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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 17 January 2004
After reading this book, it's amazing how Drew Barrymore grew up at all, let alone grew up to be relatively sane.
The autobiography is written from the perspective of Drew as a teenager in rehab.
It's an interesting insight into the pitfalls of fame.
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on 6 December 2000
This book is brilliant. It was written by Drew when she was a mere 15 year old in the last few days of her final rehabilitation. It is englightening to hear the real story after all the gossip and tales you hear about her and her life. You come away understanding her and feeling very sympathetic towards her. I am an avid Drew Barrymore fan now!!!
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on 28 November 2002
I thought this book read like a fiction novel, it is amazing that a little girl actually lived through all the tragedy that she did. It did tend to get a bit confusing sometimes as it jumped from year to year and you were constantly trying to remember what age she would have been in a certain chapter.
Overall, a very good read which actually brought me to tears once or twice.
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on 13 June 2008
Drew Barrymore captured the hearts of the world, as the adorable wide eyed seven year old Gertie, in ET, in 1982.

Barrymore was born into the acting profession, coming from a long line of acting talent extending back nearly 200 years
Faced with an abusive father, the execrable and vicious degenerate John Drew Barrymore( it is shocking to read of the physical and emotional abuse he subjected the little girl to) , a mother who was not always there, and nasty schoolmates, she drifted into the company of an older crowd and began her descent into drugs and alcohol by nine, when she began drinking alcohol, began smoking marijuana by ten (offered it by a friend's mother),and was snorting cocaine at twelve. She also craved the approval of boys on whom her self-esteem depended.
This is her story of why she took refuge from her unhappy young life in parties, alcohol and drugs, and her difficult and painful rehabilitation. but she succeeded. I found myself really feeling Drew's pain and empathized with what she went through.
Drew wanted to be an actress by five.
I really admired how she told her abusive pig of a father to get out of her life, when she was eight, after achieving success in E.T
She also tells of her work on movies such as Firestarter, Irreconcilable Differences,Babes in Toyland and Far From Home.
Drew talks about the support given to her by Steven Spielberg who she says gave her the best advice she ever been given on acting : "Drew, you can't act your character, you gotta be your character."

She made it though and in by 16 had cleaned up her life, to go on to a string of successes in a series comedies and dramas . By the late 90's her bubbly personality made such movies as Ever After, The Wedding Singer. Charlies Angels and Never Been Kissed a lot of fun and charming to watch.
It is a sad story of a child whose life was marred by what no child should go through, but who overcame her self-destructive habits and proved those who said she was burned out at 13, so wrong. How she repaired her life is incredibly inspirational. Drew is offering advice to young actresses entering rehab these days: ""If you don't pull it together for yourself, no one else will," she says in the March issue of Vogue. "That's coming from a person who had to try it all ... and who still loves to have a good time."

Remember this book was sritten when Drewwas only fourteen years old.
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on 21 October 2001
this book is truly amazing in a very tragic way. her life is taken away from her in a sense that she really has no control over what she does or who she becomes. She is too young to realise the dangers that hollywood success can bring. For a girl of her age is is astounding that the things that happened, happened. I personally related indirectly to a lot of the what went on. These pressures do exist outside hollywood but it is only in the spotlight that they are brought to peoples attentions. Drew is a very brave girl, now women and it is great to see how far she has come. I think a sequel to show the difference between then and now is in order. Well done Todd Gold for portraiting a very scared but strong individual. You really made this a book one which i couldnt put down ***** 5 star quality!!
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on 21 December 2003
When some people hear of Drew Barrymore's childhood,they judge her immediately but this book is a great insight to what Drew felt when she went into rehab for drink and drug porblems at 9 years old. It is a powerful story of a young girl's struggle to deal with new found fame. I think this book is fantastic, especially because it is written by Drew Barrymore when she was 14 years old!!! This is not a book that has been written by someone who does not know her and has guessed what she has been going through.It is a great story that will have you laughing or crying.
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on 23 June 2008
I FINISHED THIS BOOK IN 2 DAY'S. It is a heart rendering story of a CHILD who takes you on a rollacoaster ride with your emotions. I must admit to having a lump in my throat quite a few times & the odd tear was shed as I read page after page. Who were these so called adult's that supplied a CHILD with alcohol & later drugs? As you read the book it is clear that what was missing is a father figure. Her dad was also in a downward spiral of booze & drugs. I really think that her mother tried her best to give a young Drew all that she could. Alas she had ambitions too, which added to the feeling of isolation that she surely have felt @ such a young age. At last Drew gets into a program @ a clinic,( wonderful caring people ) this she finds hard to adjust to as we all would I suppose. When we think that is it, BANG she goes on a booze & drugs spree that ends up with Drew in jail. My heart sank like a stone. I will not say anymore only that this is a must read for Drew fans & none fans alike. maybe your CHILD could be saved by her mistakes. It is a book written by a CHILD who has grown into a beautiful, kind & one of the best rom/com actors of today.-----ALEX
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on 2 December 2012
I only recently stumbled upon the knowledge that Drew Barrymore wrote an autobiography over 20 years ago detailing the issues she encountered with drugs and alcohol at a young age. As soon as I knew this, I set out to buy her book. I'm glad I did. I read it in 24 hours, and I recommend it to anyone. She went through many difficult times with her abusive father, and had a lot of issues with her mother who didn't know how to be a parent and therefore let Drew down in a big way. Both of these reasons led to her introduction to drugs and alcohol and in this book, she explains how this affected her and how she went through various processes to try and move on with her life.

I personally have had what is classed as a 'difficult childhood'. I do not have positive relationships with any of my family, and have had a background of abuse in many forms, and (probably because of this) turned to alcohol and drugs. I am 23 now, am an alcoholic and recovering drug addict, and have been in and out of psychiatric hospitals (which I think really helped me relate to Drew's experiences of being in hospital). Although I do not know Drew personally, I am proud of her for writing this book, for trying to reach out to other children who may be in a similar situation, and for trying to explain that slowly but surely things can get better if you ask for help. In this book Drew is a mere 14 years old, yet she has more insight than some 60 year olds I know. At the time of publication of this book, her relationship with her mother had been progressing, although since this book came out, it is a known fact that her relationship with her mum has been strained. I understand this, as in my instance, I haven't had any 'proper' communication with my mum since I was 14. I guess I can relate to this more than a 'oh my, this is a tragic story', I can relate because I have struggled with the same issues Drew has for as long as I can remember.

I recommend this book to anyone, Drew fans or people who have never really been interested in her. Personally, I had watched a few of Drew's films before getting this book, and had thought her a good actress.. nothing more. But reading this book gave me more insight and understanding to her life. She is a brave woman, who has overcome many obstacles that people should never have to face, but unfortunately do, and she has come out the other side to become an inspiration to people in general, but especially to people who have been through some of what she has experienced. Through reading this, I have evolved from someone who was merely interested in reading about someone who has experienced some of what I have, to avidly supporting Drew and feeling a sense of pride that someone who I don't even know has come out the other side of this. I'm sure she still has difficult days, but for me.. this has given me a little bit of hope that even though I'm not there yet, and it will take me a long, long time to be 'there', people can come through things like this.
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on 3 January 2007
I always wandered why Drew had wrote this at just 14 years old. And how she managed to make such a wonderful story. Because of her problems, which a lot would not have gone through as bad as Drew did.

I read this last year! With sharing resembalance with her, i knew i would get into this wonderful story easily. And i was right. Just reading it made me realise the child we all knew once, the child that got into drugs, began smoking/drinking at such a young age. Then the woman we see now, a stronger person that beat it all by growing up. (Good for her). Just reading the book makes you picture what life must have been for her in her younger years, horrible and painful, then it made me realise my life compared to hers, which was very alike when both of us were young. It got me that hooked that i felt i even knew her, her life. It is certainly very well written and i definitely reccomend any Drew fan that shares a lot of her past problems to read this. It will make you realise that oneday, you will become a stronger person, like Drew is now. I also feel that reading these stories has made me become stronger, more of a better person. And it's all because of Drew! Writig a story of her terrible problems was the best thing to do, something that will always want you to read over and over again. Well it is quite hard to explain fully, but read the book and you will very much understand the feeling of just reading it.

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on 2 September 2001
Before I read this book I had little, or no, idea about Drew Barrymore's life. From reading this book it is clear she is no ordinary Hollywood actress. I felt so sad reading this book; each time she mentioned how she longed for her father's attention and how she was bullied in school. Nothing the tabloids say about her comes close to what is revealed in this novel. It is a must read for all Drew fan's and more or less puts the record straight. I definitely think Drew should consider writing another novel as the book ends before we discover how she coped with leaving the ASAP for the final time and when she emancipated from her mom. This is also a novel for those interested in Hollywood lives and it proves there is a nasty surface underneath the glitz 'n' glamour. Moreover, although this book was written during Drew' tender childhood it helps her fans to understand her life now and how she craves for acceptence. This book helps to deter other kids from experimenting with such drugs.
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