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on 22 May 2017
My son loves owls so this was going to b a hit with him from the get go, my 6yr old found it a little tougher as the baby owlets are stolen and 'moon blinded' which upset her a bit.. as did a few other bits. However I enjoyed it though quite intense at times for an animation my husband and son liked how the aerial battles were done. All in all faultless animation and a decent story with lots of conflict and different characters. For the price we paid it was good value for a wet bank hol weekend!
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BUT seriously let down by a story that is by turns silly, derivative, predictable and sometimes downright tedious, and about which it is hard to say anything good; it does not know whether to be serious, humorous, or Disney syrup- it does none well.

Many reviewers comment on the distinctive nature of each owl's charater, but that's hardly new, and a number of different species are represented to make this easier. Over twenty years ago, a similar number of different rabbit characters were established in Watership Down, so this is hardly an impressive feat.

The failure of the storyline is a real shame, because the animation is of a standard that I have probably never seen bettered, perhaps not even equalled.

However, the gross-and it is gross- failure of the story drags it down to a possibly generous three stars, but really, it does look gorgeous.It should have been so much better.

I'm actually pretty cross about the waste in a formula I normally love.
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on 3 July 2016
Fairly standard good vs evil family viewing, some novel elements to the story and setting - hints of Tolkien, Star Wars and even Watership Down.

However if looking for 3D to wow then this is near the top of the list. Best 3D I have seen so far, some sections truly stunning and make a good argument for 3D being worthwhile (watched on LG 55EF950OV if that makes any difference)

If looking for family friendly fantasy adventures while showing off your 3D TV you can't go far wrong with this.
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on 15 February 2015
Having just got a 3D capable Denon 1713UD this looked worth getting to try it out. The film is stunning in 3D, beautifully rendered such that I'm sure you can see every feather. It is subtle 3D, not in your face effects like (say) Journey to the Centre of the Earth. It was an enjoyable film to watch as well. Like others, I really don't think this is a children's film, as well as being quite dark (Orwellian) it is longer than most children, certainly under 12, would sit through. I'd recommend it For older children and adults though.
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I did not see this animation at the cinema other than the trailer.I had rembered this from the visual impact at the time and was drawn to my own purchase of the3d blueray on the basis of it being based on a fairly successful childrens story of some note. As i now tend to have family viewing evenings of 3d spectacullars I am allways looking for new 3d discs suitable for family viewing whilst being genuinely entertaining for the adults present.' Legend of the Guardians' falls well into this category in that, whilst having a fairly simple plot line,(good versis evil etc) its just interesting enough to act as a superb vehicle for the outstanding quality of the graphics, possible the best i have ever seen. The detail in the structure of the feathers on the owls is quite spectacular and the sequence of flight over the sea with the addition of water droplets to the texture of our heroes coates is far and away the most stunning I have ever experienced from this medium. If you can cope with what is essentially childrens entertainment and appreciate the sheer quality of the presentation of the same then any purchase will be money welll spent and i am sure you will be happy to re watch it time and again to as many invited audiences as you can call on or by yourself, marveling at the realism of what is essentially electronic artistry of the highest standard. IEPW.
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on 16 June 2011
I bought this on bluray when it first came out but it ended up sat on my shelf until just last night! I'm a huge fan of computer animated films but there has been a real drop in quality for most that have hit the big screen in recent years. I think thats why this film didn't make it straight in to the player when it arrived in the post!

I'm so glad i finally got round to watching it!! I was completely blown away from start to finish.. this could easily have been a pixar release! you are instantly taken in to a world so stunning and beautifully animated that you are compelled to continue watching. Some reviews state that there is not not enough character development which is true to some extent... this film could easily have been spread over 2 films rather than one! I don't think though that this is a reason to mark it down in any way, it just shows how drawn in to the story you can get and how desperately 'as an adult' you crave more and more from it! Overall for the target audience this film is simply 'perfect' (i wish i'd have seen it as a kid!!!)... The characters are very well balanced and play off of eachother perfectly, theres plenty of fun, drama, lots of action... what more could you ask for?!

I really hope there's a sequel on the way!!
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on 26 August 2011
I watched this film in 3D the other night and thought it was excellent.

The story was very interesting, with compelling characters.
As for the 3D experience, the fact that the CG is so lifelike really shows you how beautiful 3D can be when done correctly.
There are a few moments when things jump out of the screen at you, but for the most part the 3D in this film just adds depth, which IMO is how modern 3D should be.
Instead of a flat 3D experience, things look well rounded off when they should, there are angles to the depth of the image which really draws you into the whole film and makes you feel like you're really a part of the story.

The Owls all look so lifelike and at times it's as though you're not watching a CG film, but real birds flying through the beautifal skies of the movie, it becomes hard to believe you're watching something that's been animated.
Feathers on the Owls look so realistic, if it wasn't for the fact that they can talk and knowing that this is a CG film I would really believe this could be real birds flying around on screen.

The HD audio of this bluray is excellent, creating a good convincing atmosphere to the movie.

Overall an excellent movie, that is worth seeing in 3D HD on a decent TV, I recommend this film highly!
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on 21 August 2014
Love this film! You forget in no time this is an ANIMATION! You become suckered in, young or old! The detail in the dvd is amazing. Great film for any Bird of Prey enthusiast. Great use of actors with the characters and voices played. I intend on watching this again soon! :) Watched many times already.

However, If you have young children- might want to vet the film first. There are one or two (without spoiling) 'hairy' scenes i'd be hesitant to show young ones. Circle of life and all that...

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on 5 April 2013
I love this film and watched it about 4 times now..Forgot how beautiful owls are and everyone looks unique and the graphics are excellent you can actually see the softness of the downy feathers on the young owls down to the velvet look on the older ones.
Its the usual good versus evil story and the storyline holds you right to the end of the film so its not a film you shall be disappointed in. Soren is our little hero at the start who is kidnapped by evil ST AGGIE,S owls who are trained to be owl soldiers and with a little help from a wiser owl he escapes to GaHoole and joins forces to attack and end the slavery and brainwashing of those still trapped by the evil king and queen of Aggies island.
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on 20 April 2018
If you do like owls, well then this film is for you. It's even a good film for people who don't really care about owls. It might not be such a good film for people who don't like owls or are afaid of birds.

Fun film, good story and really nice imagery.
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