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on 1 February 1999
Pete Carroll appears to have delusions that he can write like Aleister Crowley. He's wrong. His style is pompous, his views pretentious, his science absurd. He has none of the wit of Crowley. I wonder how the Chaos Current ever got going with this kind of rubbish being written.
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on 16 May 1998
Peter Carroll's two classic texts are merged into one attractive volume, giving a complete, workable system of highly adaptable magick for both the interested beginner and the "old hand" who wants to refine an existing system or craft something new from whole cloth.
Valuable for occult students of any stripe, Carroll breaks the boundaries of traditional magick, redefining centuries-old theorums with fresh, insightful commentary. Particularly effective are his insights on the attainment of gnosis, i.e. achieving the proper state of mind for a ritual working, and his simple introduction to sigilization, a highly effective method of encoding one's desires into usable symbols.
Although Carroll's cosmology might not be favorable to the sensibilities of all, as will be his assertation that "nothing is true and everything is permitted," there is much here for the intelligent magician willing to re-examine his or her work in a new light, based on concepts of the new "science" of Chaos.
Stripping magick of religious and other trappings, Carroll has created both a great basic primer and much food for thought.
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on 10 June 2009
Bought the book having read all the hype about "chaos magic". What a waste of money. Carroll pick-and-mixes items from ceremonial magic, particularly Crowley and Spare, with other oddments to his liking. He adds a dash of New Age "chaos" (with the usual failure to understand what chaos theory is really about) and stirs it all together into a pedantic slop. It's almost like reading a reincarnated Crowley and just as egocentric and indigestible.
The archilles heel in chaos magic is the delusion that beliefs are mere commodities. If they could be changed like underwear psychotherapists would be unemployed and mental hospitals empty. Still, magic does work as Carroll must be laughing all the way to the bank.
It is unfortunate that naive and vulnerable seekers after truth will buy this book because of the hype.
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on 2 May 2017
This is the book in which Peter Carroll founded the Illuminates of Thanateros - by pretending it already existed. It was not the only lie he would tell in his career as an alleged 'magician'.

Truly, anyone who believes that some jumped up shop owner from Bristol might actually be so 'Illuminated' they have magical powers - or that these can be replicated simply by masturbating over 'sigils' (or whatever) seriously needs to consider that they might have been duped. At least they have company here - having spent a wasted decade in the IOT, during which time I was initiated as its first Priest, I have to confess to having duped myself more than most. Thankfully I resigned before the order became involved with the crimes of convicted ritual child abuser Colin Batley (Google the name). Both Carroll and the IOT's co-founder Ray Sherwin have publicly declared the IOT to be an embarrassment.

Anyone over 32 and still into Chaos Magic should seek therapy. It is an ego trap that can only bring harm.
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on 16 July 1998
If you are daring enough to follow through with the suggested excercises in this manuel, you will be well on your way to realising your everyday magickal-ness. A powerful point of view. Take care.
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on 11 May 2014
This is a very interesting, modern approach to "magic", coming very much from the direction that consciousness can directly influence physical reality. It ties in with Crowley's ideas about the subject and should be of interest to those who *choose* to be solitary practicioners as it's all about the individual, you you you ;)

After reading this, I read Baruss' 'Alterations of Consciousness', which as a psychology student, I found much more accessible, because all claims were backed up with research. It also added a dimension to my appreciation of this book, once I understood that some of the claims being made could be supported to an extent by cutting edge research into consciousness and quantum theory. This book rather expects you to take a lot more on faith, but at the same time, has a pleasantly down-to-earth tone in places :)

Recommended reading especially for anyone who actually believes in magic but finds some of the other neo-Pagan religions like Wicca a little too sweet, fluffy and group-orientated.
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on 22 December 1998
As Head of House of HELIONS - a non-devotional magical school I feel confindent in recommending this book to anyone. It presents its information in an intellegent manner - direct and to the point.
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on 25 October 2011
Works realy well, No porblems at all. Good product. Whould highly recomend. No isues, very satisfied! Will get agen! And good delevery on item!
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on 1 September 2017
I haven't read this yet there is something very dark n mysterious about this book. Its like Pandoras box I don't know whether its worth breaking Gods commandment "though shall not commit sorcerery" - no doubt it works but your soul is up at stake here.
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on 20 September 2013
Seems pretty solid, but honestly I think I prefer Phil Hine's writings on the subject. Carroll's book is pretty comprehensive, but it's quite a job to get through, the sort of thing I'm having to force myself to read. It's dry, like an O'Reilly IT textbook. Hine's stuff is full of insanity & passion, which lights my fires & gets me interested. I wouldn't say this one's boring, just that it's a bit lacking in "zap, pow, zowie!"
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