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on 17 June 2014
Snigger, snigger, snigger... What a brilliant series this was when it was first broadcast. In the written format, nothing has been lost. It's still fast paced, funny and long live Gene Hunt. Really enjoyed this, thoroughly recommend it, and where's the next one?
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on 10 September 2017
Good fun read - so like the old days - just as it used to be
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on 24 August 2013
This excellent quartet of new tie-in novels entertainingly, fascinatingly and at times poetically develops linking mythology between the last episode of LIFE ON MARS and the beginning of ASHES TO ASHES. All the characters are represented with accuracy, humanity and humor, and the author, while certainly expanding the format for novelistic prose, also honors it assiduously, never leaving Sam Tyler's point of view (even though those of us who know the additional "answers" provided by ASHES TO ASHES realize that at this point he could) which makes the writing even more of a tour de force.

REVISION OF SUPPLEMENTARY INFO: I was wrong. All wildly coincidental evidence to the contrary (and there was much of it), and despite the jokey bio and obscure-the-author's face photo, the kind of thing that normally screams pseudonym … Tom Graham is NOT British fantasist Graham Thomas, but actually, just as advertised, Tom Graham, TV series co-creator Matthew Graham's brother. May we hear much more of him.
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on 21 April 2014
I had several thoughts towards the end of this book: Was this one as good as the previous two? Was the story becoming too complicated? Was the fighting between Gene and Sam going over the top? Was this whole concept starting to become too ridiculous and (maybe) a turn-off?

Having now finished the book, I feel I can answer them as follows: No, Possibly, Yes, Maybe, No.

To explain in more detail: I definitely decided this one wasn't as good as the previous two and in fact I was starting to get bored towards the end. This story was more complicated, as not only did we have to cope with Sam's thoughts of 2006 and 1973, but he also found himself back in the 1960s as well and the third timeframe was one timeframe too many for me. This whole book seemed to be a constant warring of words between Sam and Gene and, in my opinion, stretched too far. Yes we have known since the very first episode of LoM that Gene and Sam would not see eye to eye on everything, for the main reason that they had been policing very different cultures. But it went far too far in this book. This in turn led to the thought that maybe these stories had started to spoil the very idea of LoM, but it has got a long way to go to yet before I will be put off it for good.

So to sum up, maybe this one isn't as good as the previous two, but I have confidence it will pick up and I look forward to book four 'Get Cartwright'.
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on 24 March 2013
Gene and the gang are back...and suddenly, so is Phyllis, the desk sergeant. I remarked on her absence from previous instalments, but she has now suddenly been reinstated to the cast. Perhaps she went on a well-earned Warners holiday?
Anyway, sarky comments aside, this story continues on from the last, and builds on Sam's diverse relationships with both Annie and the test-card girl, the latter of which he considers with increasing disquiet - either as a pesky hindrance or with abject horror at the visions she conjures.
This time, aside from crim-nicking as sidekick to Gene 'Eastwood' Hunt, Sam wrestles with the doubts raised by the rag-doll wielding sister-of-Chucky about Annie's past...was she married to a violent maniac, and what bearing could it have on their relationship and Sam's predicament?
You'll have to read it and find out; this episode takes its usual Cortina-crazy high-speed twists and turns and if you enjoyed their earlier Sweeney-esque cop capers, you won't be disappointed here either.
Get the Double Diamonds in Tyler, you nancy.
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on 16 May 2014
As with the previous books, this one hits the target. As a whole, the story is heading for its final confrontation between Sam and the Devil in the Dark.

The main storyline of this book involves the investigation of 3 deaths in Friar's Brook Borstal for boys. Intriguing yet simple, the story keeps moving forward at a cracking pace. All the elements that made the tv show a success are here; humour, fun, excitement, action and the supernatural all come together seamlessly. All the characters are spot on once again, with Gene Hunt at his obnoxious best.

There are less typesetting errors than in the second book, but there are still a few. Proofreading is needed to tidy this up, but it is nowhere near bad enough to detract from the enjoyment of this book.

I'm looking forward to the final book in the series, whilst at the same time I just don't want the books to end. If you really love the show then you will love this book.
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on 1 May 2013
I enjoyed this book, as I did the previous two. Its great to be back with Sam and the gang, and to see how "life" in 1973 evolves for the team. However, I did nt think it was as good as the first two: there are too many occasions where I felt the narrative was just padding or it was rushed; there are times when I simply cannot imagine Gene or Sam saying/behaving the way they do; it is a little crude at times which is not in keeping with the series. I'm still looking forward to the fourth novel though, and hoping it has a convincing cop v baddy story as well as the usual intrigue regarding the world the gang live in.
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on 19 May 2013
I wasn't really taken by the story line. It was too fantastical for my liking and again too many basic typing errors. It appeared to be written in a hurry. Still a fan of the series though.
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on 4 April 2013
I love these books - they are gritty, gripping and full of suspense, and this one takes you on another rollercoaster ride into Gene's world. Highly recommended!
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on 8 July 2016
I like the way it shows Sam Tyler's developing difference about not just policing but the social attitudes of the times and especially the 'Guv's'.
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