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on 24 December 2012
A couple of niggles are immediately obvious. The speaker is flush to the back surface meaning if the phone is put down the ringing/alert volume is reduced by up to 50% depending on surface. Schoolboy design error IMHO. The second is the volume buttons are opposite and slightly lower than the power button, which like the iPhone, is used for locking the Nexus... So if it's held in your left hand, index finger on power button, the base of your thumb and index finger hits the volume as you press it. I describe these as niggles because the case I bought allowed me to cut a slot from the speaker to the base thus solving the speaker problem and with the power button I just hold in right hand and power off with index finger.

This functionality is way beyond iPhone with access to hundreds of settings to customise almost anything to your preference, This will take the average iPhone user a while to get used too but let's not forget that many of these customisations are simply because it has greater functionality and features than iPhone) For me though it's fantastic and I would also add that there are several core tasks that are made easier than iPhone, one click where the iPhone is 3 clicks in tasks you can perform on a missed call notification for example, also iPhone... press to unlock, slide, enter code. Nexus, press to unlock, enter code. Really... Apple, what's the point of the slide?

Gestures keyboard
Clearly designed by wizards, this is quite simply incredible. How it knows the words you want when you are gliding around the keyboard and not actually being that accurate heaven knows! After using this you find iOS keyboard very frustrating.

All in one place. Brilliant. No red buttons all over the place and whilst iPhone has the pull down notifications I was never drawn to it and used the red buttons instead because you have to pull it down to see what the notifications are, with the Nexus you get little icons along the top that show what they are for. This simple way of handling them instantly make the whole notification process better than iPhone... You pick up the phone glance at icon bar, pull down, dismiss, respond or whatever and you can dismiss a notification if it's an email or SMS because it has a preview and ones that require no response can be dismissed and that's that all in a couple of seconds, no opening of apps. iPhone even when dismissed the red buttons remain.

Back button
Really Apple, you're going to have to give up on not including this, it's quite simply the obvious thing to have, go to a link from an email, then back to email. Composing an email, then you get notification of SMS drag down, go to SMS, read/answer, back button to email. And a hundred other combos I could mention but you can guess.

Google Now
This is witchcraft, swipe up and Google Now appears... stocks and shares that have moved over 1%. What's in your diary, do you need to leave soon to beat traffic. How far are you from home, is there any traffic to account for. You have an appt/your trip home do you want to navigate there. You recently searched for this and this (shop, restaurant, or browsed cinemas website etc etc... do you want to navigate to it? You're in <wherever> here's local attractions and here they are on a little map, here's what's showing at the movies. You follow this team, here's what the score is right now. You searched a flight, here's its current status. It can even `see' your email (can be disabled) to give you a bunch of other cool notifications etc etc, the list goes on and on... It's a killer piece of functionality. Full list down the LHS here: [...]

Google integration and updates
As you'd expect this really enhances what is already a very good device although you DO need a Google account but you don't have to use Gmail. Updates to the system software will update separately, so whereas with iPhone you have to wait for a system update to update maps, email, Calendar etc etc... These all arrive separately on Nexus and this is brilliant because of the obvious reason there's no waiting around to see system improvements to key apps, also the apps for the most part have significant improvements, this is what I immediately noticed as being different from Apple updates. Just a short note about maps... Android Google maps has had significant updates over the Google maps iPhone app and I really can't see Apple ever catching up, bearing in mind that they are a year away (*or choose your own timeframe) from catching up to the current iOS version.

Apples worry here should be the sheer pace of improvement to Android, it's staggering!

Look and feel of OS
OK, Apple is the winner here, I miss the little bubbles on SMS and the black background on many Android menus isn't pretty, but as you'd expect with Android you can add a custom launcher interface to closely replicate iOS but I can't be bothered, maybe one day. Overall `Look' is worse than iPhone `Feel' (moving around the OS) is actually good. I do love vanilla Android over say, The Galaxy S3 for example which was an utter mess to the extent that if the Nexus wasn't available I'd still be on the iPhone. I had an S3 for precisely one day and sent it back (I could have kept it for 30)

4.7 inch screen
Obviously provides a better viewing experience and a marked improvement to browsing than iPhone but it has drawbacks, you can't easily reach the whole screen in one-handed use like the iPhone. I got used to it quite quickly and prefer it but some people may find it too large

It's it better than iPhone?
I'm going to say most definitely yes. Unquestionably.

That kind of sums it up, there are going to iPhone users that will be confused with the overwhelming functionality, but if they wouldn't use it or want it I wouldn't suggest they change.
Will I go back to iPhone? My loyalty is only to what I believe to be the superior platform and/or device, so Yes... If Apple ever meets that criteria but is that ever likely to happen?

Awesome amount of functionality
Incredible update pace
Gestures keyboard
Back button
Google Now
Battery 2,100 mAh (iPhone 5, 1,440 mAh)

Power button placement
Speaker placement
Look of OS
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on 25 November 2013
I had my Nexus phone for ten months before it suffered a Sudden Descent Event (I dropped it). Only a few inches, no more than ten, and it had a protective buffer case. It shattered. Gorillaglass? More like sugarglass. Parts cost £99 to fix, almost £200 if you send it away. A whole new industry has arisen mending these phones, look online, and eBay is awash with smashed Nexus phones being sold for parts. Unlike its larger siblings who are made by Samsung and are more robust, the LG phone is fragile and explodes on the slightest impact. I'll not be buying another.
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on 22 March 2013
Firstly, bought 8gb version from Google not Amazon. Confession made.
An amazing phone, both in terms of build quality and OS. First thing I did after opening the box was to fit a hard back to protect it. The phone still has the screen protector it came with, but I have another to replace it when necessary.
I am an absolute lover of Google, and have been since 1999, so the Nexus 4 integrates so easily with my docs, pictures and calendar. I discovered Google Play last night, and uploaded my iTunes library, and the sound quality on the N4 is of iPod/iPad (both of which I have & use regularly) levels.
I had a BB previously, but that was Neanderthal compared to the N4.
The fit and feel in my hand is superb, and calling up Google Now with one upward swipe is just brilliant.
Buy it, you'll never regret it.
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on 8 February 2013
I bought the Nexus 4 16GB from the Google Play store, for £279 had planned to have it ready for Christmas but had to wait 5-7 weeks for it in light of all the madness and sparse supply of the Nexus 4 from LG and Google.

Build Quality
Once I unboxed the phone I was very impressed with the build quality it is very light and weight is nice and even between the top and bottom of the phone. The glass back has a holographic effect when the light hits it at the right angle. I found the power button to be slightly hard to press to my tastes but it shouldn't be a problem. The chrome accent makes the phone look and feel very industrial. Along the sides of the phone is a soft touch material which gives it a good feel in the hand. Don't drop this guy because the back or front is likely to crack like the iPhone.

The Nexus 4 sports a 4.7" LCD IPS + HD display with a resolution of 1280x768 with the extra 68 horizontal pictures advocating for an extra column of icons opposed to the Galaxy Nexus. The screen is very impressive with text looking crisp and sharp with no jagged edges. In direct sunlight the screen can still be seen even when I have my phone at below 20% brightness - this is not to mention that the screen is very bright even when the phone is at pretty much, its lowest brightness. Whites on webpages look pretty good at 100% with no blue hue like some AMOLED screens. On the other hand the screen responsiveness is nowhere near on par with the likes of iPhone or even high-end android devices. Pinch-to-zoom has a slight delay, but it is still very fluid past the delay. Double-tap-to-zoom has a bit of delay also but still very good. My only gripe is that colours do not pop as much compared to the HTC One X which has the same display technology but overall very good. The feature that goes unnoticed is the notification LED which I think should be the standard for all android phones

Nexus 4 has a 1.5GHz Quad Core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and 2GB of ram which performs superbly. Multi-tasking is seamless and there is no lag switching between different home screen pages. Browser performance has been good but not fantastic. I must say that Chrome has a lot of work to do as I believe it's an issue with the Chrome being the default browser not a hardware issue. Scrolling is fantastic on a mobile site, but on a desktop version performance slips a little bit - but nothing to write home about.

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
This phone comes with Jelly Bean out of the box. And is intuitive, thanks to Project Butter switching between applications and responsiveness to swipes is great. One notable feature is lock-screen widgets. I use these regularly and have found them to be very helpful and easy to use. Adding a new page is simple as well as adding widgets. However it does feel a little bit unfinished as there are only four available widgets at your disposal initially. Also you cannot add more than one widget on a page from the lock screen which doesn't bother me too much but will be nice to have. Another good feature is the ability to access quick settings with a two-finger swipe from the notification shade. This doesn't work at all times and doesn't recognise the second finger but works most of the time. Although this quick setting part of the notification area is very appealing it frustrates me that things like Wi-Fi, Data, and Bluetooth etc. are not toggles. Instead these take you to the menu which allows you to then turn it off. Hopefully this will addressed with the future Key Lime Pie update.

For me the camera is acceptable. Not as great as the likes of the HTC One X or iPhone 5 however it's a phone not a camera - which will suit your needs to take photos for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. the interface is fantastic where settings for the camera are controlled through gestures by putting your finger anywhere on the screen and then swiping to access features like a flash, HDR exposure etc. I have been happy with it but will never replace your point-and-shoot DSLR. Photo sphere is a nice touch but requires some practice and I am still having some! But good fun to use

Battery Life
This is very subjective and depends on your usage. I am a light to medium user and have been satisfied with the battery life. The Nexus 4 has a 2100mAh battery which gets me through the day. I receive several emails play a few games and do some web browsing. A typical day for me would be a charge at 6:30am and then pulled off the charger at 8am with about 70-90% battery. Good thing is that I carry my USB cable with me so anytime when I am near a computer I can just charge it. I usually end the day with about 20-15% battery remaining which is fair. However if you are a heavy user you may not get through the day.

Now this is where owners have expressed their concerns. The Nexus 4 comes in two storage configurations 8 and 16GB. My personally I could have got 8GB but I got a 16GB just to be safe. I had an 8GB iPod touch and couldn't even fill up half of the storage. So I have no complaints here. If you are looking to download a lot of movies you may need to look elsewhere. Me personally, I am a heavy music listener and have about 1.5GB of music on my phone so I am very satisfied.

In America, owners have expressed their concerns over a lack of LTE support and rightly so. Does this have any relevance to the UK consumer? Not so much in my opinion. EE service provider is still very fresh and 4G LTE coverage is patchy. For example my brother owns a HTC One X+ on EE with 4G anytime I have used it I rarely have a 4G signal but rather a HSPA+ or 3G+ signal. HSPA connection for T-Mobile is very good for the area in which I am in so 4G LTE in the UK is not a concern for me.

The Nexus 4 is a very good smartphone with good features and performance enhancement through jelly bean. Issues are screen vibrancy which it lacks slightly and storage. But for the price for the phone with the specs of the nexus is likely to be at £429 plus. To get this for £279 unlocked, all future android updates and fantastic specs it's a no brainer if you're looking for the pure Google experience. I am very satisfied with my purchase.
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on 4 April 2013
If you want a pure android the nexus is the way to go. The phone is really snappy and I never notice any delay. You have the benefits of having the newest android version all the time.

If you want a lot of music and pictures the 8gb model will come to short. Because the actual free space that the user can use is around 5.7GB.. This could have been mention by the seller or google..It is a good thing to knwo since the phone can't be upgraded with sdcard.

You don't get a quadcore phone with 2gb ram + hd screen to this price. So if you don't need 4G and more than 8gb/16gb the nexus is the best choice
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on 31 May 2013
The LG has a 768 by 1280 resolution screen. Its sharp! No matter how hard you look, you cannot see pixels at all. The screen is also an IPS display, so if you're used to the heavy dense colours of something like you would see on an AMOLED display of a Samsung Galaxy S3 you might be a little underwhelmed by the way it repsensents colour, they seem less saturated and more "true to life". That being said the image quality is utterly fantastic. And the general viewing experience with this phone is a pleasure.

It has glass on both the front and back. My strong recommendation would be, get a case! The results of what would happen to this phone if it slipped out of your grip as you take it out if your pocket I dread to think about.

The back cover is sealed, so no expandable storage or taking the battery out on this device, the 8GB version which I purchased had about 5.7GB available to the end user, with the operating system taking up about 2.3GB of space, please take this into consideration when deliberating over which size model to get, PAY THE EXTRA £30 or so and get the 16GB, you won't regret it, especially if you're planning on using this device for the next couple of years.

With this being a Nexus phone, there are a handful of applications that come pre-installed such as Google Now, Currents, Earth, Maps and the new 'Hangouts' application. It is worth noting that these pre-installed applications can be disabled if preferred to preserve more of that precious memory space. Especially if you're using the 8GB model.

It comes with pure Jelly Bean 4.2.2 out of the box, the most recent version of Android. Other high end phones with similar specifications like the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One for example are around two times more expensive. SIM free, you're looking at about £500-600 for one of these two devices.

Another difference between this device and other competitors is that it does not support LTE, if you're living in the US, this could pose a problem, but with being a UK resident I'm more than happy to use HSPA+ from T-Mobile and my WiFi when needed. In the real world, this doesn't take anything away from my browsing experience.

The back cover also has this stunning pattern design, they're like tiny reflective micro dots, which sit subtly underneath the rear glass, when the light hits it at the right angle these microdots glisten and sparkle and create a really awesome looking effect. Its never pictured well, you really have to see it to appreciate it!

Visually, its stunning on the outside and it feels very solid. My only negative about the hardware would be that when I shake the phone, there is a faint 'rattling' sound, which I believe is the SIM tray, but I rarely find myself holding my phone close to my ear and giving it a shake.

The battery isn't too bad either, it will get me through a day but no longer, the "14% BATTERY" warning usually creeps up after about 11-12 hours of heavy use. So you'll need a charger if you plan on staying out for the evening. I'm sure if you turned your data connection off, and used the phone minimally for the occasional call and SMS you could easily stretch about 36 hours out of the battery. 0-100% charging time is about 2 hours and 40 minutes in my experience using the standard wall plug and I am yet to try the wireless charging that this phone supports.

Calling quality is great and volumes are also really impressive. The loudspeaker is, well... Loud. But the quality is quite frankly awful and the position of the speaker is also really, really stupid, however if I want decent quality from my smartphone music experience I'll use a pair of earphones. As has always been the case.

All in all, the Nexus 4 is the fastest, smoothest and most fluid phone I've ever used. In the 30 days that I've been heavily using this phone, I've never experienced even a hint of lag or stutter while navigating the user interface. In a word, its FAST!

It looks and feels good and am so incredibly happy with it!..
Without a doubt! 5 ★!
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on 18 September 2013
I received mine a while back when they first came out and I have to say that it is a fantastic Android phone without all the junk that I have usually had to put up with when I have brought a contract phone. It is nice to receive the latest releases when they become available and therefore I have not found a need to root my phone to instal various ROMs as I have had to do previously.
Build quality is excellent, I have a cover over mine and to be honest it has dropped out of my pocket onto concrete, bounced down the stairs and I even missed the sofa when I threw it and it has come away unscathed.
I find the speed of the phone and its ability to eat up the demands of my various apps to be excellent, I have played the occasional game but mainly use it for network tools, comms and streaming.
Though all this power and versatility does come at a cost and probably my only negative, the battery, it does not last a whole day even under light use. I have invested in an external battery pack which I can use to extend the life of the phone or charge it from when I am out and would suggest you get one. They do not cost too much and the one I purchased is about half the size of a packet of cigarettes and does the job, and to be honest with most smart phones these days is probably a good addition which ever phone you have as my previous HTC suffered the same issue.
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on 25 March 2013
First things first. I did not buy this phone from Amazon, I bought it direct from Google. a lot cheaper.
I have had a few smartphones ranging from a blackberry up to recently the galaxy s3. I felt I needed a change.
Pros: Very nice looking phone, smart with glass on the front and rear. It looks more expensive than it is. Stock Android, coming from Google you will get all the latest updates first. Nice screen with nice natural colours and nice detail, if you feed it some good material and from a good source, I think you will be impressed. Try a 4K video on you tube. The phone is quick and responsive with little if any lag at all. I haven't missed the GS3 at all as yet.

Cons: Only slightly weaker camera and it does struggle with low light. The speaker is just OK but perhaps better than I expected. My only real concern with this phone is the glass back, OK! it looks pretty and shimmers in the sun (when its out!!) but its not gorilla glass like the front and is going to break if dropped. Its no deal breaker as you just buy a decent case.

All in all I am very impressed with the nexus 4 so far and im glad I tried something a little different from the Samsung and apples of the smartphone word. Yes I have seen the new GS4 and the HTC one but to be totally honest for the price and spec the Nexus 4 is perfect.
I am more than happy to answer any questions about the phone.
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on 5 December 2012
I'm not going to talk about the price here. I just want to share my thoughts on what an amazing phone I've found this to be. First of all, I've got the 16GB version which I've found is more than enough for my needs. I bet 8GB is still enough for most users, specially if you don't go and download all of your pictures that you have on your PC or Mac to the phone. I think it's more convenient if you've got your images in the cloud. So, as far as storage space goes, it's pretty much up to the user to decide if it's going to fit their needs. For me, it is perfect since I don't tend to download tons of pictures to my phone. I've got most of them on my Picasa web albums. I do have a fair amount of songs and apps but no videos. All in all, storage space is pretty decent.

With regards to the hardware, the phone is beautifully made. It feels pretty good on the hand, it's light, looks elegant and sophisticated. If you're careful with your devices as much as I am, you'll find that there is absolutely no problem with the fact that it's got crystal on the back. And you can always get it the official bumper case or some other third-party case if you're worried that it's going to get scratched or something. The screen is pretty resistant and it also feels great to the touch of your finger. Your finger glides effortlessly across the screen and I've noticed that it's quite resistant to smudges too. Of course it's going to get finger prints on the front and back, but just a swipe with you shirt or any cloth that's soft is enough to get rid of the finger prints or smudges on both the front and back of the phone.

As for the experience of using 'Vanilla' Android on this device, it is pure bliss. The phone is fast as lightning, very responsive and handles all kinds of tasks effortlessly. You can be playing a game, receive a call, reply to a text message and return to your game with the 'multi-task' menu pretty easily and even be connected and synchronizing your accounts over the internet using either wi-fi or mobile network. This should come as no surprise since its 2GB of RAM and the Quad-core 1.5 GHz Krait Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon processor are quite the beasts. You do not need to worry at all about multitasking with this phone, trust me.

Another great feature is the camera. It takes pictures at a resolution of 8MP and shoots video at 30fps in 1080p. It's also got HDR mode, different 'auto-scenes', flash, touch focus, panorama mode and photo sphere. It's great fun taking pictures with it and navigating through your panorama pictures right there in the phone and turning your 360 degree photos into 'mini-planets' using the embedded editing suite in JellyBean 4.2. Its front camera is also pretty cool for video calls and gives you great detail at 1.3MP resolution.

One more thing that I've noticed about the IPS screen is that it renders colours more realistically than other devices. I've seen that colours tend to be over-saturated in other phones, whilst in the Nexus 4 you get more 'life-like' tones and colours. But don't get me wrong here, the screen is pretty bright too and you can definitely enjoy videos and pictures with vibrant colours, but on a more realistic way if you will.

Battery life is pretty good. You can comfortably get a full-day's worth of texting, calling, navigating, taking pictures, emailing and gaming with one charge. You can even get 2 days if you don't use it heavily and follow some battery-saving tips found all over the internet and that apply for whatever phone you have.

To sum up, I'd never been happier with a smartphone until now. All of its features truly live up to expectations and it's a sleek, cool device that will leave you more than satisfied.

I can't really think of any cons about this phone, so there you have it. A superb buy!
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on 4 January 2013
This is a review of the phone, not the Amazon price. I bought it from Google for £279.
Let me start by saying that this is the best phone I have ever used. I have used Android phones for over 4 years and this is the fastest, most fluid experience. The phone works perfectly, has never crashed on me and is a great piece of hardware, the cheap price tag is just another bonus in my opinion!
Focusing on the main points, firstly the screen. The screen is amazing and looks very sharp, yes you lose a small amount at the bottom because of the software buttons but I love that they disappear when doing something which requires the full screen such as viewing a YouTube video, very subtle and polished. The battery life is also very good, I consistently get around 15-20 hours depending on use (and I use my phone quite a lot). The notification light is also a fantastic and useful add-on which is new to me as I am coming from a Galaxy S2, I used an application called Lightflow which allows me to change the colour of the light depending on the application, and the versatility of this is why I love Android. The camera is good, not as good as I expected but I think that the visual representation whilst taking the picture is not as good as the final picture, if that makes sense. When set to auto, the balance is slightly off and colour reproduction isn't great, but for a phone camera I am happy with it. The build quality is definitely solid and for me the glass back looks nice but is nothing to get excited about because I have put a case on my phone, primarily because the phone slides when at a slight angle because of the glass but also to keep the phone safer if it drops and allow me to place it screen down. The software is great and I much prefer stock Android compared to skinned, I owned an S2 and rooted it (putting CyanogenMod on it), so decided my next phone should be a Nexus. Android 4.2 is incredible and I can't wait till the next version, whether it be Android 4.3 or 5.0.

To summarise, the screen is sharp and colour reproduction is great, battery life is also good and the phone feels solid. The only issue is with the camera, but this is not major and for a phone it is great. Definitely a recommended phone especially for the handset-only price of £279, cheaper than comparative flagship phones so do not hesitate to buy this fantastic piece of kit.
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