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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Price:£49.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 10 May 2011
I bought this for my 4 year old son who really enjoys playing games on the computer. He does enjoy playing it but the batteries run out after just a couple hours play, so invest in rechargable batteries. Moreover a lot of the games you get you can only play certain areas and then have to puchase download cards to open up other areas of the game, which I find outragious as you expect to get a whole game when you buy one, and not half a game. The games are also very americanised and so tend not to use phonetics when trying to teach spelling. Be more useful as an educational tool when a child is old enough to understand the alphabet and basic spelling skills.
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on 20 July 2012
I would give this toy 5 stars for the actual toy, as it is brilliant and my kids would love it. HOWEVER, I have only given it 1 because we are very disappointed with several things. First of all, it does not come with a power cord/adapter. It has a place to plug one in, on the toy, but we found out after we got it, that you have to purchase the power supply separately - as if this was not already expensive enough for a child! So, we opted for batteries. BIG mistake! It ate 4 AA batteries within 2 hours!!! So, we spent money to buy rechargeable batteries. 2 hours later, we were having to plug them in to recharge! No child's toy should be this hard on batteries! Imagine their disappointment when after an hour of play, it started warning that the battery was low!! We would ordinarily only let them play for about an hour or so at a time anyway, but this means that after one or two times of play, we have to plug 8 batteries in for at least 4 hours to charge, using tons of electricity in the process. This should most definitely COME WITH the AC adapter, for the price of the item! Or else a recharging kit included. Secondly, the cost does not end with the purchase of the item - VERY disappointingly! We discovered - also after purchase - that it does not come with anything on it - only one free app to download! If we want any more, we have to PAY more money to get more off of the leapfrog website! EACH game, book, etc., costs a MINIMUM of £3.50, with most costing £7.50 and higher, and MANY costing in excess of £12-£15!! EACH! For someone on a limited budget, who splurged to get these for our kids, we are very unhappy about this. enough so, that we are returning the toys. A toy like this should include, at the very least, MANY apps and games and books - all available to download. I could see that after a certain limit (like 25-50), you could be required to purchase - or for the really involved ones, or something - but even the simple little nothing ones cost money! So, it means that between the purchase of the actual toy, the apps, the ac adapters, and the games and books, you are out an absolute fortune! And the cost never ends - basically you just keep having to pay to get things, once your child gets tired of the ones he has...NOT clever for a child's toy...this is not an adult gaming device, and is not a laptop or anything, but all in, the cost is actually MORE than our Toshiba laptop!! Leapfrog need to rethink this and make it more financially feasible for large families with limited income...
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on 2 December 2011
My daughter won one of these in an ELC competition and she absolutely adores it. So did little sister, but in a fit of frustration at not being able to do what she wanted with one of the games (her motor skills are delayed) she jabbed the stylus at the screen - cracking it. I have looked at various reviews and it seems durability is a big problem. Kids the age that this is aimed for will drop it and will get mad and jab the screen - I am disgusted actually that it doesn't stand up to this sort of punishment.
Games are also pretty expensive - compare the games on the leap frog app store with what you can get on the itunes app store for free and the leapfrog will be found wanting. I think the apps should be cheaper when you consider the cost of the console in the first place. A cartridge game in store are around £20 - ouch.
The connection initially is a faff and too long winded. Also too much advertising aimed at the kids (and parents pockets) for my liking. But - my 5 year old loves it and plays with it quietly for ages...until sister broke it. Thanks to ELC for replacing for free.
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on 12 November 2010
It seems an interesting concept. My daughter liked it but the issue is that the parent has to continue buying applications for it and they are not cheap so the price of the toy continuously goes up. It does not com preloaded with a lot. Still it is fun.
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on 11 January 2012
My boys received the leapster explorer for christmas and it has been a real hit! They really enjoy playing the games on them and the great thing is that they are learning whilst playing. I bought the Cars 2 game and the Pixar pals games for them, the great thing about the games is that as the child progresses they are able to unlock other games to play so there is always something new. My 3 year old particularly enjoys playing the game which is included where you have to look after a pet he seems to have mastered all the buttons and knows exactly what to press. They are very durable as well, as one has already been dropped on the floor and is still working. A great toy to entertain the children and they learn whilst playing!
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on 19 January 2012
My 4 year old daughter had this for Christmas, and loves it. She plays with it constantly and has really mastered it well. Purchased Dora the Explorer game at the same time, which she has completed already and recently purchased Pet Pals 2 which again she loves. She has 3 cousins aged 3, 4, and 5, they all had one for Christmas as well and again thumbs up all round. Highly recommend for children 3+. A great buy. (Recommend purchasing a mains adapter or what we did, a battery charger with 4 rechargeable batteries). Dropped one star for durability only because we have only had it a month and its still early days, on saying that it looks pretty robust and as yet no problems whatsoever, though i would recommend purchasing a case.
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on 26 December 2012
We got this for my son for his birthday as he had been begging for a DS like his older brother has. We already had experience with getting a DS for his older brother when he was too young for it and didn't want to do that again, so we went the Leapster route.

Many reviewers have talked about battery life and I started out by buying 4 Tescos Extra-life rechargeable batteries plus the 2 metre long European Mains adapter (we live in Central Europe). That worked fine, though, in the end (and as a result of a five-year old's desperate need to keep moving) having 8 rechargeable batteries on rotation has worked better than the mains adapter, which is now gathering dust as an emergency back-up should it be needed.

The toy loses a star for the stupidly difficult to set up Explorer Connect systems that is badly thought out in the set-up stages and would not work at all with my old Windows XP SP3 laptop and only worked through my wife's Windows 7 computer. That was a very frustrating birthday evening and it might be wise to open the box and set the whole thing up before hand if you are planning to give this as a present.
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on 28 December 2010
Pros: Screen quality is fantastic, sound quality is brilliant and overall playability is much improved from the Leapster 2. It also doesn't have the annoying habit of shutting itself off if the cartridge is slightly budged, or getting 'hung' the way Leapster 2 does, whereby you have to shut it off and back on again (which takes ages with an impatient 3 and 5 year old!). And it loads much more quickly than the Leapster 2.

Cons: It does eat batteries as previously suggested, so we are using rechargeable ones (we bought 8 and always have a set charged) and ensure if the children aren't playing with it, it's shut off straight away. I'm guessing that since Leapster Explorer doesn't come with the Rechargeable Battery Pack Accessory the way Leapster 2 does, that MAYBE we can hope for a battery pack which could be charged through an USB on the computer... this would be the best solution!

I feel for the price, it should have also included another game or 2 pre-installed. We downloaded the Logic Train Leaplet and my 4 year old completed this within an hour, so they really should have included 2 or 3 Leaplet codes with the Leapster Explorer if this is geared towards 4-7 year olds.
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on 26 March 2011
We bought this for our four year old along with a couple of games. So far I think its been a success, although he's finding it a bit fiddly because he's not used to electronic toys - he leans on the buttons a lot and doesnt know which hand to hold the stylus in, but he's getting better. He loves the Mr Pencil game we got him (which is flawed, but I'm reviewing the console here), and understood relatively quickly what to do. He does get very frustrated by it whenit doesnt accept his attempts to draw letters, shapes etc, as its not massively forgiving. I do think its useful though, however the setup was atrocious. The only reason I got it working, having followed all suggestions on the support site, was because the the forums available for parents. [...] The particular link I've posted here - the post at 01-03-2011 10:53 AM is the one that got my console to link to my laptop. I found the issues I had with installation particularly irritating because I setup my sons tag reader without a problem.
Its a big investment, but I'm hoping its worth it. Watch this space.
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on 17 October 2011
I bought this toy for my nephew, he loved it but got bored very soon because it only has a couple of pre-loaded activities. I dowloaded an aditional game as part of my purchase but that was all. It says learning something new every day byt that means parents having to continously buy new games and they're not cheap, over £5 so the value of the toy could easily double in a couple of months...not everyone can afford that.
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