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on 19 November 2013
Excellent product with a fantastic spec - comparable laptops with this sort of spec are £300-400 more expensive. I went for the 17" and it is big - possibly overall a bit too big but this is down to preference.

Large screen particularly useful for work, graphics and web development and also watching movies! picture quality is excellent, also enjoying the speed of USB3...

Windows 8 is annoying but there is a work around with desktop view.
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on 16 September 2013
Got this at a reduced price of £479. First comment was the outer "Amazon" packaging which consisted of a grey plastic mailing bag...... that was it! Considering the value of the item I would have hoped for at least a bit of bubble wrap.

Anyway, that aside the Lenovo packaging was very good and the bash in the outer box seems to have had no effect on the laptop. Going to be using for music recording mainly and the Windows Experience rating outstrips the current desktop that it's replacing. Limiting factor is graphics (no concern to me) and HDD access times which could be improved by swapping the 5400rpm drive for an SSD or hybrid.

Thought I was going to have issues with Win8 but is more the sensitivity of the touchpad with prolonged pressure bringing up Win8 menu items or activating applications. Easily changed to boot into desktop and will sort out touchpad settings later. Still loading up all the music software but buts up in current configuration in under 30s.

So far so good, will update when everything is fully configured.

OK, all configured with MS Office, music software, drivers etc. Quick tidy up with CCleaner and it's now booting to the login screen in around 15s. No latency using USB for guitar recording and all music software running a lot more smoothly than previous desktop.

The other half loves the keyboard but will have to show her how to switch it of in Win8.

Review changed to 5 stars, spot on.
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on 15 October 2013
I spent quite some time researching kit and makers as i am not the worlds greatest expert in computing. So pleased with this laptop and windows 8 is a breeze and so refreshing.
Thoroughly recommended
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on 3 September 2013
at just £479 this Lenovo laptop with 3rd generation intel i5 processor 8gb of ram and 1tb hard drive and NVidia gt series graphics card represents extremely good value especially with the excellent 17.3 inch screen, I have always gone for better known brands in the past Toshiba, hp and then a dell and I`m pleased to say that this laptop is equal in build quality and refinement to any of them ,2 usb 2.0 ports and 1 x 3.0 make sure you have plenty of connectivity as well as Bluetooth and hdmi, vga, and Ethernet pretty well cover all your needs, it runs smoothly and is very quiet with nice keyboard , multi tasking is a breeze and streaming movies etc is a pleasure, win 8 is easy to get the hang of and Lenovo pre-install some popular apps , several more tech savvy mates of mine have had a good look/play with it and all were impressed, for very little more £££`s than a 15.6 inch i3 4gb 500gb machine I`d advise anyone to consider one of these machines, can`t fault it on any level.
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on 9 September 2013
Lenovo's thrive is the industry has been astounding.

Bought for £479.00 and can honestly say it was the best £479 I've spent ever.

The G700's build is strong and agile. The cooling system is amazing compared to other laptops. Even whilst running high demanding games such as Battlefield3 the temperature emitting from the side vent is very little and you can feel cool air being pumped too.

The screen is LED and holds an amazing, bright and colour filled picture. Runs 1080p media flawlessly.
The battery is decent enough since it uses a 17.3" LED screen.

Gaming Wise

Ultra Settings - Max 25FPS - Low 10FPS
High Settings - Max 35FPS - Low 20FPS
High Settings - Max 40 - Low 20FPS
Low Settings - Max 65 - Low 40FPS

Burnout Paradise
Maximum Settings
Consistent 60+FPS

Medium Settings - 30-40FPS

Source Games (Half Life 2, Garry's Mod etc.)
Consistent 50-60FPS on Highest Settings

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Highest Settings - Consistent 60+ FPS
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on 27 October 2013
I bought a Lenovo G700 after a considerable amount of research because it appeared to offer great value for money given the machine's high specification. After having used the laptop for a few weeks I can confirm that the build quality is good and in my opinion, easily equal to that of the ageing Sony laptop which it replaced. The machine is very fast at doing the things I need it to do (office apps, CAD photo editing etcetera) and boots in seconds. It is also very quiet, battery life is impressive, screen quality is good and the system backup options are great. All in all, I am very happy with my new computer and would happily recommend it to anyone looking for a capable machine offering lots of bang for their bucks. The big caveat for me is Windows 8, which is not the fault of Lenovo at all, but for me, does impact the usability of this machine. I have been using PCs since the earliest days of DOS and have a reasonable amount of experience with the many different incarnations of Windows which have been released over the years but Windows 8 genuinely left me confused. I was also unsettled by the need to have to set up an account with Microsoft (providing my contact details) as part of the operating system's initialization process, maybe there is a way around having to do this, but if this is the case, it was not obvious to me as I went through the process. I eventually downloaded some third party software (giving me back a start menu which it seems Microsoft no longer thinks I need) and for me this saved the day and made the computer work more as I want it to. In my opinion The Lenovo G700 is a great machine that is sadly compromised by its operating system.
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on 12 January 2014
Nice big screen (of course), and lots of kick for its cost. Sure, it may not have the most expensive gadgets (e.g. no blue-ray), but that's to be expected and its quite plain looking. The keys are comfortable and accurate, the sounds are fine, and its nice and fast. For someone who uses it as a basic office computer, which at most needs to handle large db files, its does the job with flying colours. Only problem (hence the four and not the five) has been upgrading it to Windows 8.1. Every time I tried (following the proper procedure through the "store"), once installed it would reboot into a black screen. Turns out this is a problem that happens to others as well (though not necessarily with this computer), and has to do with 8.1'slack of compatibility with some of graphic drivers. At least that's what I've gathered from the various forums, etc. I updated all drivers (and just about anything else I could find) to no avail. Lenovo support (though friendly and easy to reach) and Microsoft support (ditto) weren't able to help. Have accepted that I'll live with 8.0 for now (which isn't so bad once you've tweaked a couple of things), and wait for Microsoft (or IBM/Lenovo) to figure things out. Reckon I'll try and upgrade again in a few months ...
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on 30 October 2013
Lenovo may not be the first name that springs to mind among the laptop buying public, but rest assured they are one of the world's largest manufacturers of desktop and laptop PC's. In China there are stores solely selling Lenovo products. My review of my new G700 laptop is deliberately of a general nature, as there are a number of variations of spec on the G700, depending on where you buy and how much you pay.
The machine comes nicely packaged and includes a mains charger & lead plus of course a battery which simply needs clicking into place. One notable absence is a label on the machine showing the Microsoft Product Key. In fact, there is no sign of a product key at all. The laptop fires up straight into an initial set-up routine, which once completed, leaves you to set your own particular preferences and install your own software. (I think Microsoft have done away with product keys on pre-installed versions of Windows.)
So, having unpacked and set up, how does the machine perform. I have to say I was very disappointed initially with the speed of operation. The spinning circle was much in evidence and I was frankly surprised at this on a brand new laptop. However, as I began to delete some of the un-wanted software (trial versions of MS products, Mcaffee etc) the machine seemed to begin responding much faster. In fact, once I had loaded my own version of Office, Avast (free) anti-virus, plus some other programs, and restarted and performed a Windows update, the whole thing is now lightning fast! It starts in less than 30 seconds, shuts down efficiently and runs virtually silently and remains quite cool, even when burning discs or processing video editing tasks.
The battery gives between 3.5-5 hours depending on the level of use - some software is power hungry but I think the battery life is very good given the size of the machine and its 17" display panel.
The quality of build is first class for a budget priced laptop. The finish is very good, if somewhat susceptible to finger marks, and the lid opens and closes with a quality feel. The keys are nicely spaced and have a good action. I am not sure I like the slightly textured touchpad but I usually use a wireless mouse and the touchpad does at least seem responsive and accurate. The two buttons (left & right click) have a good action.
There is a USB3 as well as 2 USB2 ports, plus HDMI and VGA outputs along with the usual ethernet, mic and headphone sockets. I run the laptop through a 27" monitor when I use it at home and the definition is good and the picture on iplayer and DVD playback is superb even on the bigger display.
All in all this seems to be a very well made machine which should give a good number of years service. Highly recommended!
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on 30 August 2013
Fantastic high quality laptop with perfect storage space for editing my family home movies via the SD card slot. Excellent speed, picture and sound quality also make it good for gaming. I would say:- 'YES, go for it'.
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on 1 May 2014
I yet to have any trouble with this laptop, and I think it is a brilliant buy, well worth the money. The turbo boost really aids when playing games or using a lot of memory on the internet.

There's certainly plenty of space for personal files on the hard drive, even with the many additions of game installations. So far, no problem, and have had this since just after Christmas now. So four coming on five months.

I'd say the only problem is the Windows 8 as it takes a bit of getting use to, but even then, you can use the Windows 7 set up, so either preference is accounted for.
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