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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD Audio|Change
Price:£8.71+ £1.26 shipping

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on 6 April 2004
Let me nail my colours to the mast: yes I am a die-hard Todd fan, who loves the Holy Trinity of "Something/Anything", "A Wizard A True Star" and "Todd" - the best three consecutive albums ever made. However, I will concede that some of Todd's later output has been uneven, and even a trial for those who do not "get it".
No problems with this record though - its packed (and I mean PACKED) with great songs. "Soulbrother" is indeed the "soul brother" to Ben Folds' "Rocking the Suburbs" - sardonic lyrics with the catchiest Georgie Fame "yeah yeah" organ vibe. "Stoodup" is the typical Todd pop confection - more hooks than velcro, and inspired hangover backing vocals. I'm waiting for "Liar" (sans vocals) to become the backing track to one of BBC Sport's edited sequences (for Euro 2004 or the Olympics say) - it packs power and drama, leaving you exhausted. "Godsaid" is wonderfully thought provoking, with God's voice as sweet as an angel's.
There are no bad tracks (well, maybe "Mammon" isn't as strong as the rest), and Todd's voice has so much soul and depth its scary.
If I have one faint crirticism, it is that the music just keeps coming at you! Imagine a Michelin 3 star restaurant where you are offered 14 main courses. Sometimes you need the occasional sorbet to cleanse the pallette. And the irony is, Todd has been accused in the past of throwing silly songs into his CDs for no good reason. Now I know the reason - he knows what he's doing!
Todd is back at his creative best, crossing genres and defying his critics, producing one of the albums of the year.
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on 12 May 2004
We have waited a little time for Todd to deliver another classic and this is never off the stereo !This is Todd's blue eyed soul album and I'm in Heaven ! His voice is as good as ever not to mention his songwriting,which concentrates on the heavy subject of the TRUTH (Mr Bush gets a mention here !!)
All the tracks blend nicely into a soulful groove and the only track that seems out of place is "Mammon",but what the heck,it's still listenable ! "In "Soulbrother" he mourns the loss of Classic Soul (Otis,James Brown etc)
"Liar" the final track rocks along and Todd lets loose with some fine lead guitar.
One of the classic guitar mags slagged this off,don't listen to them (they probably didn't like it because there was very little guitar on this recording !!)
Final word from Todd... Taken from the sleevenotes "The fact is,we are terrified of the truth" YIKES !
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on 13 May 2004
This is about as good as your gonna get for TR album in 2004. It's sleek, Apple Mac assissted, white-soul-power-pop with a lyrical bite. There might be a bit of mush on here (as on almost every Todd album actually, but no one ever seems to say that!) but just crank up the likes of "Stood Up" and "Sweet" as soon as you get this and ask the lord how Todd can still write songs as infectuous as this. Todd is Godd.
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on 14 March 2004
Rundgren comes alive with this, his first album of new material in over a decade. Forget the dismal 'Second Wind' and 'One Long Year' CDs and go buy this album.
But why should you? The simple reason being that Todd has brought together a number of songs that are full of colour, depth and will leave you breathless.
Songs such as 'Past'(which is Marvin Gaye throughout) will leave you just thinking that he still has the GREATEST VOICE ever, whilst 'Flaw' is the song that Justine Timberlake wished he had written and sung. 'Truth' is techno throughout and will leave you wanting to get up and dance and 'The Wondering' is simply imaginative. 'Afterlife' has an infectious chorus that reminds me a little of Utopia.
It's hard to fault this near-perfect album, but like with all near-perfect albums, there is always a song that is little less good than the others. Thus, Liars is no exception. For me 'Mammon' is a bit weak. I think something in Todd's voice makes it a little less appealing, and musically it doesn't fit in with the rest of the album. But this is just a minor criticism.
To write about the lyrical content of the album would take more than Amazon would allow me to write. All I can say is, first, buy the album, then listen to the music and then read the lyrics and make your own inferences. You WILL be provoked mentally. The 'Wizard' has the ability to do that to us and do it well.
He also has the ability to 'put off' people like myself, who have been waiting for him to do something decent. Liars has achieved this and more. So, if you're one of these fans who have lost interest in the King of Power Pop, then have faith because Todd has come up with a classic album which will not only restore your faith but will leave you wanting to play this 74 minutes CD for years ahead.
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on 30 September 2004
I had begun to feel that in order to hear something new and interesting in the present climate of musical plagiarism that I could no longer turn to the stalwarts of past originality and could only look towards the David Meads of this world.
Well, would you believe it, Todd Rundgren has come out with something amazing, completely out of the blue, and not at all true to recent form. Yes, he has given us little titbits over the past decade or so to just about keep us going but I certainly did not expect this masterpiece.
After a few listens, his choice of computerised backing for all the songs instead of using real instruments (apart from the occasional guitar and flute solos) starts to make sense. Also, bear in mind that this a Todd Rundgren album; the songs will tend to grow on you the more that you listen to them.
The lyrics are a lesson to song writers everywhere and, added to his musical ability to compose wonderful tunes with interesting chord sequences, there is a wealth of treasures to savour.
Buy and Thoroughly Enjoy!
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on 1 September 2005
Originally released in 2004, this most recent Todd Rundgren album is pushed forward once more, newly revamped as part of the DualDisc campaign. Draped around a semi-coherent concept of truth and lies in religion, politics and entertainment; Rundgren had neatly sewn it together with some of his poppiest, catchiest song-writing in years. Take for example 'Soul Brother', where in complaining about the absence of that very commodity in so much modern music, it makes the case for itself stronger by being a fine original soul song with some genuine feeling at its core. Then there's the track 'Mammon' seemingly splitting some of Rundgren's followers last year, (it needs a couple of listens certainly) but still remains an astonishing angry piece that if anything, favourably recalls the sound of vintage Depeche Mode. All the way, this is a rewarding, thematically ambitious piece that is well worth taking some time with.
The disappointment is the DVD side contains no new visual content, and unlike the other DualDiscs coming out alongside this release, there is nothing other than a song title accompanying each track. Still, the new 5.1 surround sound mix has been conducted by Todd himself (an enlightening effort it is too, recreating the album with vastly improved audio quality), and there's still on screen lyrics and computer ROM elements to look through. You just feel there was room for a little more.
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on 25 March 2004
This cd shows off Todds wonderful vocals.The "future" is now..I'm suppose to drive a flying car,we're suppose to all own homes on mars..the future is now.The"Truth"is ,this is a great cd. It is filled with lots of modern sounds and i cant help but say that Todd's voice really seems to have settled into this cd very well.It's "Sweet".There are many moods on this disc .Overall it has a very smooth feeling to it. Of course there are some ravers like "Mammon" and the title track "Liar" which sounds like ravi shankar meets nine inch nails.In case theres no parental advisory:Todd gets pretty raunchy on "Flaw" but the song grooves sooo nicely you almost do a double take when it gets to the punch line..Todd and company should be coming to the uk on this tour so be sure to buy this cd and go to the show you dont want to miss this one.The future is now!
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on 26 November 2009
Always on the search for hi-res music I spotted this DVD-A at the bargain price of just over a fiver so thought I'd give it a go(the cd version is very highly rated elsewhere).

As a person that's never listened to Todd Rundgren previously it was certainly a surprising little album, quite varied in style(ranging from soul, blues, pop, euro-techno & rock), yet at the same time always very distinctive.

Bit of a grower this album, first listen I was actually a little disappointed, next time it grew a bit, and now I like it(have a feeling it'll continue to grow on me too). Happy Anniversary, Soulbrother and Stoodup being the standout tracks for me at the moment(lyrics are great, as with most of the tracks, if you like to hear songs with a bit of meaning rather than mindless nonsense there's alot to like here), they are also my favourite in terms of multi-channel surround, although the entire album is decent(certainly in DVD-A, I haven't listened in Dolby Digital which is also present as an option) and makes nice use of the surround speakers.

I notice the price has gone up now and only 4 remaining, DVD-A collectors looking for something a little different should definately consider grabbing this album while you can, gives some nice variety to a near dead format(although not quite as dead as my preferred formar, SACD).
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on 4 November 2004
I've read the reviews and had to check it out for myself and now regret I missed his show in Glasgow, because this is easily one of the best TR records ever made. The man's voice is in top form and the fact that he still has the drive to be this creative and write songs this well after more than 30 years in the music biz should inspire anyone who thinks modern music is just recycled pap for teens.
I love every song on this record which reminds me in many ways of A Cappella in terms of the singing and music and No World Order in terms of production values. His use of overdubbing is quite appropriate -- nothing like a chorus of Rundgrens to brighten your day! The music is largely synthetic and often dance-like, but without a heavy drum/bass element, but also swings to light jazz, and in places almost industrial. Nevertheless it's still very accessible, unlike other synthetic Todd albums like Initiation.
Lyrically he's in top form and my stand-out favourites are "Happy Anniversary," "Stood Up," "Mammon," and above all else "Godsaid" which is so beautiful in message and delivery that I cannot put it into words; it must be experienced and preferably with headphones or some other initimate millieu -- simply wonderful.
A must for fans of the old school Todd as the album is brimful of soulful singing and wonderful songwriting. Unlike many Todd outings there's not a "goofy" song on the album which is a wonderfully full 74 min.
By the third listen I was totally hooked and now want to check out what I missed post-2nd Wind. Having heard No World Order and enjoyed his experimentation with Hip Hop, I'm eager to experience more of what he's been up to in the last decade and can't wait to see what's coming next from the King of Soul.
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on 3 August 2010
Producer, visionary, guitarist, master of every style from do-wop through blue-eyed soul and prog rock, turns to electronica and nails it. This self-penned, self-produced, ambitious masterpiece explores the multitude of lies we encounter in our lives, from the small fibs through to the whoppers we get from leaders of organised religion. Its done with rage, passion, intelligence, sensitivity & humour. Todd's always been good with keys, but to devote a whole album to dance will surely confuse the dim witted & narrow minded. Not his true acolytes though. Truth's opening synth riff rattles around ones head and cannot fail to get you up and moving. Sweet bounces along beautifully propelled by a funky bass line. Stood Up is a mad, swirling synth driven hymn to evolution. Future is a gorgeous, textured come down track about hollow promises. Past is classic blue eyed soul Todd. Afterlife, an album highlight, is an epic, spacey ballad with a huge, heart tugging chorus. Living is another hard raver like Truth. With his best album in years, Todd is God-like pop genii.
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