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on 30 December 2016
 I’ve been quite a fan of LED Lenser products for some time. I’ve begun to think, recently, that there are LED torches, and then LED Lenser torches; LED Lenser seeming to usually come up with great design, ergonomics and materials. If you’re short of time; I’ll leave a summary at the end of this review of the pro’s and con’s that you can skip to if you’d prefer.

The SEO7R I originally purchased was as a gift for someone who had been using another brand of battery powered LED head torch. I’m used to my LED Lenser P7, so when we tested out the SEO7R against this older Energizer torch the results were quite funny.
I popped the SEO7 into its lower power state and it clearly outshines the Energizer, and when popped into it’s maximum brightness setting the completely blows the Energizer away. I was so impressed by this that I purchased a second unit for myself to replace my own older LED head torch of another brand.
But a head torch is not all about the raw power, which is what brought be to looking at the SEO7R in the first place. The weather isn’t always good around these parts so a good water resistance is a great idea, for something that’s potentially going to be exposed to heavy rain. In this regard the SEo7R comes equipped with water seals that give it an IPx6 rating and, for those not in the know, that’s more than enough to keep heavy rain at bay.
I’ve also owned many head torches where they can be angled but the hinge is flimsy and moves about if you stamp too hard or swing your head too fast. In this area, LED Lenser have added ‘ridges’ to the SEO7R that are deep enough to keep the head torch locked into the desired angle but not too deep as to need 2 hands and considerable force to adjust the angle on the fly.
And the final thing that’s quite important about a head torch is the quality of the band. The band on the SEO7R is replaceable and washable, it’s soft and wide, and there’s a decent length to be able to adjust it for larger heads or bring it in for small heads. I’d hazard a guess and say that it’s likely that it could fit a child too. Again more winning points in this regard.

Moving on to the actual light, LED Lenser have a very nice function on the SEO7R called Optisense. “What on Earth is that?” I hear you call out. What LEDL have done is put an optical sensor on the front of the head torch that monitors the amount of light shining back at the user. In conditions where the brightness is higher, where the head torch predicts that you are in fact looking at something close up, the power of the SEO7R is adjusted down in realtime so that you aren’t getting too blinded by the awesome power of the torch.
This is by far my favourite setting but there are others packed into this device. Alongside the primary, maximum brightness, there is a dimmer setting where you can set a brightness of your choosing and it will remember it, and the last whit light setting is a strobe for hardcore parties perhaps.
on the opposite side to the optical sensor is a small red LED light that make the last couple of settings for using a dimmer red light that’s less prone to ruining night vision.

Like many LEDL torches, the SEO7R comes with the advanced focusing system that lets you very smoothly and quickly adjust the light from a very tidy focus to a very wide circle. The focus on these is very nice and tidy and useful for a long range beam on max brightness and the wide flood is great for tacking tasks like DIY, car repair, walking and map reading.

The SEO7R is capable of running on AAA batteries (x3) and the “Test-it” pack actually comes with 3x AAA batteries pre-installed for demonstration purposes. But ordering from Amazon : these are likely to be fully powered and useful spares. The Lithium Ion battery that is provided is 800mAh; not that large a capacity but very light weight and lasts long enough (especially with optisense and the adaptive brightness).

Now on to the let downs. Firstly, the instructions I received (v.01) are old and have an inaccurate depiction of battery insertion that would have you put the battery in the complete wrong way round. So follow the + - on the battery and torch terminals. LEDL have corrected this in newer versions of the manual though. Also, there is functionality in the torch called Smart Light Technology for energy saving mode. Apparently you can switch between energy saving mode and constant current mode. That said, the instructions I received made absolutely no reference to this feature and, upon contacting LEDL, they were able to confirm the modes exist but stopped replying when I pressed them for information about how to switch between the modes.
There’s also no information in the instructions about charging the battery other than to plug it into a PC. There’s no depiction of the red / green lights, no expected charging times and no input current rating on the battery or instructions.
These inaccuracies and the lack of information has lead to me having to knock a star off the review rating. This is still a brilliant head torch but there’s actually a function in there somewhere that I don’t know how to change.

In summary, this is a very nice head torch that is possibly just about worth the price tag.
- Very nice focussing system for a tidy focussed beam and a perfectly even flood
- Very powerful max brightness
- Self adjusting brightness, Optisense, to stop it being too bright to read by
- Head band is comfortable and very adjustable
- Water resistance is good as this can be used in heavy rain conditions
- 800mAh battery capacity is enough.

- Instructions are poor
- Missing instruction and no support to tell me how to enable / disable energy saving mode
- very stiff battery housing, because of water resistance; bad if you have arthritis etc
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VINE VOICEon 10 December 2015
I really love this head torch it's fantastic for running at night. Where I run it is literally pitch black and you need a decent reliable light. It's really useful that you can move the light to point the beam downwards and make it either a narrow or wide beam - you need both depending on the terrain. Being able to recharge from the mains is a godsend after years of using rechargeable AA batteries, I don't think I'll ever go back to those.

The only problem with this so far is the light can be so bright you have to remember not to look straight at cars coming towards you. I've been beeped a couple of times.
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on 21 July 2017
I bought this product back in 2015 and it's still going strong!!! I work part-time as a pyrotechnician rigging and firing fireworks displays of all sizes in all weathers. Its a dirty job and it can go from blistering hot to chucking it down in no time. I thought I'd fork out for a top end head torch when I started the job and I have NEVER been disappointed with this headtorch.

The beam is very bright yet I can dim it easily for close up work or when I want to preserve battery etc. I purchased an extra re-chargeable battery just in case as I like to swap on site every now and them, but a full charge will EASILY do one whole day and more. The headband I got is looking rather dirty now and could do with going in the washing machine but I don't have a single bad word to say about this product.

My advice, buy one and an extra battery and you'll be all set!!!!!
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on 16 December 2016
Excellent head torch, really bright. Rechargeable battery has disappointing run time. This was my first impression, but........
I have owned the torch for a few months now and recently went for a long walk in the hills with it in the top of my rucksack.It soon started to rain heavily and my bag was soaked when I got home. when I sorted my wet stuff out the next day the head torch was on and would not turn off. Now it doesn't work at all.
This is an expensive item and since it's intended for outdoor leisure use I would expect it to be more water resistant than it is.
So overall I would not recommend this head torch
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on 3 January 2018
This is a fantastic headtorch, use it for trail and off trail all weather running during the dark months. This is the third one purchased between me and my wife, a replacement for one of the torches which had developed a crack in the battery-diode connecting ribbon, but otherwise no issues.
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on 20 July 2015
Amazing bit of kit. I use it for Night trail running/Ultra races and Mountaineering. Absolutely great luminescence, enough light to confidently run fast downhill in the mountains in pitch black. You don't notice it adversely on your head when running so it's fine from that perspective.. Enough settings for any use. Takes 3AAA batteries as back-up so very versatile but on full power it does blow through the battery quick enough so take spares if in doubt.
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on 15 February 2017
The light shows as concentric circles, don't know if it supposed to be that way, as I only wanted it for reading in bed, so suits my purpose. Very bright light, batteries or a battery pack that charges via usb, my pc is charging it at the moment.
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on 8 May 2017
Good light beam but poor rechargeable time it runs about 2.5hr most, and not on the top lighting mood. Obviously you can take with you 3aaa batteries replacement and use them after the rechargeable one finishes.
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on 24 April 2018
Bought this for husband who is a plumber. He uses it when he is crawling around in people's lofts. He's used it regularly and says that the battery life is very good.
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on 27 February 2018
Very pleased with this. Included normal batteries and rechargable battery. Really good for early morning runs when dark. Good visibility on full beam or much safer just on flashing setting as seen more by cars etc.
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