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on 16 January 2008
I bought this webcam to replace an extrememly cheap webcam bought off of amazon. The webcam arrived with a cd, and instruction manual. Aesthetically, it is very pleasing; it will sit on your LCD screen, desk, or laptop screen. For those who want a webcam for chatting online and are not too concerned with sound/video syncing this is perfect for you. However if you are interesting in creating a vlog, etc- i would NOT reccommend this webcam. The microphone is very picky about whether it wants to work so perhaps it would be better to use an external mic or your CPU microphone. The picture quality is fantastic, however! up to 1.4 megapixels for static photos.
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VINE VOICEon 4 December 2007
This is my second webcam, my old one being a very poor make that I bought cheap, and as expected had very low picture quality, and the mic was terrible. I use Windows Live Messenger, so when I saw that this webcam was optimised for Windows Live, I knew it was the right buy for me. Setup was a doddle, just inserted the disc, waited five minutes, then rebooted the comp and it has finished, upon reboot it brings up and Audio and Video settings menu, in which you can select which speakers/webcam/microphone you wish to use. I use Windows XP by the way, so I am not sure how this would operate on Vista. The Software is LifeCam 1.4, and includes some software in which you can take a stil picture, capture video with audio, or just capture audio, this is very simple and easy to use. Also installed is LifeCam dashboard, which only works with Windows Live, what this does is adds effects to your image, like drums/rabbit/guitar etc, so you can really have some fun with this webcam, quite a few are included as well. At the top of the webcam there is a Windows Live Call button, which is also some software that is installed, with just a flick of this button it brings up all your contacts in which you can have a Video call with, this only works with Windows Live! The webcam feels sturdy, and can be used on a flat surface, and the base turns into a clip so you can easily hang it from a flat monitor. I think this webcam is fantastic, if you have Windows Live, if you don't have Win.Live then many of the features that make this webcam stand out from the rest you will not be able to use!
UPDATE: At the time of writing this review initallily, it was based on the experience of using it on my Windows XP machine, I have since tried it on my Vista Laptop and found that it does not work, so I shall have to send it back for a refund!
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on 23 February 2009
My Inlaws had gone to australia for a few months and wanted to use Skype to keep in touch. I had an old webcam with a separate microphone. When we first connected with the old cam and microphone they said the picture was dark and they couldnt hear me properly. I then decided to buy the Lifecam. When we connected again they said it was so much brighter the picture and the sound was so much clearer...now my inlaws want one !! If your after a webcam that is easy to setup with the likes of Skype then I would definitely recommend this especially at the price Amazon offer it for !
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on 18 April 2008
Looks ok doesn't it? Not bad looking, and judging by the spec with the high resolution and video quality - for a webcam in this price range...a bargain.

How wrong...how very wrong. Basically, the picture quality is just about bearable and mine came with a pixel shaded red as it goes but there you go...

And then we move onto the microphone. Oh deary dear. It is constantly buzzing and fuzzing and about any other adjective ending with the letters 'zzing'you can think of.

You were thinking of buying this to video call on MSN or Skype? There are much better quality ones out there. You were buying this to call in general on MSN or Skype or video call WITH the microphone-then PLEASE, PLEASE trust me on this one. It is a load of bull and i would DEFINATELY rethink what you are getting yourself into. It is alot of hassle for a piece of plastic and i would certainly not expect this from microsoft. Search it on google, look at people on the forums etc. they all have the same problems with the fuzzy mic and low picture quality. But my main concern is, yes, the mic. No matter how many settings you adjust it does not fix the fuzzing and just to illustrate what im saying, when i was talking to my friend on msn the fuzzing was so loud he could not hear a worked i was saying unless i was about two inches away from it and shouting...

According to some threads on the forums i have to take the bloody thing apart to fix it-screw that! I bought it to use not to fix...

So anyway other reviewers who gave this product four and five stars you must have got very lucky because there are hundreds of other reviewers on the web which would say differently-including me.

I have never reviewed a product on Amazon before, you could probably guess that i have been delighted with all of them. That is correct. And that is why i have given this product 1 star. Because i am appalled. You think I'm over-reacting?

Go on, buy it. See for yourself.
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on 14 January 2009
The webcam base folds out so it sits nicely on the top of your TFT monitor or have it just sit on your desk, picture is great and detail is excellent.

If you want a good webcam, not too pricey but that will do you for any kind of online chat, this is the cam for you!

Good quality, robust and adjustable
Adjustable focus
Face focus (If you turn this mode on, the camera zooms in on your face. I don't use it personally but you decide if it's good or not.)
Spec effects. (You can have a ladybird crawling all over the lens or my personal favorite, lightning rippling around everywhere so you look like Zeus!)

Button on top for calls. - For me this is just pointless as you have to reach over to it. What would you rather do, use your mouse to click send webcam or take your hand off the mouse and push the button which then brings up a menu which you select who you want to webcam with? I'm sure this is good for some people but for me it's just annoying when i'm setting it up and accidentally press it. Again, you decide.

Anyway folks, good product and I absolutely recomend.
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on 19 February 2007
This is my first cam so i would not know any different but the set up was very easy and smooth and the quality of the product is very good.
Reports from my family are "can you get me one and send it to us!"
I tried to take a still picture of myself and was not happy with the quality but i may not have the settings correct.
On the other end, they can have me on a full screen and so im told it is crystal clear and the sound is very good.
Bought my camera from argon £[...]..... now seen it on amazon not happy but will get the one for my family from here
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on 16 May 2009
This camera was so easy to install and use. The instructions were simple and effective and the clarity of images is second to none. Many of my friends recommended this camera and I am glad I followed their advice. Anyone who has had a 'bad' experience with this camera, must be having a 'bad hair day'! My girlfriend, who is not a computer guru, also followed the set up and installed it with ease - as we are in different countries at the moment. In summary, well done for a great camera.
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on 23 July 2009
This webcam by Microsoft has been designed specifically for Windows Live Messenger, so I bought it for that reason exactly; the picture quality during video conversations really is brilliant and has a sound quality to match (although I have found that the microphone can be a little oversensitive).

The webcam has a really slick black and silver finish, and has the capability to either stand flat on it's stand or hook onto your monitor if you've got a flat screen. It also comes with software which works on both Vista and XP where you can view all the photos / videos you've taken.

Overall, a very sound webcam.
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on 3 September 2009
I really thought I was getting a quality product when I bought this item but I'm VERY disappointed with the sound quality. The video is just about acceptable but having just recorded my voice with it I am appalled at the constant loud hiss.

It's a mystery to me how the other reviewers seem to like it. I can only think that they haven't actually heard their own voices through it's mic.

Seriously, if you're thinking of buying this, do yourself a favour and check out some others that have consistent reviews. At least my waste of money might actually do you some good.
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on 2 December 2009
This is my first Web Cam. I had no problems installing it on my PC (Windows XP SP3) by following the instructions provided. The single lead is terminated in a USB plug.

I have subsequently installed on a new PC running Windows 7 SP1 with no problems. The software needed was automatically installed without the need of the original CD.

One generic point to consider with web cams is the space they take up above the monitor. This one only just fitted above my monitor and below the shelf above it. This is not a criticism, merely an observation, and something I hadn't considered before buying.

I am quite happy with the picture quality. It seems to work well in quite low light levels, even with faces in shadows. I am not sure quite what I was expecting here, but I am happy with the results. The pictures are adequately sharp and well exposed and the colours are correct and the picture is not excessively noisey - which ticks all the boxes for me.

Sound-wise it works. As expected I found I had to turn the gain up on the sound channel in comparison with the boom mike I had previously used (the web-cam mike is a lot further away from me than the boom mike). With the gain set so high, the level of hiss also increased. I don't think the hiss is so bad that it could not be used, but on balance I have chosen to revert to the boom mike I already had.

Overall I am happy to recommend the camera, but the sound is a little disappointing and certainly not a strong point (hence the 4 stars rather than 5). Nevertheless I think it is good value for money.
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