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VINE VOICEon 15 November 2010
This excellent detailed study by Professor Howard Grief addressing both Israel's legal foundation and borders is an absolute must read. The culmination of 25 years of study addresses a plethora of issues including the San Remo peace conference & a detailed appraisal of the Palestine Mandate, including its original intent, interpretation and application.

The study pulls no punches in showing that the Balfour Declaration, Mandate and League of Nations were intent upon the rebirth of not just a Jewish national home but a Jewish state based upon a historical formula founded upon the 1st/2nd Temple period territories, including lands up to the Litani Valley in present day Lebanon. The present borders of Israel are shown to be clearly not those originally designated for the Jewish people by the aforementioned international agreements.

Detailed reference reveals how it was originally agreed between Britain & France that the borders of a 'Jewish Palestine' would be based on the historical or Biblical formula, "from Dan to Beersheba", a phrase appearing several times in the Bible.

This shown to have been interpreted up until 1920 by Prime Minister Lloyd George & other British officials to mean that Palestine would include all the lands or regions historically associated with the Jewish People. That is all territory which at one time or other was conquered, settled & governed by the Israelites in the 1st /2nd Temple periods.

The historical formula for determining these boundaries was accepted at the San Remo Peace Conference & referred to to in the Mandate Charter, which referred to the historical connection of the Jewish People with Palestine. The British themselves relying on George Adam Smith's "Atlas of the Historical Geography of the Holy Land", published in 1915, in particular on Plate No. 34 that depicted the territory under David and Solomon.

The book makes sobering reading as the British are shown to have not abided by their obligations under the Mandate, instead giving precedence to their own political self interests, regional expedience & their relationship with the Arab/Islamic world. The influence of French interests in the region also playing a considerable part as Western entities reneged upon their responsibilities & obligations pertaining to a Jewish home/state in what was Palestine.

The reader is shown how international agreements then made & still make it quite clear today, that Israel had/has a perfect legal right to settle land in the disputed territories in 1967, since this was the right assigned to the Jewish people under International Law. Law which continues to be in force despite the political nuances of today which are expedient to the larger pro-Arab international community.

Self serving political machinations & expedience are again shown when, under Article 5 of the Mandate Britain - which was not allowed to partition the land - Britain then did so by severing 77% to create the Arab state of Transjordan which, from the moment of its creation, was closed to all Jewish migration and settlement - a clear betrayal of the British promise the tones of which resound even now.

Under Article 6 of the Mandate Britain,was supposed to encourage Jewish immigration % settlement all over the now disputed territory - a Jewish right which exists to this day under International Law, despite the Mandate treaty's enactment in 1948.

Yet Britain is shown to have reneged upon this responsibility too. British foreign policy of the time, extending to the present day, shown to be that of appeasing the Arab/Islamic world as it appears to continually sacrifice Israel upon the altar of political expedience.

In November 1938 the British 'Cabinet Committee For Palestine' held a meeting which effectively resulted in the reneging upon of the Balfour Declaration & the League of Nations Mandate. Foreign Secretary, Lord Halifax, told the Committee that "the Government would have to choose between it's commitments to the world of Jewry & it's commitments to the world of Islam..." It was subsequently decided that Britain could not afford to antagonise the Muslim world. This resulted in the British White Paper of 1939 which served to appease the Arab/Islamic world & severely restricted Jewish immigration to Palestine. This was the British policy as the Holocaust descended upon the Jews of Europe.

It is virtually impossible to do justice to the vast amount of evidence available in this 700+ page study. I can but highly recommend this work to anyone interesting in the Jewish state, the Arab-Israeli conflict & the manner in which the latter is portrayed/perceived in our day.

With such a vast array of facts at your fingertips the individual is left to ponder a number of issues. Not least being how the international community has seemingly side-stepped history & embraced the creation of a Palestinian state in territories promised to the Jewish people & to which they have a heritage spanning many thousands of years. The prerequisite of such a state's creation being the removal/ethnic cleansing of the entire Jewish presence from these areas.

With due reference to the contents of this study, the conviction that Jewish settlements in the West Bank are illegal is now so commonly accepted, it hardly seems as though the matter is even open for discussion. Such a case is blown completely out of the water by reference to the factual history. Though routinely referred to nowadays as "Palestinian" land, at no point in history has Jerusalem or the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) been under Palestinian sovereignty in any sense of the term.

In the face of skilfully orchestrated revisionist history and a tidal wave of anti-Israeli propaganda, this compelling account shows the reader is shown how the public is clearly being completely and utterly deceived by the manner in which the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is being presented to them. This is a book that desperately needs to be read & re-read. International leaders, including those within Israel itself, need to avail themselves of the information provided here.
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on 5 August 2010
For a clear understanding of Israel, The British Mandate for Palestine and the conflicting interests in the Middle East. This book documents the legal evidence necessary to put Israel's case on very sound footing. In great detail it debunks the hoax perpetrated on the whole world , namely, that of a Palestinian People.
It clearly reveals the betrayal of the Mandate that was entrusted to the British to establish Palestine a home for the Jewish People and the Anti - Semitic nature of certain high ranking officials in the British Government of the time.
A very in-depth account of the weakness of the 'new historians' and purveyors of lies, if ever there was an 'invented people', as one Israeli academic claims, then surely it is the Non-Jewish people of Israel who today claim to be the 'true sons of the soil'.
Of course, the ethnic diversity of the people living in Israel is far more complex then simply Arab and Jew.
For any one truly interested in peace and prosperity for all people living in the Middle East then this book is essential in furthering the cause of truth and peace, simply because it goes to the roots of the problem of so much confusion and misunderstanding,revealing in great depth ( the book is over 700 pages long) so much of the causes of this conflict, that reach back to time immemorial.
Get a copy or get your library to get you a copy, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this volume!
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on 19 February 2017
Essential reading in order to clarify the legal position of Israel as to their existence and right to their own land.
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on 23 November 2015
Excellent reference document - should be part of any Middle East reference library
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