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on 23 January 2016
I have an old laptop lying around and it was annoying having on the floor gathering dust so got this to make it and me more comfortable. The unusual leg folding design is a little odd for the first time using but after using it a few times I love it. Sturdy even with this old brick on it.

4 Stars because the fans are not quiet. In-fact very audible above this laptop (Dell Latitude e6410) and a desktop in the same room. I am not too sure about you but I have never seen a laptop with a cooling vent in the bottom middle so I removed the fans all together.

For the price I cannot reccommend but if your budget can reach then this is decent stand with many uses, Breakfast is good on it ;)
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on 25 May 2015
This was purchased, not for use as a laptop computer support, but purely for the capability of giving me a 'raised platform' when working on crafts at my desk etc. The important thing was for the platform to have multiple height adjustments and this Lavolta certainly gives you that! It's slightly fiddly at times but the overall design is very good — the "fiddlyness" is only as a result of the many many settings you can use to get the platform just how you want it (so I forgive it that).

When the decent-sized platform is at the desired height you have an uncluttered small 'table-top' and fairly sturdy work aide (this model does not have holes for USB fans etc. - which I did not want at all). To stop the thing sliding around on my desk I have stuck on a couple of small flat rubber feet pads which not only protect the desk surface but also help the Lavolta stay put, and it feels a bit more stable as a result. The Lavolta is very light considering its function and looks kinda neat too in the black finish I opted for.

In a perfect world I guess that the Lavolta could be a little more strongly built — but for the money and for its prime use, to be honest I am probably being a bit "picky" as it suffices. Also, if it were more strongly built I suspect that the weight of the thing would increase dramatically too. If you want to use this as an easily portable "laptop-laptop" support, then I reckon it is good for the job. However, there are many other uses for a very versatile, fully adjustable device such as this. I actually purchased a different item that is designed for the same purpose (and it was also a similar price), but that one does not have the "adjustability", is quite a bit heavier, and I know that I will use the Lavolta more often than the other item.

The item was extremely well-packaged too by the way! Overall I feel that the Lavolta is good value for money, well engineered and with a couple of minor design improvements, would have fully justified a 5-star rating. I hold it at 4-star because of the points mentioned above (but I am pleased with my purchase).
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on 30 December 2016
I'm only giving this 2 stars because the 1st one that arrived had no slits in it to fit the mouse tray to. Crazy!!! After a struggle with Amazon (who's support people really are most annoying) the 2nd one arrived complete with slits. However the slits were too near the edge meaning that the mouse tray doesn't lock in place. It sort of just hangs there...see photo! Not a good design at all!!!!
review image
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on 7 September 2017
Nice build quality for the price, works very well for my primary use case.


* Works very well to give more room on my desk, using it at a low high with an external keyboard that was previously cramped
* Raises my laptop to a height which puts much less stress on my neck
* Good positioning when it's used as a standing desk
* The fans have a good throughput and keep my system cool
* Good price
* Nice construction of the laptop bed, and clips to prevent the laptop sliding
* Flexible design


* Slight wobble: the legs have plastic hinges and are made of hollow aluminium. It does not feel unsteady at all, but using it as a standing desk would force you to lighten your typing as much as possible to avoid the small shaking.
* The fans are a little bit noisy. They are putting out 50 decibels, which sounds like a 2 tone noise of a low and a high pitch (maybe the bearings and the air throughput).
* You can put it in many different positions, but it takes a bit of effort so you won't do it so often. It's not hard to adjust, just hard to find what you want through trial and error. This could improve with time - I am a new user
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on 9 August 2017
Still getting used to my laptop being at an unusual height but certainly during the hot weather it and i appreciate this little stand. Could be sturdier though - one side of the legs is a bit wobbly - using it with 13" MacBook.

Update: Sept 2017

After a few months of use I am struggling to enjoy this. It now 'wobbles' on a flat desk even on a low setting making typing on the laptop annoying. If I could I'd swap it for a more sturdy product. The fan is useful in the summer and a little loud but not OTT. It simply isn't sturdy enough and wasn't that cheap either. Disappointed.
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on 29 October 2015
Does the job. The fan does work (I don't know if it helps?) Mostly I just want to be able to have my laptop at different levels whether I'm standing, using photos as referene when painting or watching dvds whilst working. It's also super handy as i can store loads of stuff underneath it. As stated in the reviews below it is all little wobbly, but stable enough for my purposes (I would put it on the floor as I have two hyper working dogs who would make mince meat of it) and i need to lift my laptop off to change the height as it takes two hands and being able to tilt it at an angle.
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on 22 September 2016
1) Lightweight - The square plate is made of solid aluminium, meanwhile the legs are hollow. Despite being so light, it is rather strong, and well supports my 17.3" 4kg laptop (yes, it's a gaming laptop and ridiculously bulky!)
2) Super fast to set up - The legs are very easily set into position with angle markers. It is trivial and fast to set up.
3) Fans are quiet, decent flow - They aren't too fast and so loud, perfect to keep a hot laptop cool. I'de suggest the fan model for sure.

1) Detachable mouse plate is also aluminium, but very rough texture, tiny, and rather flimsy (bends easily when resting even a small bit of weight on it). It is basically useless.

Overall I'm not subbing 1 star from the review because of the mouse pad because I don't use it, and to be honest, it would be too high anyway.
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on 28 November 2016
I write, that is what I do. I do not like sitting bolt upright at a desk; neither do I like to slouch as this causes my back to remind me I am too old. What I needed was a table that could support my laptop whist allowing my legs to do their own thing while I sat in comfort trying to be creative. This is it. Why has it taken millions of years to produce? Much of my past life was spent trying to set up a deckchair before it was time to go home, so this little beauty was easy! Press the button on a joint and move it then you hear a satisfying click. Just like my left leg!
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on 28 October 2016
I bought this stand because I'd been ill and had to spend a lot of time in bed recuperating. It made it easy to work on the laptop (13 inch Macbook), very adjustable to get the right height and stability. It's lightweight, easy to use, fans work (not that I really needed to use them). It feels a little flimsy when you first use it, but actually it's very strong and seems to work exactly as you'd expect, it's probably just the light aluminium and plastic fittings that make it feel less sturdy than I was expecting. I'd recommend it, it's so adjustable it also doubles as a useful stand for your desk if you want to alter the height of the keyboard etc. Very useful.
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on 5 October 2016
I was suffering neck problems. My therapist suggested a stand to raise the laptop screen to eye level. As an engineer, I'm really impressed with the design and execution of this product. It's very adaptable to many situations. It's sturdy but light. The click hinges prevent adjustments slipping. It folds flat. It has a simple elegance of design that reminds me of the original Black & Decker Workmate of eons ago. What's more, it's less than £30. Totally a 5 star product. PS - you can use it for your Kindle too.
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