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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 13 October 2007
I loved Death Grip on Yesterday... but i love this album even more. Every single song stands out as brilliant. Each day you'll be humming a different one in your head. If you put it in your cars CD player, you cannot help but turn the volume up to near full and bash the steering wheel.
"Honor" is by far my most favourite song, but followed closely by "Lose It". For pure fun factor, "Blow" is awesome. You'll find yourself really shouting those words out loud with friends.

When you compare this album with, lets say, Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses, you'll barely recognise them as the same band. This is a good thing. Atreyu's sound has matured, they have a better mix of scream and vocals, and the songs are just far more catchy and better written.

Best album i have bought all year =)
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on 5 February 2009
Atreyus fourth album came as quite a shock to their fans and most embraced their evolution into a more alternative rock group,i certainly was shocked at this new more polished commercial sound but this album has grown on me,it certainly is catchy at times and almost anthemic,lead screamer,alex,has now become more of a singer,while drummer/singer brandon retains his right to sing the catchy choruses.
The band display more influences on this album,i certainly hear motley crue on the song 'blow',but sadly i also hear busted or mcfly,(they couldnt be influences) on the song 'falling down',it really is very watery yet it is catchy,darn.
They even flex the country twang on the albums closer and self titled track,now i know where avenged sevenfold got the influence for their own country song 'dear God'.
Anyway,this album doesnt pack a punch but it does have some really good songs,the initial disappointment has give way to a satisfaction with the album but at the same time there is the odd filler moment,worth a listen i would imagine.
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on 19 September 2007
I have been a hardcore Atreyu fan for years. The first song i heard was 'Tulips Are Better'. An amazing song. Since then i now own both EP's, and all the albums. The first album, 'Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses', was a huge step up just from their two EP's, a lot more singing with a lot more catchier tunes. 'The Curse' is by far my favourite album of them all with the extremely popular 'Crimson' and 'Right Side Of The Bed', although my personal favourite is 'You Eclipsed By Me', it held a much more personal feel to me. However, 'A Deathgrip On Yesterday'... was, as an overall album, terrible. It had standalone tracks that were brilliant, such as 'Shameful' and 'My Fork In The Road(Your Knife In My Back)'.
History lessons over, the new album, has progressed so much that not only do they sound like a new band with just a hint of the old, but it is so good that you just can't bring yourself to pull the CD out of the stereo. Even the cover of 'Epic' (and i hated the original) is done uniquely and with such a sound of originality, no-one could blame you for thinking it was their song. The best songs on this album are 'Doomsday', 'Honor', 'When Two Are One', and 'Slow Burn' - my favourite off the album. For me, i'm not too keen on 'Blow', i don't know why, just not too keen on it really.
As a closing point, if you're thinking about buying this album, it's almost definately worth investing in, a brilliant buy. Especially off Amazon, as you can get the enhanced versions with either 'Clean Sheets' or 'Epic'. If you love Atreyu, don't be afraid, this is just the next step in the evolution of the band, and what a huge leap forwards it is.
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on 5 September 2007
After their last album disappointing me greatly, I found myself rather hesitant over this release. After the success of 'The Curse' and 'Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses' I was wondering if they could ever live up to those albums again and produce something of that quality.

Upon first listening to 'Lead Sails' I immediately noticed the slight change of sound. The music is Atreyu through and through only they have lost most of the screamed vocals, they have opted for a clean sound on the whole. It still provides epic listening.

The opening riff of Doomsday is typical Atreyu and has you going from the very first beat. This is possibly one of the finest songs of their career with great guitar work and fantastic vocal work in the verses with a gigantic chorus. This sets up the album beautifully and lets you know you're in for a treat!

The next few songs batter away with great intensity making you ponder the question 'Who needs screaming anyway?'...they sound so great without it! Tracks such as 'Honor' and 'Becoming The Bull' rage away with choruses that you can't help but yell along to! Ateryu are also capable of showing they can vary their sound also. The penultimate track, 'Blow', has a southern rock feel to it. This is pulled off incredibly well and leads into the mellow closing track nicely for the final 'lighters in air' moment.

This album is a fine showcase of everything that is good about rock and metal at this time. Atreyu were brave and stepped out of their circle ever so slightly and have pulled it off with great effect. As a fan of all of their old music I would recommend this to anyone who liked previous Atreyu releases and fans of rock and metal in general.
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on 20 September 2007
The latest offering from Atreyu has more than proved to be worth the wait, from start to finish the album boasts a rollercoaster intense songs full of energy, catchy chorus's and proof of just how far this band has progressed in sound and lyrics.
With a lot less 'scream' than a lot of their previous songs the sound of the album is atryeu, but not quite like you know them, but they pull off such a dramatic change better than any fan could have anticipcated, even better the songs still smash you in the face with some of the finest damn riffs theyve produced.

Definately an album to satisfy veteran fans and entice a whole heard of new ones. Can't fault it!

Personal key tracks : Doomsday, Becoming The Bull, and Blow.
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on 15 April 2011
What a spectacularly fun album! After their 3 previous this comes as quite a shock. Their usual tone is one of melancholy, aggression and moodiness. Some of that still remains but there is a great sense of fun added into the mix. It's like listening to a ramped up Poison record. Atreyu just went all mainstreamy (sort of) and became a rock band! A very good rock band.

Opener 'Doomsday' foreshadows what is to come. It's quite a dark track but the chorus is quirky and catchy and the riffs are laid on thick and heavy. 'Honor' is another standard piece of rock excellence with riffs exploding everywhere. 'Falling Down' is a great little fist-pumping anthem. 'Becoming the Bull' is just so good, possibly one of their best ever tracks. 'When 2 Are 1' slows it down a little but still retains an urgency and a great melody. 'Lose It' is a monster. A truly leviathanic chorus. Classic.

'No One Cares' is a great fun track that should be maudlin but is too infectious. 'Can't Happen Here' is another dark track that sounds breezy because of the chorus. There is not a dud bit of music anywhere to be seen. 'Slow Burn' has another infectious chorus and an almost pop sensibility. 'Blow' is simply awesome. It's rawk, dripping with attitude and as confident as hell. The title track finishes it of on a sombre but proud note. The extra cover tracks are also a lot of fun and fit the album perfectly.

The most consistent album they have produced in terms of tone and quality. There really is not one bad track on the whole album. Unfortunately they tried to morph this sound with their older metalcore sound on the next release with varying levels of quality.

This is a corker!
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on 22 August 2007
Having Never listened to atreyu i purchased this album on impulse, and to say the least it was worth it, i cannot think of a single bad song on this album, it is a mix of brilliant vocals and well played guitar riffs, songs that are particularly good are "doomsday", "Blow" and "can't happen here" my least favorite song on this album is "lead sails..." as it is to slow for my taste but even so it is a good song, i would definately recommend this album
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on 7 September 2007
I got into Atreyu when they released 'The Curse' a while back and ive followed them picking up all of their albums (excluding the greatest hits).
I felt a bit let down with their last effort 'A death-grip on yesterday'.

So when i heard about this album I was a bit weary of parting with my hard earned tenner.
I ended up looking online to see if i could check out some of their new material and I found four tracks from their new album showcased on their myspace.
One of them 'Doomsday' has to be one of the finest songs written by atreyu! Catchier than alot of their older stuff but with kick-ass riffage to blow your head off.
The single 'Becoming the bull' also packs a catchy chorus and more brilliant musicianship.

Needless to say i parted with my tenner, and have not been dissapointed one bit! This is a Great album.
If you are a fan of any of the other atreyu albums there is something here for you.
Even if you have never heard this band before but are into rock music in general at least give these guys a chance, this is TOO GOOD to miss!
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on 15 September 2009
In order to fully appreciate what Atreyu has made of this album i think you have to be older than 15 or if your not then actually know what your talking about when it comes to music because unlike earlier albums this has a much more melodic sound to it which younger people who like older Atreyu cant seem to like (i used to be one of them) i never used to want to listen to this album because of the difference in sound but I'm glad i did because it is generally a brilliant album, I cant think of any songs on here that i can't listen to over and over without getting bored which with older Atreyu albums seems to happen quite alot. The catchier songs on the album Honor,Falling Down,Becoming the Bull,When Two Are One,No One Cares and most catchy of all Blow are in my opinion the best songs on the album and most people probably would agree with me on most or all of them but everyone has there opinion. Overall this is brilliant and if you haven't heard it yet listen to it and thats why i rated it 5 stars.
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on 13 February 2008
Being a fan of Metal, I only listened to some Atreyu music. The tracks I listened to before hand were "Right Side of the Bed" and "You Give Love a Bad Name". When I heard about the new album being different, I thought why not? Linkin Park have done something a little different, so why can't Atreyu do the same?

I was damn impressed. Sure, the the albums lacks the hardcore screaming that Atreyu is known for, but the excellent guitar riffs and the melodic lyrics are still in there. My favourite tracks are probably "Becoming the Bull", "Honor", "Doomsday", "No One Cares", "Blow", and "Can't Happen Here". I don't have a least favourite, since I like all the songs on here. In short, Atreyu have done a great job on this album, and change is a good thing. To those people who are crying about this being different, why can't we have a little change in music?

Highly Recommended.
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