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on 6 November 2015
Superb laptop - but..... the plastic on the back of the screen discoloured after a few months.

The screen is superb - the best I have ever seen! The laptop is powerful and fast.
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on 24 January 2014
Wow this is an amazing bit of kit - I bought the surface pro originally thinking I predominantly wanted a tablet that would double up as a proper computer but quickly realised the screen was too small for proper work and realised that actually I need a laptop that would do as tablet too.

The Lenovo Yoga 2 is just amazing:
Its light and very pretty
The screen and keyboard are beautiful and perfect to use as a proper computer
Its soooooo quick! Boots in seconds and makes light of even resource hungry cad software
Good speakers (much louder than the surface pro)

There's nothing that I don't like about this computer.

Even windows 8.1 once you get it set up to work like windows 7 (get rid of skydrive, put libraries back in windows explorer - easy by adjusting the registry in regedit.exe) is actually great. Everyone always complains about a new operating system but I've actually found that the Windows 8 main screen with all the apps is useful even in desktop mode; I keep all the desktop programs on there rather than having them on the bottom bar and switch between them easily.

I've installed VMWare to run windows 7 32 bit as a virtual machine for running some of my programs that don't run on 64 bit and they even run perfectly and quickly on that.

There is a little bit of the usual bloatware but it's all easily uninstalled without affecting the machine.

As other reviewers have said it doesn't get hot under strain and fits beautifully on my lap as I'm typing now.

One minor issue is the scaling of some programs (the text can get a bit small!) but I'm finding ways to work around it and that's more to do with the software not being able to cope with the ridiculously high res screen.

All in all great computer and I have absolutely no regrets about spending a thousand quid to get it!

EDIT 14/4/14 - Still a great computer made even greater by reinstalling the OS - I downloaded a OEM copy of window 8.1 from a websearch of "Clean install Windows 8.1 on Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro" - a guy has written up exactly how to do it and where to download it from. He also lists the order in which to install the drivers from the Lenovo website which turns out to be quite important. The wifi issue can be solved by installing the latest driver then going to Network and Sharing Centre - Change Adapter Settings - Right Click Wifi - Properties - Configure then Advanced Tab and change wireless mode at the bottom to 2. 802.11g. It seems to be the mixed mode that causes the wifi dropping issues.

EDIT 09/05/14 - If you want to do a clean install here is the link [...]
Worked for me
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on 15 November 2013
I preordered this on Amazon as soon as it was available - have had my eye on it for a while, and aside from the shipping issues with Yodel (no surprises there) I am very glad I did.

The Yoga 2 is ultra thin, ultra light but still feels very like a very sturdy and solid unit. The new generation of i7 chip means that its power consumption is low (I can generally work for an entire day on a charge) and it remains quite cool after prolonged use.

The best thing about the Yoga 2 though in my opinion is the screen, which is crisp, clear and runs at a really high resolution of 3200 x 1800 - it is all I hoped that it would be.

Works very nicely with a Anker USB 3.0 docking station, for those that wish to connect to a LAN, external displays and additional USB devices.

Downsides - the amount of bloatware - as a business user I hate all of the additional software and its taken a while to uninstall it - but it is a consumer device so can't really complain. Also seem to have issues with the WiFi on occasion but imagine its a driver issue that will be fixed rather than hardware.
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on 15 February 2014
Serious wi-fi issues...just type in "lenovo yoga 2 pro wifi" in google & you'll see a forum in lenovo sown website 71 pages long with people complaining about wifi dropouts...basically you'll be lucky to stay connected for more than an hour, the connection keeps dropping out & you then have to manually reconnect each time. The interesting think is that lenovo hasn't responded properly & hasn't acknowledged the seriousness of this issue. After researching for days it seems that the problems is down to the wireless card being an N version intel card which has had ongoing disconnection issues. Something simple yet lenovo engineers have missed out on it & put a cheap crappy card on a laptop worth over a grand. Unacceptable by all means if you're looking for trouble go ahead & buy one. I returned mine.
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on 23 August 2014
I would have loved to give this machine a rave review, but since I purchased it I've had nothing but problems and my experience in trying to get the product repaired or replaced by Lenovo is still on going, some 2 months after returning it (having a 3yr extended warranty has not helped).

The machine itself is very light weight and slim. The hi-def screen is superb and the keyboard pleasant to use. The ability to flip the screen into a number of positions has been very useful. For the brief periods it remained up and running, it was very fast and I had hoped to make good use of it as a development machine.

However, I seriously wonder if the machine is either too thin to be suitably robust or built using cheap components. I have frequently had problems with it just crashing and restarting. Mostly the faults have been DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION or other errors relating to memory. At first the faults were occasional and I assumed that the installed software was the problem, but eventually the faults became more frequent and even a restore back to factory set up did not solve the problem.

This is the first time I've bought a Lenovo product, normally buying DELL or Sony, so to be fair, it could just be bad luck on my part and therefore a case of sour grapes.

But I would be very wary. This product may simply be too compact and lightweight to be robust and given the poor experience I’ve had with trying to get it replaced, you may like to think hard about spending GBP 1200+ for a machine that you may never be able to use. If you can get hands on at a local store, I would suggest you do that, so you can judge for yourself how robust it may be given the typical way you would use it.
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on 7 January 2014
The only two issues I had, battery charging and yellows not being very good were both fixed with updates.

VERY fast; the person who had performance issues must work in the supercomputing industry. Mine boots in well under 10 seconds. I am running a web server, SQL server and Visual Studio launches in an instant. There are NO performance issues.

Amazing screen; a bit too amazing for some apps as menus can end up a bit small. But it is a worthwhile trade off as the resolution really helps when attempting detailed work like fine tuning layouts.

Keyboard & trackpad; about as good as it gets on an ultrabook. Sure, a full sized keyboard and mouse would be better, but that's just not an option. However, you can plug them in if you want.

Windows 8.1; Well, you know what you are getting before you buy this, so don't complain about it. And I must say after a couple of months I kinda like it. But I wouldn't want it on my desktop PC, too many features have me using the touch screen, as do most of the apps from the store.

The ability to fold the screen over, although a bit gimmicky has actually come in useful once or twice.

Build quality is good; I have been toting this round daily for two months and it looks all but new. I love the texture of the palm rest and external surfaces. Reassuringly easy to hold. The slightly rubbery edge is great at absorbing little bumps too.

I waited a long time to get an ultrabook with 256gb SSD, i7 Haswell and 8gb ram.
This does not disappoint in any way shape or form. Although I was scared it would as it is soo much cheaper than the competition.
The only minor niggle is that the competition seem to be able to get their batteries to last longer. Although to be fair I have not tried hard to get them to last longer as they easily last a working day.

All in all I would recommend this to anyone.
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on 24 February 2014
I am not a computer expert in any sense of the word. All I want is something which does the job without giving me a lot of hassle.

I got this about a month ago now and I have had a chance to get used to it. Overall it is a great little machine in that it is portable while still feeling nice and solid. The keyboard is really good. I love the touch screen. After initially cursing Windows 8, I am actually starting to like it. Battery life is decent. The problem of small icons/screen resolution was resolved fairly easily. I use the different yoga positions more than expected. In short, I really like it – except for one major issue…

The wifi connection drops all the time, on average maybe 20-30 times a day! More often than not it reconnects on its own, but not until after conversations are dropped and downloads have stalled. A few times a day I need to reconnect manually. It is incredibly annoying!

We have several other gadgets, and don’t have any problems with those. It is definitely a problem specific to this machine. I have searched the discussion forums and it does not look like it can easily be solved, at least not without a lot more computer knowledge than I have. There is one recurrent ‘chorus’ in the forums – that Lenovo does not acknowledge the problem and they are not forthcoming about any solutions. So, no help from them on the immediate horizon.

When, or perhaps if, Lenovo solves this problem it will be a 5 star for me. In the meantime, I grit my teeth and prey for patience.

Lenovo, please get your act together!
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on 13 May 2014
I have to write this review to save others from hours/days/weeks of trying to get support for a machine that is UNFIT for RETAIL.

WHY?....just type into Google Yoga 2 Pro Wifi Issues and on Lenovo's own official Help page there is nearly 1000 yes 1000 complaints about this machine. It will NOT CONNECT TO WiFI Signals and if it does it will drop out after a few minutes, you even have to disbale Bluetooth to get this far.

There seems to be major issues with the Wifi Card Design/choice and or Drivers. As such you can not use it on the Internet.

It looks nice and has a lovely screen, but what good is that if it just sits there and has Zero Productivity!

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED....I just wish I never bought it...
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Well - I'll update this of course as I get more experience, but I thought I'd report on my half day with my new Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. I thought some readers might wonder at the ease or otherwise of buying a new laptop or PC.

You can see that I've given it 5 stars; and quite rightly: this is easily the best experience I've ever had after buying a new piece of computer equipment. I would at this point – if I could – give it 10 stars. It is, frankly, superb. Set up was very quick indeed - the slowest aspect was updating Windows 8.1. My first step was to download "Start8" which is a cheap little program that restores the "Windows 7" to Windows 8 and means I can use the desktop as if this was Windows 7, but with all the advantages of Windows 8. I am just a bit old fashioned and prefer the Windows 7 more traditional menu system. The Yoga 2 doesn't need this if you use it as a touch-screen laptop, but, well - I like to use a mouse in the old-fashioned way! This laptop does it all - and does so at great speed. It has a super-fast 256GB SSD and 8.0GB of RAM memory, which makes everything run at often near instant-speed. Start-up is seconds rather than what – a minute or more for a typical laptop?

It so far – a dream machine. I almost bought the Yoga 3 as it is the latest model (Nov. 2014) but reviewers seem a little unsure of the Intel M chip it is built around. I went for the Yoga 2 as it is so well reviewed and uses the reliable super-fast Intel i7 chip. It also has a full – and wonderfully easy to use – keyboard. The Yoga 3 is a touch thinner and a touch lighter, but this Yoga 2 is thin and light. I suspect the Yoga 3 would have been its equal really – but I do rather trust reviewers.

I have also been using it wirelessly to project the Yoga screen onto to my TV using a Belkin Screencast. I started up with trepidation having had past issues with a Samsung Ultrabook but connection was instant (I had updated all of the Lenovo drivers just in case).

So – Highly Recommended!
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on 8 July 2014
Used Toshiba's, Dell's and various others but I have to admit that this product top's them all. The finish and looks of the product are phenomenal and having it used now for 4 days has convinced me that this product is definitely the one I would recommend to my friends. I intend to use this product to attend meetings throughout Europe, USA and Asia as my main laptop replacement. So far no major issues although having worked with W8 in the past it takes some time to get used to it but in general no complaints. The delivery from Amazon was awesome ahead of time by 24 hours. The original Lenovo box this product is shipped in is looking so slick that at once you know that you have purchased a quality piece of equipment. The various position one can use this product into (360 degree screen rotation) is really a very helpful feature in todays business environment. Used several gadgets to use the writing on screen experience in the "Windows Journal" app that is in the apps loaded on this equipment and works great for taking notes. Love the illuminated key board. Use a blue tooth Microsoft "wedge mouse" which works perfect. Will follow up on my experience with this product later in the year.
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