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on 31 October 2004
This is the first book in the missing series. It is for young adults like the others, and although I'm an old adult, I still enjoyed it. I finished it in just a few hours. Time well spent I think.

Read this series in order: When Lightning Strikes, Code Name Cassandra, Safe house, Sanctuary.
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on 4 September 2004
Jess is a normal girl, right? Apart from being a bit quick with her fists, which often lands her in detention. (but that's not so bad because she gets to sit beside Rob Wilkins, cute senior, during it.) Well up until she got lightening she was. But now because of the lightening all she has to do is see a photo of a missing person (like Sean Patrick O' Hanahan) and the next morning, after a nights sleep, she knows where that missing person is. give the girl a medal!!! she's a heroine!!!
but actually it's not so great. You see, her brother Douglas suffers from shizophrenia. It means that sometimes he hears voices. Little things don't bother him, but big things do- things like waking up to a horde of reporters, which happens when Jess tells 1800-Where-R-U the location of Sean and this other girl who were shown as missing children on the back of a milk carton. It's also not great when it turns out that she should have left Sean alone, because, you see, he and his mother are hiding from Sean's abusive father. Then even worse, the F.B.I are after Jess because they want her to join them and find more missing people. Only now Jess doesn't want to find more missing people unless she knows that they want to be found. But eventually, for Douglas' sake, she agrees to go to Crane Military Base where the F.B.I. want to do experiments on her. She soon gets sick of it so she decides to try rescue Sean from being brought home to his abusive father. She legs out of Crane and rescues Sean but that proves harder than she thought and they all end up locked up back in Crane. Time for some unorthodox action. Jess manages to seal a phone card from one of the lady at Crane (using skills she learned at detention) and using it she rings Rob who she likes and she thinks that he likes her. Or at least he did until he discovered she is only 16 and he is 18. But he must like her a bit because he turns up at Crane with all his Hell's Angels friends and busts her out of Crane. Jess knows what she must do. She gives Sean the reward money she got for finding the other girl and tells him to take it and use it so that he and his mother can escape his father for good. Then she frees herself by telling a reporter that she has lost her psychic powers. But she hasn't of course. That's only to get rid of the F.B.I. (which is really important cause a girl needs her privacy.)
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on 17 August 2004
Sixteen-year-old Jess is a stroppy tomboy given to punching people who annoy her, conseqeuntly she spends a lot of time in detention, where she drools over gorgeous, hunky Rob Wilkins. But Rob is a Grit (a country boy) and Jess is a Townie, and they're not supposed to mix (I found this quite shocking, whatever happened to Democracy? whatever happened to All Men are Created Equal?). One day on the way home from school Jess is struck by lightning. She finds that this has given her an amazing supernatural power, she can find missing children, she looks at the pictures on the milk cartons, and then dreams exactly where the children are. She tries to remain anonymous, but soon the FBI are after her, wanting her to use her talent to track down wanted criminals. And then she finds that she has made a mistake over one of the missing children she located, he didn't want to be found, and Jess has to try and put things right for him. She needs the help of Rob Wilkins to save the boy. This book is not as funny as the 'Princess Diaries' but it is an exciting and entertaining story, and Jess is a very likeable heroine.I have to admit I found myself drooling over Rob Wilkins too, even though I'm old enough to be his mother, I do hope Jess manages to get him to overcome his scruples over their age difference (he's eighteen) and go out with her!
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on 1 June 2005
This was WOW. I'm still gobsmacked and so will you be if you read this another amazing book by *who else?* MEG CABOT!
Jessica Mastriani is a tomboy, who is a good kid really expect a bit too quick with her fists, and has beaten up half of the schools team quarterbacks! She gets detention everyday and one day, like a dream come true, she is put next to Rob wilkins! *may i say who is so hot, that i was drooling?* now with the main story, she gets hits by lightening and amazingly she is alive and as mad as ever, but there is this power which has awoken inside her, that finds missing kids, one problem leads to another major problem and the FBI wants her to work for them, but as far as jess is concerened she will never find another missing person, not after what happened last time....
Overall i want to say this book kicks bum, it was amazing, lovely i cant wait, and i think i gave the main story away but not ALL of it, the book sounds much much better than me!amazin, amazin a must read.....
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on 19 July 2004
I bought this book at the airport when i was going on holiday. i startd it the first day when i got there and finished it the next!!!! it was funny and filled with suspence and mystery right until the very end!!!! i love meg cabot books and this is no exception it was excellent in every way!!! you end up loving the heroin Jess and loving the hero Rob!!! and there is a lovely relationship between her and her brothers. a really good read i recommend it to anyone and everyone!!!!
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on 13 July 2013
I loved all of it! Meg Cabot is such a good author I'm not surprised this book is great. I would recommend for older readers 12-15 only because there is a few swear words not many though
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on 11 August 2014
This series used to be my favourite when I was younger! I loved Jess' feisty attitude and reading about her adventures. I'd definitely recommend this for children aged 10 and over who are just starting to read mystery, crime and comedic books.
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on 18 March 2014
Perfect for any teenage girl; it's funny, romantic and with an original and interesting plot. Meg Cabot is a great writer and although this series is a little less well known compared to her princess diaries, it's just as good.
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on 29 August 2004
This is a really good book. Youhave to buy it!!!
I first read Princess Diaries and when I got this book Icouldn't put it down!!!!!
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on 23 October 2002
The first book in a new series - sets up the premis of 16 year-old Jess, who discovers, when she is struck by lightning, that she has psychic powers. Is just as good as the Mediator series - the lead character is in fact very similar to Suze in the Mediator - smart, funny and prone to getting into fights. The writing style is sharp and witty, the plot exciting and full of action. And Rob? Yeah, total hottie.
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