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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars

on 3 February 2013
This book contains just about every sexist cliché going. This review contains spoilers.

1) The heroin is clumsy, accident pone and a danger magnet.
2) The "hero" throws her over his shoulder within 30 seconds of meeting her.
3) All men she meets want to have sex with her or rape her, and that's usually HER fault for... well being a woman and not knowing her place! How dare she go out in mixed company and expect men NOT to rip her clothes off! WTF!
4) He kisses her without permission, but that's okay because she secretly wants it. All women secretly want men to force on them, just as long as they're forceful enough about it. Heaven forbid that a woman known her own mind better than some random stranger.
5) She refuses to marry him because she hates marriage, so he marries her while she is feverish, delusional AND drunk, so much so she cant even remember the wedding. He doesn't bother to tell her but he happily tells everyone else he comes across. When she inevitably finds out, she throws two eggs at him, he calm her down with sexy talk, then decides she was wrong all along and she really does want to be married.
6) He tells her to stay away from the bad guy but doesn't actually tell her why. Josh is to be obeyed in all things and doesn't need to tell his "wife" the reason she should avoid someone. He probably thinks she'll faint if he ever tells her anything unsavoury.
7) She declares her love, he doesn't say it back. I guess he's too manly to declare his feelings.
8) After they sleep together for the first time, he's gone before she wakes up, no note, no "thanks for the sex babe", nothing. She's hurt. That same day she discovers a clause in a relatives will that he had to marry within 2 weeks to claim his inheritance but once again, he didn't tell her.
9) She thinks he tricked her into marrying him not because he loves her but because of the will (a reasonable assumption).
10) She holds on to her anger for most of an afternoon this time, then and says she's leaving him when he does turn up. Even though he doesn't say "but I don't want you to go" or "I love you" or any variation on that theme. He would rather be alone and manly than say what he feels. Thankfully, he doesn't need to say it because later that evening, she just known he loves her.
11) Her brothers arrive, again finding it perfectly acceptable to manhandle, drag, push and pull their 'beloved' sister.
12) Hero tosses her over his shoulder (again)
13) He ties her to a post so she'll do as he says, giving the bad guy the perfect opportunity to come across a helpless woman and kidnap her.
14) Hero performs a daring rescue, even though she has a gun and could have saved herself.
15) Now that he's proved his manliness with said daring rescue, his delicate male ego can finally admit that he loves her out loud, but only once prompted by his friend.

Paris is little more than a child. She has the mentality, naivety and reasoning capability of a five year old.

Josh is a selfish oaf who only cares about himself. He frequently insults someone that he supposedly loves, both to her face and to his friends. He's afraid of his feelings. He's afraid of telling the truth. Not exactly brave or admirable traits in anyone, but especially a novels hero.

I know things were different in the past but the audience is a modern one. The tired clichés are getting very old now. How about a heroin with a brain, or a hero who doesn't think it okay to physically restrain a loved one, just because she's doing something you personally disagree with. Or a story where a woman doesn't secretly enjoy male attentions being forced on her.

I didn't feel any love or romance in this book (only lust) because respect and trust are an integral part of love and there was no respect between the couple in this book.

The writing style is engaging though, even if the characters leave a lot to be desired.
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on 18 March 2006
This is a witty, funny, adventurous Western Romance and worth tracking down. Although it's hard to pin down its persuasive charm, much of it lies in its orginality and the appealing quirkiness of its main characters.
By the end of the first chapter you'll be rooting for Paris and falling for Josh, and cheering them on in their pursuit of their own dreams.
Although I love humour in books, it's a rare thing indeed for a book to make me laugh out loud! LASSO THE MOON had me shrieking with laughter on the train, no less.
And if Ms Ciotta's follow up Westerns feature Paris's brothers, they'll make me one happy reader.
If you take my advice and buy this book, you'll be a happy reader, too, and LASSO THE MOON will be heading for your Keeper shelf.
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on 19 June 2006
Paris Garrett has made a promise to her beloved papa when she was nine years old. She promises that she will reach for the stars and become the famous singer/song writer her father knows she can be. There is no doubt that she has talent...so much so that she is an outcast in her own home town. Since the death of both of her parents she has been raised by her four older brothers who all agree...the stage is no place for their sister. Well, Paris sees things differently so she runs away to Chance, Arizona. She knows that she will be able to lasso the moon while working at "The Desert Moon." Too bad she seems to get into scrap after scrap once she reaches Arizona. And if that wasn't enough handsome ex-sheriff Joshua Grant is her rescuer at every turn. He makes her feel things that are new and wondrous...and boy can he kiss. But she has made a promise and she can't break it...will she be able to follow her heart or will that promise get in the way?

Ms. Ciotta is an automatic buy for me. She has proven herself time and time again as a wonderful and imaginative storyteller. "Lasso the Moon" is a highly engaging western romance and Josh and Paris were wonderful leads. I highly look forward to her next effort in this new series. You can tell that Ms. Ciotta wrote a story from her heart...as this is a book full of heart and will touch and entertain the reader from start to finish.
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on 12 February 2013
This book was awesome, I was reading it well in to there late hours (4:30 am)
It was fun pact full of, lust love and Drama...

Lasso the Moon, was funny.
It had me laughing out loud and wanting to get back to it, when I had thing to do.

It would be grand if Beth Ciotta, was to write more on Paris and Joshua Grant's life at the Opera House. I do hope there is more to come, with these strong characters
good stories lines.
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on 18 July 2014
Loved the story it was quite funny .,but I want
to know what happened to her brothers and seth these characters are to good to leave
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