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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 20 May 2005
For me this album epitomizes why I love MDB. Take all that raw energy found in the Metal Music scene and slow it down and add a couple of good musicians and then add one final devastating touch, the wretched vocals of Aaron. The musicians are certainly a step above the typical level of musicians in this style. Aaron is an absolutely master at delivering pure emotional power through his voice. You will live his life, love, death and dark perception of his world.
For those of you who are new to MDB you should know that MDB's style can change widely from album to album. I love the Goth Metal Gloomy Type Albums but still do listen to the other more traditional Death Metal Albums. I enjoy both but feel that without a doubt it is this bands and Aarons ability to slow down their music and cross the divide between the gothic and metal styles that makes this band special.
Another thing I love about this band is that they don't play a concert when they don't want to. They tour far less than other bands simply because they don't want their performance & their enjoyment of it to be anything less than 100%. RESPECT. This album is a must have. I would also recommend the anthology of MDB part I and II *Meisterwerk * This will give you an excellent introduction to MDB but also only half the picture. I must say I rarely play some of there less gothic albums because why would I when I could put on one of their others. You might also try the new one, Songs of Darkness, Words of Light as it is similar to Like Gods of The Sun being more accessible then there other albums if you are coming from a non-metal background. WARNING if you only like Doom metal or Death Metal rather invest in some of MDB's other albums, this one is not for you. All I can say is this album is brilliant... the BEST that My Dying Bride has to offer. Just writing this is making me want to go and play it right now. It is like Portishead, for those of you who know, in the respect that it is a classic.
The album is erotic and dark drowned in the beautiful and haunting vocals of Aaron. Another thing which makes this album so accessible is the Aaron's decision to use clean vocals. You can actually hear what he is saying. Don't you ever get tired of such harsh vocals where you are not even sure if the guy can sing because the vocals are so harsh? After a while I did and that makes Aaron and this album like a breath of fresh air. Finally someone has done it right.
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on 19 March 2005
I came across this band quite by chance during a recent HMV metal sale. Close to 50 and still an old metalhead I thought I would give this doom stuff a hearing especially after doing my homework on Amazon and finding that there is none of that daft "devilish" grunting on this album.
WOW it just blew me away,staggering riffs,haunting violin and keyboards and sad doomish vocals along with top class drum and bass playing I was hooked after the first listen. I then did my usual trick of playing an album to death for a couple of days then leaving it for a week before playing it again. Did it pass my longevity test? TOO BLOODY RIGHT IT DID!!. There was a sticker on the album with a 3 word comment from a review by Metal Hammer magazine "Moving and Majestic" it said and that sums up this album perfectly.No album fillers and an opening title track that easily enters my top 10 metal tracks of all time.
What would have been the final track on the album (the remastered version has 2 bonus tracks) is the stunning "For my Fallen Angel", that haunting violin, majestic waves of synth and a spoken vocal always brings a lump to my throat. Sod Angels by Robbie Williams or Stairway to Heaven this is the track I want played when I check out.
I ended up purchasing the whole Dying Bride catalogue and would recommend "Turn Loose The Swans and "The Angel and the Dark River" to any metal fan, both are true classics.The early Dying Bride recordings and more the recent stuff are also excellent but the grunting does get on your boobies sometimes (sorry doom fans), I,m not sure why they went back to it after releasing 3 classics but I won,t hold it against them.
Black Sabbath would have been proud to make an album like this and as a Sabbs fan from when I got their 1st album on the day of its release that is the biggest compliment I can make to My Dying Bride.
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on 8 July 2001
my dying bride - the name conjures up the instant image of mournful, slow and melancholy music. and that's exactly what you get with it. this album is a collection of sadness, with a little variety. in the past we have seen a very angry my dying bride, just listen to the track 'she is the dark', but this album is very focused on mourning. slow, moody tracks like for you, which starts in a way that makes you think it could be an aggressive track, but then mellows and calms after 35 seconds, are very common. however, the focused approach has a major drawback - the songs tend to sound very similar. if you are looking for a first album to judge the band on, this isn't the right one. however, credit where credit's due - the last track - for my fallen angel is a truely beautiful piece of music that never fails to make my heart skip a beat. in summary - this album is only for those already familiar with my dying bride. for big fans, it is well worth buying. for newcomers, try another one.
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on 1 March 2004
I bought this album when it first came out, being a fan of MDB for a while. I put this on my stereo, turned the lights off and closed my eyes - it was amazing! From the opening track I found that the album was speaking to me - so relevant at the time. For you would be the outstanding track for me, both lyrically beautiful and intensely musical. A kiss to remember further forged my love of the Vampire - a transcript of the transformation from mortal to immortal. The remixes at the end of the album too, are brilliant - the erieness of It will come futher adds to the atmosphere created by the original track. I would recommend this to any MDB fan, but saying that if you are a fan, you will have it!
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on 18 October 2001
What an excellent CD. Its almost prog rock! The title track really sets the scene for the entire album- very doomy. My favourite song on it is Grace Unhearing- it just captures the listener and drags them down to new depths. Very depressing goth metal!! and its a bit of a bargain too!
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on 7 April 2005
Much as I dislike to criticise anything written by my beloved My Dying Bride, I personally feel this is one of their weakest albums. Their music has always been somewhat patchy, verging from masterpiece to mayhem without much in between. "Like Gods..." is by no means awful, its just a bit of a mess, and any MDB fan will know, they can do a lot better. This is the last album before the band ditched their violinist, and you can actually start to see why they did. "Like Gods..." is, to me, the sound of an incredibly talented band being strangled by the expectations set by their previous works, and being held back from developing the sound by what was once the staple of the band's sound. There are obviously some good songs on the album though. To me, "For My Fallen Angel" stands out as one of their masterpieces, a tragic piece of melancholic magic, with beautiful violin work and haunting spoken vocals. This is one of their tracks which solely uses piano, violin and vocals, with no guitars or drums, which I personally think works amazingly well. Many other fans would also cite "For You" as one of their finer moments, with a fantastic riff and quite beautiful lyrics and vocals. "A Kiss to Remember" is also a good song which is still quite often played live, one of their more "gothic" songs about a vampiric transition to the immortal. Unfortunately, the rest of it is pretty forgettable. There are some good riffs and occasional moments of their usual dark atmospheric beauty and sadness, but they are few and far between with too much of the droning heaviness of songs like "here in the throat" for my liking. Its not a terrible album, but MDB are capable of much better. If you are new to the band, try their masterpieces "Turn Loose the Swans", "The Angel and the Dark River" or "The Dreadful Hours", or even their newest release "A Line of Deathless Kings".
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on 26 May 2015
A must have for incurably romantic doomers.
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on 9 November 2015
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on 2 May 2016
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on 6 April 2002
I heard as the flower withers and adored it, the beautiful guitars along with Aarons near primal grunting was a triumph and I bought this album with the same reasonably high expectations, none of which were met. The music was great, the lyrics were standard but the vocals made me want to cry, it wasn't a grnut, it wasn't "sad" (which doesn't go with doom well anyway) it was just weird and unhappy, if they were grunted and moaned then I would have been really happy but Aaron got ideas above his station, if you want to get in to MDB, please buy as the flower withers.
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