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on 10 August 2017
Great for kids so much to do and learn on it
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on 12 October 2017
Excellent product.
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on 20 July 2015
my great granddaughters 3rd birthday present she loves it lets her parents use the Ipad now
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on 25 September 2014
Colour: Green|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My daughter (nearly two) loves my iPhone, particularly the Duplo and Toca Boca apps, and I was keen to see whether a dedicated child tablet would be a more appropriate option. Although the recommended age for the LeapPad is slightly older, I took her dexterity with the iPhone (and increasingly regular demands to use it) as a sign that she might be ready for something like this. Here's what we found;

First things first, this tablet is pretty heavy. The look is suitably child-friendly, and the casing feels very heavy-duty and capable of a few knocks and bangs without coming to harm. Think `Tonka-tablet' and you won't be too far off. The screen follows this trend, feeling like thick plastic rather than the glass of an iPad or Galaxy Tab, so again it all feels very tough. The weight takes a few minutes to get used to, but when the alternative I suppose would've been a more fragile tablet it's a good compromise. It's reassuringly well-built. A stylus is stored in the rear of the casing, attached with a cord so it doesn't go missing.

The initial set-up, assigning a wi-fi network, creating parent and child profiles etc, was quite frustrating, mainly due to getting used to the touchscreen. The sensitivity felt quite random to begin with, and is a world away from the touchscreen quality of modern smartphones or tablets. I wasn't sure whether some touches had registered, some taps required four or five presses to work, and the required pressure seemed to range from the slightest brush of fingertip to a hard, sustained press. The stylus is essential at times. Aside from the unfamiliarity of the touchscreen, the whole process takes around 15 minutes and felt rather laboured. I know, I know... that sounds ridiculously impatient, but I mention it to make the point that we're probably at a stage now where we expect these devices to be a little more immediate.

The bundled apps are a thoughtful selection of games and learning programmes, providing a good out-of-the-box experience. The pet one is a surprisingly in-depth game, and perfectly pitched to pre-schoolers. The art app (Art Studio) will be familiar to anyone who has used Peppa Pig's Paint Pot on iOS, and is another fantastic outlet for creativity. It's early days in terms of how long we've had it, but over time I think this device will be a really positive addition to playtime, rather than something that's mindlessly consumed. With lots of cartridges and apps available the potential is very strong.

This was one of the things that sold me on the idea of the LeapPad, a nicely-stocked, pre-vetted selection of fun and educational apps. The first thing to mention here is the excessive price of them. If you're coming from the Apple App Store and Google Play you're in for a shock. I wasn't exactly expecting freebies or 99p choices, but I equally wasn't expecting £20+ apps either. It's almost like Leap Frog are taking a handheld console (3DS, Vita) approach to the game pricing, but I sincerely don't believe that is the right direction for app-based purchases, especially on a child-orientated system. That said, the selection is high quality, and there's a lot for all tastes. I suppose being used to a cheap, largely poor quality app store rather than an expensive, well-curated one is the issue here. The upshot being that app purchases are more like significant presents, not very regular and not at all like the throwaway process of getting a phone app for fun. In terms of functionality and user experience within the app store, it isn't too good when you get away from the featured app lists. I just can't get the search function to work properly - I click on the search box, get the cursor flashing in the box awaiting typing, but the keyboard doesn't appear. Also some infuriatingly stock-looking icons appear from time to time, miniscule forward/back arrows and red `x' buttons pop up in the top corner - too small to accurately touch, and jarring horribly with the kid-friendly design of the rest of the interface. Not major issues, but noticeable all the same.

Despite my initial disappointment with the touchscreen and rude awakening with the app prices, the Leap Frog tablet is a great idea and product, and on the whole it's executed very well. Once I got past the idea that it wasn't an iPad or Galaxy Tab so shouldn't be judged on those devices' merits, I grew to love the LeapPad for what it was. Of course, my opinion is definitely secondary in this whole thing, with it being a kid's tablet! My daughter absolutely loves it. The bundled apps provide more than enough entertainment, and the camera functions are an unexpected hit. Really, had this device simply had the camera function I think it'd still have been a major hit with her.

I'd recommend this device to any parent who is looking to continue their child's development on touchscreens without giving them access to more expensive, advanced and potentially harmful (ie; accessing internet etc) devices. The idea of owning their own `special' tablet is lovely, and with the LeapPad you've got nothing to worry about.
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on 12 March 2015
I got one each of these for my twin 5 yr olds at Christmas. I love them, I feel they are perfect for their age, they don't need kindles or ipads or anything with amazing resolution etc, these are great, and the games are great too, educational as well as fun, I'm glad I made this choice rather than being swayed towards a more grown up tablet.
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on 5 March 2017
My son was bought this for his 3rd birthday and he is 5 now and still using it. Much better than an iPad or other tablet as it is kid-tough and has kid-safe internet. The learning apps and games are fantastic! Would definitely recommend.
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on 31 December 2014
Bought this for our 4 year old daughter, who is of above average ability in many areas.

she was delighted with this tablet BUT it can be slow to respond, and the supplied stylus does not always work as expected, sometimes only fingers will work on certain games/apps. As a result she can get quite frustrated with it.
beware that that although you get to choose a free app on initial setup, any further downloads look very expensive. some are around £20.
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VINE VOICEon 30 October 2014
Colour: Green|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The LeapPad Ultra XDi has a good hi-res screen compared to the standard models, so the graphics look much crisper and clearer. This larger model does make it a reasonable weight due to the screen, so it's probably a bit more cumbersome that the lower range models, but the display is much better and the casing makes it pretty resilient to a few drops.

Out of the box the initial set-up is pretty straightforward, selecting your language and setting up the Wi-Fi, although there are pages of license agreement to 'read' and accept. After that it's straight in when you power up. There is a nice easy to use home screen desktop with the apps, and you swipe around to show more of what can't be seen. A parental access code controls access to the App Centre when new apps are purchased so this stops your little one going berserk with the credit card. The access code is just a simple 4 digit PIN though, so you need to be careful if using it with eyes over your shoulders.

The on-screen keyboard takes a little getting used to with buttons like Shift, Backspace and Enter being is non-standard places, so at first there is quite a bit of deleting and starting again, but you soon get used to it. Like lots of things the voice for the instructions and which accompany apps seems to be with an American twang, even selecting UK as the language settings, which I know can get on some people's nerves.

You get a few apps as standard which are pretty limited, and you get a free starter app, the rest you have to buy either a cartridge and put it into the slot on the side or buy them which can easily be done through the App Center app. It is quite slow opening and closing apps, even opening very basic apps like either the calculator or the clock took around 10 seconds to open, and just closing it and going back to the home screen took around 10 seconds also, if not slightly more. You can customise the login profile with pre-configured images, or you can take a photo to use as a background and this took about 30 seconds from taking the snap to it being available.

There are a few little basic apps such as Calculator, StopWatch, Notepad, Voice Memo which pretty much speak for themselves. The main feature apps are Pet Pad Party, Art Studio Ultra and Photo Fun Ultra. Pet Pad Party is a limited but nice little development game for maths where you create a character and can decorate its home, a bit akin to Sims, and using the little in-games where you use various slide movements to complete tasks and score points with leader boards to keep trying to get better.

Art Studio Ultra, which is a good little drawing app has a good selection of pens, pencils, brushes, spray paint, stickers, patterns,
etc. as well as background pictures so you can just colour-in what is there if you wish as well as creating new drawings from a blank canvas. Drawing with either finger or stylus is pretty slow though. Photo Fun Ultra is a camera app for taking pictures with either the front or rear cameras and then playing around with them using the tools such as mirroring, colour filters, special effects, frames etc. Hours of fun for kids to be had with this. You also get a Pet Chat, which is a chat utility but you need a friend
with another LeapPad to connect to and chat with and you can also join up with another LeapPad user in Pet Pad Party
The LeapSearch app is great for surfing as the content is screened to be kid friendly, so no worrying there and they can browse and search through videos, pictures, stories, learning how-to's , games, news, and more.

The big let down with some of this though is again the speed as some pages are so heavy with content that they can take ages to load and even just to scroll through the page when there are pictures on it. The Kids National Geographic site was terrible and just hung and closed the app back to the home screen several times which is very disappointing. Some of the games seem to be almost unplayable due to speed. This is where a modern tablet with good graphics could be better, but you don't get the safe searching and content.

I also did also have it crash once in the chat program, where I just couldn't exit back to the home screen and I had to switch it off and on again. Sometimes rotating the display will show some corruption, but the screen quickly refreshes and is fine once it is the correct orientation.

Overall it's a good tablet for kids, but it really needs to be much more powerful or kids need to learn to be patient, and I know which or those is easier to achieve!
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on 27 February 2015
Excellent product, my kids love it. We bought two, one each for our 5 and (nearly) 3 old kids.
Our 5yo previously had the LeapPad 2 and she loved it. It was a sturdy and tough product, and it copped all kinds of abuse! It even worked after our youngest threw it in the bath tub, I dried it out for a few days and it was still useable in spite of the screen being a bit fuzzy. The poor old Leap Pad 2 ultimately met its demise when my husband accidentally stepped on it, the force of which completely obliterated the screen - disappointing considering everything it had survived! But we were thinking about upgrading anyway as both kids love Leap Pad.
A few reviewers have complained about the screens breaking easily on the Ultra, but it seems as tough as the Leap Pad 2 to me and as with any electronic product you do have to exercise care as nothing is unbreakable. My 2 (about to turn 3) year old is currenlty putting the Ultra through its paces, but I'm more mindful to maintain control of it this time! i do believe my 5 year old gets better value out of Leap Pad as most games are geared to that age, but I figure the younger one will grow into it in time.
In relation to education, I think Leap Pads have some educational value but I didn't really buy these consoles for educational purposes. I think it has helped my oldest child most with writing and drawing, and she also loves the camera. The leap pad is very good for creative activities, and to me it's just a fun toy for the kids to play with rather than an educational tool. Also be mindful that the kids may get bored with it just like any other toy, at which point I recommend putting it up in a cupboard (out of sight) for a few weeks. When you give it back its like Christmas has come early!
The Leap Pad Ultra has better graphics and camera than the Leap Pad 2, it also comes with more pre-loaded apps. I only bought two additional apps just as a treat, and they are apps both kids can use. I find that less is more with these apps, and you're better off buying one or two of the more expensive apps than a whole lot of cheaper ones as they usually have a wider range of features and little games within the game. My kids like the Penguins of Madagascar and Mr Pencil, and we have the Crayola Art cartridge from the old Leap Pad which also works in the Ultra. Also don't bother with e-books, they're a waste of money! Just buy games or videos and read real books!
As a side note, the wifi is GREAT, the LeapPad 2 didn't have wifi and you had to connect it to a computer every time you download an app, it was such a pain! With the Ultra you can download straight to both devices, it's fantastic. I recommend buying the apps as a download rather than a cartridge, we have a couple of cartridges from the old Leap Pad and they either go missing or cause fights over whose turn it is to play!
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on 11 October 2014
Colour: Pink|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Leappad Ultra XDi surpasses everything that has gone before. Put simply, Leapfrog have taken the children's tablet market, developed a good product, then listened to feedback from users. End result? Year on year it gets better and better and this version, is in my opinion, the best yet.
This solid feeling, well built tablet is internet enabled, but with super safe browsing for parental peace of mind, plus more new games and apps than ever before. And we can transfer our purchased games from before onto the new device, so we don't lose out on old favourites like Mr Pencil. Many criticise the tablet for the expense of the games, but they are so much more than just 'apps', more comparable to a games system really and so the portability and longevity of games makes for good value overall.
The interface is intuitive and quick to navigate, plus it is simple to sync via the PC. He camera is better than before, as is battery life. It is so good to have a rechargeable tablet now rather than the early versions which wee battery hungry. We also really like the bigger screen which is much more pleasing at about 7".
This is a great piece of touchscreen technology for children, and reasonably priced too.
Cannot recommend more highly.
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