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on 23 November 2014
I thought this would be great! I love exploring and I don't mind how many twists and turns there are to investigate.
But, the reality is a big let-down. This game is slow and linear with virtually nothing to do except follow previously trodden footprints with the occasional nugget of interest every now-and-then. Every item, of which there are very few, that can be interacted with result in a break in the game and written text appearing which you are supposed to read as is has something to do with the plot; after a while you don't really care.
Graphics are adequate but certainly not up to current standards or even those of 5 or 6 years ago, but not too big an issue.
However I could forgive this to some extent if the control system was flexible enough to be comfortable with, but the programmers don't appear to know yet that the 'mouse' has been invented and this can be used instead of the keyboard or joystick.
Don't any of them realise just how tedious it is to have to use a joystick instead of a mouse to move around? sure you can look using the mouse but you can't move, making the game frustratingly longer-winded than it already is.
There is an 'options' menu (maybe) but this is not possible to open and any changes to the laughably inadequate control functions can only be made by quitting the game, do what few changes are possible and then start again at the last save point, which incidentally is automatic only which just adds to the annoyance.
It's a real shame; yet another potentially good game being spoilt by lazy unimaginative programmers who think we are still living in the 1990's and use a Playstation 1.
Very disappointed and annoyed!
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VINE VOICEon 13 June 2014
Lifeless Planet is the story of a nameless American astronaut '002'. You have been sent to check out a possible candidate planet for settlement 20 light years away; the landing is anything but smooth and you awaken separated from your ship and crew. All alone on a seemingly barren planet; completely contrary to the initial reports. As you explore the environment, it becomes clear that someone has been here before and in numbers. Can you unravel the story as to what happened here? Time will tell...

Lifeless Planet is a pretty simple game - even with the resolution at 1920x1080 (max) and the graphics set to 'Fantastic' it seems a bit grainy and uninspired. The texture palette is bland and all of the shapes are jarringly geometric. That is not to say it isn't without its moments; the vivid greens and blues of the geothermal pools are extremely impressive and some of the vistas you come across (the canyons and the craters) are truly breath-taking, the lighting of the sky is fantastic. However these are the show-pieces of the game; the rest of the levels are pretty humdrum. The transition between cut-scenes and chapters is often jarring; dropping out of the video into a level that you have no idea how you arrived at - it can feel rather surreal at points.

There are glitches still in the product. A couple of times I got stuck in between objects and the wall and had to reset from the last checkpoint - I fell down a pipe there was no way to get out of without a reset. Falling off a cliff means you hit an arbitrary level and die, rather than hitting the floor - a small point, I admit - but bearing in mind you have a jet-pack to break your fall you shouldn't just die when you get to a specific altitude. Objects I was carrying just glitch-disappeared and respawned where I got them from originally for no apparent reason - it seems a bit unfinished.

The puzzles are pretty boring, once you have done the range (about three or so; find an object, put it here; touch keys in sequence; and turn the power on) they are recycled ad infinitum across the stages. The rest is just a jumping game - this is frustrating - there are protracted jumping sequences, platform to platform - which is OK if your control mechanics are sharp but the astronaut moves about like he's just finished a bottle of jack on an empty stomach. There is an extended boost feature to your jet-pack which is turned on and off at whim by the game (apparently you have run out of fuel but there is no limit to how much use you have until you reach a certain part of the level) which is infuriating. Finally, the lighting is appalling at some points, just pitch-black - you cannot see anything! Your third-person perspective is free to move the camera about as you see fit, but the flashlight on the helmet doesn't follow it, so in the darker cave areas it is literally impossible to see what you are doing, sure you can turn the astronaut to illuminate the section you want to see but what happens if you want to look upwards to scope out the next ledge you want to jump to? Forget it buddy, it can't be done.

For all of its flaws Lifeless Planet is still fun to play, the story is interesting, if a little thin for a Sci-Fi, and the music, well the music drives this entire game; coming over a ridge and seeing the path ahead set to compelling string concertos is a great feeling. You know that you are on the right track when you feel the soundtrack change, driving you towards the next objective. So I feel bad only giving this game 3-Stars but it is only 4 hours of play to completion and I don't think I will be coming back to it, I didn't feel like I left anything on the table or there was anything more to be garnered out of it by playing it again. Simplistic graphics, buggy in places, a moody & atmospheric soundtrack and an interesting story but pretty short - despite all of that I can still recommend this game.
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on 28 August 2014
Well, I really did enjoy this game, it is quirky and different from your average which I like! It has a haunting quality about it, rather like ICO, and there is a similarity in that you , the astronaut, need to save a mysterious woman. I enjoyed the story, and trying to figure out what was going on, the graphics were pretty good, given that this is an Indie game, and did not have a shed load of money thrown at it. If it had, it would have looked tremendous! but really, it is fine, the puzzles were quite easy, but I think the idea was to move the story along without too much difficulty, as, unlike a lot of games, which just fizzle out at the end, and you are left thinking is that it? this is all about the story, and it does have a proper ending.
Maybe a bit less jumping would have been good, as another reviewer has said, our astronaut is not the most nimble !
However, the overall haunting landscape, music and story was well worth staying with it, and I hope this author will go on to do more interesting games.
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on 28 July 2014
I played the Mac version (steam) and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is not about puzzles but about manual dexterity and finding which is the path forward. It is also about enjoying the amazing scenery and the inventiveness of the creator who put the game together. Spent 10 days (1 hour a night) slowly playing each of the segments, becoming absorbed in the gameplay.

The only downside was that the game can only be saved at the end of each segment and at times I was tired and wanted to end for the night but could not because if I did that, I would have had to start the segment all over again. Not a major fault.
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on 7 June 2014
First off, this is not a game for everyone. It's a bit of a lonely but fascinating experience. The game really makes you feel like you're a lonely explorer, stranded, making your way through ancient alien structures and landscapes. You're constantly wanting to see what's around the corner and see how the story develops. Gameplay is primarily platforming, with a few fairly simple puzzles every so often. But it's very much an experience more than it is a traditional game. In the same vein as titles like Shadow of the Colossus and old classics such as Exile and Another World. This is an Indie game, and the work of just one man, David Board. He has created a masterpiece in my opinion. This is 6 hours of your life you will not regret investing in this beautiful little game.
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on 9 October 2014
I usually play FPS games, like Far Cry, Call of Duty etc so this game is not one I would normally go for. But it is science fiction, which I'm keen on so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Apart from a mysterious female, you are completely alone and there is nothing to shoot and yet it's strangely addictive. I thought I would go to it occasionally to give me a break from shooting people but I ended up playing it from start to finish without interruptions from other games. The quality is slightly primitive although I found the scenery of the strange planet always interesting. If you are interested in trying something different I would highly recommend this game.
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on 27 August 2014
If you don't like games with a lot of fighting in them, this game is great.
It has a good balance of mystery and problems to get through with a few twists and turns along the way.
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on 12 July 2014
Disappointing so far.

So far the most lifeless thing about this game has been the gameplay. Having got through the "underground complex" section and thought the auto-save had stored my progress I discovered that it hasn't and has now sent me back to the start of the previous section (twenty minutes playing time) FIVE times.

There is no optional save function that I can find and the "save and close" simply goes back to the section start (again). For now I have given up!

NOT what I expected at the price!


Having returned to the game sporadically over a period of several weeks I have now, for the first time ever, given up on a game entirely and dumped it ON the bin outside my gate for one of the local kids to pinch! (Serves them right). Clunky programing with the worst user-interface I have come across since the days of the first-generation games written for the ZX Spectrum and Commodore VC20 this is a game full of beautiful graphics and irritatingly pointless tasks and "puzzles" (if that word does not over-dignify them).

In a sort of amazed need to know if I was somehow missing the point I even found a walkthrough for the parts of the game I haven't bothered with and (without spoiling anyone's anticipation of the ending) I think I can say it doesn't really get any better.

The real puzzle here is why the obvious talent and skill of the graphics designer couldn't have been matched (or even reasonably shadowed) by a half-decent plot and some imaginative gameplay.....?

Dreadful! Just dreadful!
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on 22 March 2015
In general I found this an enjoyable game with an intriguing plot and satisfactory ending. Some of the levels can be frustrating as they test your keyboard / joystick skills more than your intellect, but overall it kept me coming back for more.
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on 10 November 2015
Platform play, good graphics but repetitive
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