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on 28 December 2013
I bought this because I wanted a PC which could be both a PC and a tablet, and I think this is pretty good value (although I did later notice that lenovo on their web site offered it cheaper).

This is an intel atom dual core PC. Its running windows 8 (not RT) so you can install other applications. The screen is good, and the touch worked fine. 2GB ram is enough for most uses. The 64gb eMMC is mounted as a C: drive and gives approx 32gb available.

- Battery life is pretty good.
- unit comes with a host USB cable
- unit comes with a case which has a full size keyboard.
- keyboard is good and performs well.
- You can fold the case over - which disables the keyboard (which is good as it'll be resting on your lap)

- The unit is quite heavy when attached to the keyboard.
- you lose 32gb of the storage to the OS
- usb is located such that you cannot access it when docked to the keyboard.
- its an atom, so not that fast, but pretty good for regular use.

Things I've found out;
- you cannot upgrade to 3G later.
- this is on the windows 8.1 approved devices list.
- to install windows 8.1 there's a lot of updates required before it will offer the upgrade in the store.
- once upgraded you need to specifically upgrade the graphics drivers else you'll probably get the odd corrupt screen, which goes away if you swtich off/on.
- you can upgrade the storage with sd cards.
- to upgrade to windows 8 pro its £100 upgrade, which feels expensive.
- you can connect a monitor via a mini HDMI (although I haven't done this).

Things I would have liked to see;
- would be nice if there was a pen and a place to hold it - sometimes its difficult to select something small with your finger.
- the USB is annoy that is is on the base of the device.
- it would be nice if it could charge from USB. It has to be charged from a proprietary charger which isn't that small.
- i would have liked two cases, one with a keyboard and one without.

For the money as an entry level tablet with a full version of windows 8, this is a good value, and I believe its cheaper than most others on the market right now.
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on 29 September 2013
I bought a lenovo Miix 10.1 tablet a week ago now ready to take back to my final year at uni. I'm quite badly organised and so having a way to digitize my notes and keep track of emails etc was something I really wanted. I'd been umming and arring for a while about should I get a tablet, would it be useful and worth the money, finally deciding to shell out for something windows based over Android which is, undoubtedly useless for anything other than consuming content given the lack of proper office software. The ability to run full Microsoft office is what really sold it to me, and so far I definitely feel I made the right choice. Windows 8 is a great touch OS in modern UI, soon to be made even better with the release of windows 8.1, but even the desktop interface is plenty usable. The interface feels smooth and snappy and boots in no time at all, resuming from sleep instantly. The keyboard is FANTASTIC! I do a LOT of typing and I'd almost say I prefer typing on it to my full size Lenovo Y510's keyboard... The battery life seems good, can happily come back from a day at Uni with some battery left over with moderate usage though real lectures haven't really kicked off for me to judge. I was somewhat worried about the availability and quality of Windows 8 touch friendly apps, but I have found some amazing ones for twitter, facebook and youtube which are the key ones I wanted, and the browsers all work well in touch.

A couple of negatives though as with anything, the tablet doesn't have a full sized USB port (though virtually none do), but a USB OTG microUSB suitable for connecting USB pens, mice, keyboards etc which is GREAT! BUT.... It's on the very bottom of the device... which means when it's sat in the keyboard case, you have no access to it. WHY LENOVO!? WHY!? It's the most stupid design choice.... EVER! Another slight annoyance is that the tablet wakes up when you open the keyboard cover, but it's way to sensitive. If the case comes even partially away the tablet wakes up, wasting battery. It is likely possible to turn this off which'll solve that little problem, alternatively an elasticated band holding the case closed when its shut maybe.

Overall, I'm really happy with my purchase. The snappy interface, packed with features and ability to run normal windows applications (why I chose this over a cheaper RT tab like Surface RT), great keyboard and good, solid build quality mean I can happily recommend this product. (Since having it, a couple of friends have actually been out and bought one too, replacing android tablets)
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on 11 July 2017
didn't last long before it went wrong
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on 17 January 2014
Initially I wanted to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 2014 edition with its super-high resolution screen and lightness. But then I thought I didn't need another Android device when I'm already using a Galaxy Mega 6.3 as a daily driver and a more or less jobless (though ageing) Galaxy Tab 7.7...
So I went to a Currys to buy a certain Samsung TV. No connection here, sure. The TV wasn't in stock and I strolled through the aisles and spotted the Miix 10. What a great concept! A 10" tablet in a rather thin bookcase which also doubles as a keyboard, that's a lot better than those litte but very thick and heavy netbooks. The price of £329 was striking, too, but sadly it also wasn't in stock, too, anywhere. And stock seems to be a problem, John Lewis didn't have it either and Amazon came to my mind, where it was £20 more but still acceptable, given it's more than £400 elsewhere.
Cutting a long story short: I ordered it and got it the next day. I spent the time in between reading reviews, only being backed that I bought a good device. So I was prepared for what to expect when the parcel arrived.
What can I say? The battery was totally flat when the tablet arrived so charging came first. Then installing loads of updates, which - I didn't believe what I'd read here and elsewhere - took more than 3 hours and another 2 hours for the upgrade to 8.1 (in case you get an error message: install ALL available updates!).

Finally I could appreciate this little guy. The keyboard is, as stated in almost any review, stunningly brilliant despite being very thin and the keys not having a lot of travel. But they're perfectly spaced and the keyboard is big enough for being up to almost every job. It being very flat on the table makes typing even easier. Mit keyboard bends very slightly upwards on both front corners, but that might work out over time.
Folding the keyboard all the way back to the back of the tablet makes the whole package thick and doesn't make it very easy to hold, so better take the tablet off it for stand-alone operation. I also doubt the "hinge" will be up to its job for a long time when bent all the way around.
Snapping the tablet out of the case is easy, simply slighly bend the top corners over and it pops out.

Using Windows 8.1 on my laptop and being annoyed by that Metro thing (the "Start Screen") I was curious how it works on a tablet with its rather small and slow processor. What can I say: it boots up extremely quickly even having been shut down completely before. Metro does its job very very well suddenly, most of the common websites like Facebook, Google Plus etc. are available as Metro apps and work like a charm. Speaking of charms: those slide-in menus do as well do a good job on a tablet as you normally won't use a mouse (I've turned them off on my laptop as I couldn't stand them). While Metro apps work perfectly without a mouse you won't have much fun without the little rodent on the standard desktop, too small are most of the icons and buttons, hitting the right spot can be very laborious. But that's surely not the Miix's fault. I ordered a BT mouse, that should sort it out.
Battery life seems to be very good. Overall speed and snappyness is surprisingly good so far.

Overall I can't find any fault with this package, but it as long as it's available! The Miix 2 will be available soon but that will be much more expensive and also not as compact as it will come with a Ultrabook-style keyboard which adds a lot of overall thickness.

UPDATE 15 months later:
In October, after only 9 months, the Wifi board stopped working. Instead of returning it to Lenovo for a repair I stored it in the cupboard and bought a Lenovo Thinkpad 10.
In January I got it out of the cupboard, replaced the Wifi board (ordered in the USA) and got it back to work. But still, the touchscreen is rather unresponsive, an issue which I found out a few days after I bought it. Compared to the Thinkpad 10 the Miix 10 is sluggish, the keyboard is still good, but the key travel could be longer (but is even shorter on the Microsoft Surface). The screen is ok, but at 1366x768 on a 10" screen it's not really great. The microUSB port, that is covered by the keyboard, is still a gamestopper.
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VINE VOICEon 2 December 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My son and myself have both been using the Miix 10 for five weeks, giving us enough time and usage to get a fair review put together.

The construction is solid enough, overall it looks and feels good.

I echo other reviewers in that the separate keyboard is a joy to use, and equally as frustrating in blocking off access to the only usb port on the unit...... a silly design flaw. It's easy to switch from using as a table to a Windows 8 laptop - a swipe of the finger and you're done.

As a tablet its as good as any other I've tried. Apps load quickly, the UI is nicely laid out and quickly mastered, and video streaming from Netflix was smooth and lagless. As a Windows 8 laptop I wasn't overly impressed. I'm not that familiar with a touch screen interface and didn't really take to it, preferring instead to connect a blue tooth mouse. The initial update took forever and I had to leave the unit doing its work over night.

My son has been using it for college and he's gives a glowing review. It's small size and windows capability, coupled with all the usual tablet features have sold him on it totally.

So to conclude. A great 'combi' laptop/tablet. Takes a lot of getting use to and the touch screen may not be for everyone, but performance and capability wise, a competent little machine.
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on 21 March 2014
Good tablet computer, the only issue I have with it is that it only has 1 USB connection and you can only this when the keyboard is not attached. Other than this it is a great windows tablet.
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on 19 July 2014
I wanted a windows 8 tablet with a keyboard, this has it but the pin imput to charge it lets it down, why not a mini usb? The usb is not useable when the tablet is fixed to the keyboard, why was this designed like this? These 2 points let down what could have been a great buy. If it had had those 2 things it would have got 5 stars. Come on Lenovo you can do better
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on 12 September 2013
I choose this product for everyday use. And Intel Atom processor have enough power for day to day activities.

The IPS display is awesome to look at.
The 5 point multi touch.
The speaker is very loud.

A mouse pad in the folio case, would have been an added advantage when using desktop.
Only one mini usb prot, when using with keyboard there is no more usb to connect with.
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on 18 August 2014
My colleague loves this as a lightweight way of keeping up with her work, whilst visiting her sick relative in Italy. A very successful purchase.
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on 14 March 2015
I am impressed with the versatility of this Lenovo tablet especially when fitted with the keyboard, as I am new to the tablet technology I can use it like a laptop until I work out all the different ways the tablet operating systems work for me. I was tempted to buy a tablet that is more like my smartphone but I am glad I didn't as there would not have enough difference to make it worthwhile and I like the Microsoft software I am used to.
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