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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 8 June 1999
First, I have the greatest admiration for Dave Mark; his "Mac Programming Primer" books are THE way to learn the Mac Toolbox. The problem with THIS book is that, like other programming geniuses, Dave has forgotten what it's like to know NOTHING about programming. He moves very rapidly and arbitrarily (e.g, he covers pointers BEFORE scanf !) and doesn't bother to explain many things that are second nature to him, but opaque to most people who have not programmed before.
C is a terrible first programming language to learn anyway; it's far better to learn Basic, Pascal, or one of the visual object languages, and switch to C later. My perspective comes from teaching programming for over a dozen years to liberal arts students with little experience, 90% of whom would be hopelessly lost using this book alone.
It's also true that a small percentage of "computer-science-major-type" people have a natural talent for programming, and for them this book is excellent. If you're that kind of person, definitely get this book. If not, be warned. If you already bought this book and wonder what's wrong with you because most reviews say it's easy but you're stumped, take heart; try some Basic or Pascal first, and go through it again SLOWLY. Most of those reviews are from programming geniuses !-)
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on 16 December 1998
This is a great book for those looking to learn the C programing language. It is aimed at those using a Mac, but really could be read by anyone as it teaches almost entirely platform-independent ANSI C.
As for teaching ANSI C it does a great job and makes most concepts easy to understand by relating them to the real world. This is definitely a good book for the beginner, but if you already know C this book isn't for you.
Its title is also somewhat misleading. While it does teach you C *ON* the Macintosh, it doesn't teach you Macintosh C. That is, it barely even mentions the Mac toolbox, which is used to program every Macintosh program in existence. Aside from that fact, and since you really need to know the C language before touching the toolbox, it's a great first step.
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on 30 October 1997
For all those people that wonder how computer applications work, and how those big companies actually create them, this will solve your endevours. Throught comprehensive and reader-friendly writing, Dave Mark delivers the most complete basics for easy Macintosh programming available. The book/CD-Rom package contains all the needed material and information to begin creating your own Macintosh platform applications.

Even better, since the C language core is the same thing on all major computer platforms, learning this language will give you a competitive edge on UNIX, DOS, and other computer platforms.

If you have no idea what programming is, wan't to know how to ultimately utilize your computer's abilities, and like a good laugh, buy this book!
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on 2 May 1997
If you don't have any programming experience and you would like to learn the C language on your Macintosh, this is the best book to get.

The second edition includes a CD-ROM with all of the source code in the book, and a 'light' version of Codewarrior for 68K and PowerPC Macs.

Dave Mark does an excellent job of teaching you everything you need to know, including the basic concepts of programming. To get the most out of the book, read through it carefully and then read through it again, so that you begin to piece together C concepts as a whole. I would also suggest getting "The C Programming Language" and/or "C: A Reference Manual" since Dave's book doesn't pretend to be a reference manual.
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on 16 March 1997
The Macintosh part of the book title refers to the Mac compiler that's included with the book. The material on the topic of C programming is platform independent. Dave brings an earthy, quietly smoldering style to the task at hand. He writes like you're one of his friends that he's personally tutoring. Small, clear steps are taken the whole way through. Some authors just have the insight on how to present material to the beginner, without losing them. Dave has this insight and serves it up with style and grace. After learning C from reading other books, this is the one I wish I had started with. If you're learning C from scratch, start with this book. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Or confused.
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on 26 July 1999
Many people have complained about Dave Mark's inability to think like a begginer. This is all wrong. I did NOT know anything about the C language, nor Perl, Basic, or any other language. If it was not for Dave Mark's encouraging manner, I could not have learned these basic skills (I know this because other books/web matterial felt like I was listning to a brick). The book comes with a CD that is packed with game demos, source code, and other apps you can find usefull.
Buy this book if you know nothing of the C language. But, if you know the very basics (like creating functions, poiters, globals ect.) buy something else because this book does not cover anything like creating windows or menues.
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on 12 November 1998
It teaches basic C syntax and form stuff. Be prepared to get a little frustrated with the compiler, especially when designing your own programs. Plus you can make (very) simple computer crashing programs (Be CAREFULL).
#include studio.h
int main
for ( ; ; );
printf(Sit on my interface);
Then use ResEdit (free off the web) to edit the menus,about box..... (not to give you any ideas or any thing) Oh yeah, make copys of EVERYTHING. And another thing, duplicate files and erase contents to try your own new origional programs
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on 17 July 1998
This book is an excellent source to begin learning the C language on the Macintosh. I wholly recommend pairing this book up with Metrowerks Codewarrior Discover Programming Edition and Macintosh Programming for Dummies to get the most out of it. When you finish this book you'll be begging for more and you'll find it in his other books: Learn C++ on the Macintosh and Macintosh C Programming Primer: Inside the Toolbox Vol 1. Excellent teacher.
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on 22 June 1997
I've been a mainframe programmer for more than 13 years and this book has been a great inspiration for me to learn Mac/PC programming! Dave Mark's relaxed writing style makes it easy to read and understand. If you don't understand any particular part, it is very easy to browse through the chapters and find the section that you need to re-read. I recommend this book to all beginning C programmers.
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on 27 July 1998
The explanations and overall contents in the book were very satisfactory for me. In Korea, there are not much way to learn C on the Mac, and this book showed me the way to challenge the C language on my Mac. I will read another related books more. Thanks.
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