the best British Male vocalist of his era; head and shoulders above everyone else.

The additional documentary 'I'd Know Him a Mile Off' is great (and the title of it beng related to one of the funniest parts!) and this is a DVD I will be watching over and over again, and will treasure forever.
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on 11 December 2009
Bought this 4 days ago & it hasn't left my DVD player since.

I was at this gig, but was miles away from the stage but still loved every min of it. Quite why it took so long for George to get this out to his fans is anyones guess, but it's well worth the wait. The sound is top notch here (just like the gig) and visually it's better than being there (it does help if you have a 50 inch tele!). All of George's biggest hits are here as well as Wham's less embarressing moments.

If you love George, buy this and crank the sound up. It's a bit like having the greatest gig of your life in your front room. As Wham once said....FANTASTIC!
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on 29 November 2010
This is one of the best concert dvd's i have ever seen,my only regeret i didn't go see the concert myself,George Michael at his very best.
The sound is perfect,the stage itself is amazing,and George one of the best singers in the world his voice is spot on all the way through and so many great songs,one of the best singers to ever come out of the UK.If you like great music and real songs writen with feeling buy this you will enjoy.
We love you George.
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on 13 July 2011
George is on top form in this fantastic show. His singing is perfect and you forget just what a great song writer and arranger he is. This is George on his own with six backing singers and a fantastic band. The set is amazing; George shows what a true talent he has, someone who does not need the obligatory dance troup to pad out the act. I can't stop watching it, FANTASTIC
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