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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 26 March 2002
What a great little film. I rate this alongside other amiable comedies such as Liar Liar, 10 Things I Hate About You and Election as one of the most watchable, cliche-less, well acted and scripted comedies I have seen. It is not a classic film by any stretch of the imagination and it falls in the category of safe, formulaic comedies but it is certainly worth a watch, especially on video.
Reese Witherspoon is excellent, almost an antithesis of her character in Election, but playing the ditzy blonde par excellence, lending to her role so much heart that you really are won over by her despite the West Coast affectations that have marred so many teen comedies to date. This is NOT just another teen comedy. LB is a film that can be appreciated by anyone. It has little in the way of slapstick gags that made American Pie so accessible to younger teens and actually has a very clever (if formulaic) story with hundreds of little sub plots coming and going throughout. The relationship with her ex boyfriend's new fiancee is spot on, especially the way Elle endears herself to her by the end. The filibustering in the case she finally gets to defend is also inspired to a degree.
Yes, it is predictable and unbelievable but it does not pretend to be anything but an enjoyable hour and a half romp. All of the cast do superb jobs, the jokes are spot on (especially the catiness that exists between Elle and Veronica) and it actually makes you feel good, something that many, so-called, feel-good films do not. I will be buying it and watching it for a long time to come.
At last, amid all these many dire teen comedies comes a comedy that beats all the American Pies and Road Trips and Scary Movies that Hollywood can throw at us, hands down.
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on 17 April 2016
Enjoyable comedy drama with a serious message at it's heart. Elle Woods arrives at Harvard Law School with the intention of becoming serious enough to win back her ex. She is intelligent enough to get in, however her the first impression of her peers makes life difficult for Elle - until she realises she actually has an aptitude for law and everything starts to change. A brilliant, feel good film that never fails to cheer me up.
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on 17 October 2004
We all know the reutation that blondes have, and most of us have heard the jokes at some point, but i think that this film certainly puts all those to rest, and does in fact prove that blondes are not as dumb as some people might think.
Elle Wood is a happy, bubbly, fun-loving, not so dumb blonde who decides to study law at Harvard University in an attempt to win back her boyfriend who dumped her for somone more serious. At first she is given the cold shoulder by some of the snobby students for eing too dumb (and blonde) but with a burning passion to do well, she studies like mad and soon shows them a thing or two when she wins a murder trial.
Reese Witherspoon plays the sweet, fun-loving Elle, very well indeed and brings a chirpy light heartedness to the whole film which makes the audience warm to her immediately. Luke Wilson (the brother of Owen Wilson) plays Emmett Richmond the only person not to ingnore Elle when she arrives at Harvard. Selma Blair (who worked with Reece Witherspoon in 'Cruel Intentions') plays the very snobby new girlfriend of Warner, Vivian Kensington. Finally Matthew Davis plays the two faced bone head, Warner Huntington the third, who only wants a smart 'serious', and successful girl on his arm rather than one he loves. There are many more people in the film who were equally good in their roles, but i would be here all day.
As regards extras on this DVD, there are quite a few. Theres a featurette: The Hair That Ate Hollywood, a feature length audio commentry from the director Robert Luketic, several deleted scenes, and an original theatrical trailer. So theres plenty to keep the fans happy.
Although this film is of course about blondes and their intelligence, the thing that stuck me was that there was somthing much deeper. A passion for being successful and not letting anyone stand in the way, as one of the proffessors in the film said "If you're going to let one stupid prick ruin your life... you're not the girl I thought you were". Now theres a metaphore for life.
Overall, 'Legally Blonde' really is a brilliant light hearted comedy that should not be analysised socially, legally, or sexually, but just accepted for what it is, an enjoyable movie that proves one thing; that blondes are not as dumb as people think!
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on 28 August 2013
i love this film, cant say how many times i have watched it. reese witherspoon is so great, the girliness is so utterly fabulous and yet the message is definitely a feminist one, this film will always be in my top 10 which is high praise indeed, never get bored with it, magic moments as when she gets her manicurists dog back for her by spouting fake legal jargon, is fantastic, and our plucky heroine wins the day most satisfactorily against the misogynists and doubters, aided by a legion of very tough women. if you have been tempted to write this off as a chick flick, dont!!!!!!its much better than that.
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on 8 May 2004
Now I'm a guy, so I should have hated this film. Except rather surprisingly (since every other bloke I know hates it, makes blonde jokes or goes into giggles at any mention of it) I found this to be quite a good film. Okay, it is also very clichéd, entirely predictable and fluffy as a poodle(and it's why I haven't given it 5 stars)... but what made this film good was that:
1)The dialogue is incredibly funny in places. And I know everyone's mentioned it, but Warner's one liner "I need to marry a Jackie and not a Marilyn" is just priceless, fantastic. Whoever wrote that bit of the script was a genius, :)
2)Reece Wetherspoon is ideally cast as Elle- incredibly blonde and daffy on the surface, yet driven, determined and actually quite sharp deep down. The kind of girl that you underestimate at your peril. And what is more, Elle is an inherently optimistic- and attractive- character- no matter what obstacles are in the way(sneering fellow students, sexist lecturers, a fashion major etc etc), her optimism and her spirit get her through. That's not bad going.
3)The film does make a very valid point about the nature of being a lawyer- that it is not necessarily what you know but how you apply it that is important. Okay, so her knowledge of fashion techniques used to win the day is entirely expected, but if you are able to use any sort of knowledge to win a big case then that is really quite a priceless asset- the kind of thing that makes a good lawyer.
Now do not even think I am taking this as a serious film, I am not. To be honest, I can see why more girls (particularly of the blonde variety, lol ) would like it than guys like me; as it is very fluffy, very sentimental in places and very much aimed at the female clientèle. However, for a chick flick this is actually surprisingly good. It is a thoroughly likeable, feel-good movie that will make you laugh- and even guys should be able to get something out of this film. And Reese Witherspoon, for the record, is not just a pretty blonde, she's actually a very good actress, who has got onto the Hollywood A-list by merit(as shown not least by this film).
So what to make of Legally Blonde? I'd say this is "legally proficient" (read: very good). If there is a message to be learnt from this film, it is don't judge a blonde by her hair! For this is better than your average film...
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on 4 December 2015
Legally Blonde is a humorous movie that stars Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods. She ends up deciding to take up a career as a lawyer and go to law school after some changes that occurred in her life. What is A little embarrassing at first is that her ex-boyfriend Matthew Davis (Warner Huntington) is dating Vivian Kensington (a fellow law student) After Elle Admitted to him About Vivian giving her a hard time. Fortunately, Elle has people in her life who can count as allies such as Emmett Richmond (Luke Wilson) and Paulette Bonaparte (Jennifer Coolidge). Of course, there are more actors, actresses, and plotlines to Legally Blonde but my intuition and logic steered me away from providing more details out of my concern that I would reveal too much of the plot and script outline of Legally Blonde. However, I will say, as an aspiring writer/scriptwriter I enjoyed that the character of Elle refused to let anyone place in her box and she voluntarily pushed herself out of her comfort zone to experience professional and psychological growth when she could have easily coasted on her looks (as what some of the other characters of Legally Blonde were trying to get her to do). Additionally, Legally Blonde served as a playful and fun reminder to me to keep striving to live up to my potential regardless of how I’m perceived for doing so.
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on 9 January 2006
I have always been a fan of Reese Witherspoon and this film did not dissapoint. Very simple, easy to follow storyline with an instantly likeable main character. What I liked most about this film is that Elle(Reese)is not one of those irratating overly dumb blondes, she is just misunderstood and blonde! The plot falls down a little in the romance department, the love-interest seems a little unbelievable and towards the end and it all ties together a little too fast which doesn't fit the flow of the film. But for a nice simple film to watch on a Sunday afternoon when you don't really want anything too taxing then this does hit the spot.
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When I first saw this movie with my teenage son, I admit that my expectations were not particularly high. Was I ever pleasantly surprised by this delightfully funny comedy! Reese Witherspoon does a star turn as the not so dumb, California airhead blonde, Ellie Woods, who is dumped by her college sweetheart, Warner, before graduation, instead of getting the anticipated and expected marriage proposal. It appears that he has political aspirations and an ostensibly dumb and flamboyant blonde is not what he envisions having for a wife.
Seeking to prove herself worthy and knowing that he is planning on attending Harvard Law School, Ellie, a fashion major, also seeks admission with dogged determination and studies her charming buns off in order to do well on the LSAT, the Law School Admission Test. Her high LSAT scores, coupled with her hilarious admission video, and her perfect college grade point average, albeit in Fashion, get her through the portals of Harvard Law School, and the games begin in earnest.
What happens to her at Harvard is hilarious, as Ellie tries to get her former sweetheart back. She discovers, instead, something about herself that ultimately makes others sit up and take notice of her in a positive way. Reese Witherspoon is delightfully funny doing a comic turn and will have the viewer laughing almost immediately, while rooting for her. The supporting cast is likewise enjoyable. This is a funny, wacky comedy that is never mean spirited and is, instead, surprisingly uplifting.
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on 11 June 2016
A lovely all American sequel to the first movie. If you need to watch a proper "chick flick" that makes you feel happy this is the one for you. Reese Withserspoon never disappoints. She somehow manages to pull off a great combination of funny, corny and intelligent. Definitely recommended for a night in with the girls, a bottle of wine and a makeover (of course).
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on 14 May 2013
It's a great comedy/mic-take to put on in the back ground, with a really easy plot to follow. Reese Witherspoon portrays Elle effortlessly, making you love her more and more as the story unfolds. Not a rom-com, more of a piss take on the '90210' character
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