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on 28 September 2013
For the price (£329) I've got to say this is a fantastic laptop. The AMD A4 5000 is pretty much an even match for a standard Intel core i3 and Windows 8 runs very quickly indeed. I upgraded to 8GB RAM before switching it on, and would highly recommend doing so, it's only £25 on Amazon and takes 2 minutes. The touchpad takes a few days to fully wake up so be patient if you think it's being a bit unresponsive the first few times you use it. Great laptop.
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on 23 April 2017
While being a moderately priced laptop, it certainly isn't a well made one, the build quality is absolutely shocking. The plastics is barely held together, the clips holding the thing together are useless, the screen barely works after a year as the connections are crap. The fan clogs every time its turned on, being an AMD unit it boils itself to death everytime its used. The laptop really isn't very good at all, I've had to cover mine in electrical tape to stop the belly pan from falling off, which your will as lenovo didn't bother to make it secure, they simply put 2 far from adiquite clips to hold it all together, the fan will almost certainly clog and break, mine has 3 times and I'm extremely anal about keeping computers in top order.
Albeit that it is a cheap, basic laptop lenovo have gone too far in there attempts to create an affordable entry level unit, they've forgotten that build quality is very important, as is customer services, which are truely awful, I tried to order a new belly pan and fan unit, not one customer service member spoke a word of intelligable english which made the whole fiasco totally disheartening, thus I will not buying anything from lenovo ever again, and I hope you don't either...seriously, spend the money, don't cheap out like I did.
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on 13 November 2017
I'm delighted with this product and would buy again
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on 5 August 2017
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on 26 August 2017
This is suitable for home working. Very good product for the price.
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on 16 March 2014
Overall I`m happy with the visual appeal of the case. It really looks nite and professional. Very easy opening to add extra RAM, with just two screws behind the battery pack.

The material itself might have been a bit more scratch-proof. Despite my best to keep it safe, I got my first small scratch on the second day while taking it off the case.

The hardware set-up is ok. This is definitely not meant to be a multimedia centre, so those gentlemen who complain about not being able to watch, convert, and stream HD movies in real time have probably done the wrong benchmark on the wrong product.
I think the performance of this machine is just OK for what it is meant to do (office work, typing, web browsing, connecting to remote machines, doing some videoconf, etc.)

The user-facing edge of the machine is too sharp, and often hurting the users` arms. Should really have been rounded!

The audio quality of the speakers is just OK.
The built-in microphone is useless (not directional, takes a lot of noise, distant voice). Use a headset.

I agree with all the other users` comments about the choice of Windows preinstalled. The software licenses are unacceptable to me, so it`s similarly unacceptable to preinstall and make me pay for something I am then not legally allowed to use.

The worst thing is the keyboard, though, and my poor rating is part because of that. My expectations from Lenovo are higher.

Laptop manufacturers still struggle after decades of laptop design to understand that one of the most important things in a laptop is the keyboard.

The slightly rounded shape of the keys are good thing. Probably as good, compared to the others, as they claim. However, the fact that you have to press Fn-F1 in order to get F1, and the other function keys is simply idiot. Every time I switch computer, I have to think twice how do I do an F10. If I do it wrong, i put the computer to sleep by accident, or something.
If Lenovo made cars, do you think they would swap the pedals? Imagine you drove for years and years, used to the clutch being on the left, then these guys come and just swap the clutch and the brake. Same fun, eh? :)

Nearly undetectable spacing between F4-F5, F8-F9 unlike on a standard PC keyboard: you can`t just quickly hit F5 without having to look at it. The normal user of a laptop does not only use it in a lit office but also in his bed, late in the evening. This product does not feature keyboard illumination, so you`ll really struggle to find the special keys in the darkness.

The keypad on the right is still useless and should be either dropped or made optional. You might believe it`s useful, but look at your keyboard after using it for a few years. You`ll see all the keys noticeably worn EXCEPT the ones from the numeric keypad on the right, because you`ve just never used them!

Insert, delete, home, end, pgup, pgdn: These keys are still important, and should not be shuffled every year, and be diferent on every laptop, but kept as close as possible to the movement (arrow) keys (Other keyboards have very handy combinations like Fn+ArrowLeft for Home, Fn+ArrowUp for PGUp, etc).

The touchpad has only two buttons. All the normal PC mice have got three, or a wheel.

Unfortunately, if you look around, you`ll see that most other laptops have some common design issues, with the worst ones being Windows preinstalled and a shuffled keyboard like this one.
However, I can see a lot of potential for this product. Just a few changes, like removing Windows, using a decent keyboard, rounding the sharp edges, and I would give a 5 star rating.

I hope this review, even if a bit harsh, will be a bit constructive and help manufacturers to improve in the future.
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on 27 January 2014
This is a nice, basic laptop. No prizes for style, but it does its job well.
Good bits..
Nice keyboard
Big hard drive capacity (1 Tb)
Good battery life.

Not so good bits....
Not the fastest.
Windows 8 pre--installed. This is pretty standard, but must be one of the worst operating systems for a Laptop or desktop PC.
Much of the pre-installed software eg. McAfee antivirus, is actually a 30 day trial version. Microsoft office is little more than an advert to buy....
Spent ages customising the machine to act the way I wanted. Inhibited automatic updates, Microsoft sign-on etc.. Loaded AVG antivirus, 'Classic Shell', Firefox, Open Office etc... and junked most of the unnecessary "apps" on the start screen.

Now I've got it looking like XP / Win 7. Just what I actually wanted.

So, it's a nice machine, but be prepared for a bit of work (possibly cost) and frustration to set it up the way you really want.
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on 28 September 2013
when i bought this i did lots of research into shops and on-line, but this was the best by far, it just needs a SSD to make it better, You can easily install one yourself to replace the spinning drive, then put the spinning drive into where the DVD player goes. its a little work, but worth it. I haven't started yet but will do this week. Windows 8 is not great with the tiles, only good for touch screen, but when the newer version is out it will bring back the option to have your start button like windows 7, cant wait!!!
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on 25 September 2013
If it had come without an operating system It would be perfect. Fortunately I was able to tweak the software the way I wanted so now its the laptop it should be. Its light, fast, upgradable to 16GB RAM (important for gaming) and at this price its a complete bargain. Love Love Love!!!!
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on 1 May 2014
Daughter truly happy.... fast computer with all things that she needed and asked for it. We recommend it and really quick delivery too
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