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on 18 November 2013
This set is the largest of the 3 in the recent Lego City Cargo subtheme. It consists of the cargo plane, an air traffic control tower, a forklift, a conveyor belt loader, a refuelling car, 4 crates/pallets of cargo (the contents of 2 of which can be combined to make a basic quad bike) and 5 minifigures.

The Build
The pieces are packaged in 6 numbered bags for easy building with most of the larger parts split over 2 additional unnumbered bags. There are quite a number of large pieces, with the cockpit, tail and wings of the plane largely consisting of single elements and many of the pieces making up the fuselage also being pretty big. Although this helps give the plane a very sleek design and probably helps younger builders complete what is a pretty large model (the plane is around 57cm or 22" long), it does strike me as a little unLego-y.

The set comes with 37 stickers which definitely add to the design, but can be pretty fiddly to apply and could also limit the possibilities for reusing pieces in other models. There are a couple of other potentially fiddly parts - the tyres are quite stiff to get on to the wheels and attaching the conveyor belt to the truck may require a little patience, but overall I wouldn't expect it to be too challenging for the average child within the recommended age range, perhaps with a little help. The numbered bags mean that building the set can easily be split over multiple sessions and as there are also 4 separate instruction booklets two or more people could work on the set together, each building different components.

The number of different components that make up this set gives it a lot of play value, for example cargo can be loaded on to the plane using the forklift and the conveyor belt loader; the plane can be refueled with the Octan car; air traffic control can clear the plane for take-off and the plane can transport its cargo around the world (or at least the living room/bedroom!).

It is undoubtedly a good set but there are a couple of ways I feel it could have been improved: the cockpit has seats and control panels for a pilot and a co-pilot but only one pilot figure is included (unless the forklift driver also has a pilots licence?), given the size and RRP of the set I think they could have included one more figure. Also although there are four crates/pallets of cargo included, only three will fit on the plane at one time, all the cargo does fit in but the boxes have to be taken off their pallet so it doesn't affect play much, but is a bit of a shame as large section in the middle of the plane is bricked up and so is inaccessible and wasted space (though this could be made accessible with a bit of time and some extra pieces). The only other minor fault I have found is that the exhaust piece(?) often falls off the forklift when the forks are being raised or lowered.

Whilst not perfect this is a great Lego set, the size means there is enough building to keep children occupied for a fairly long time and the numbered bags and different instruction books make it easy to split over several sessions for shorter attention spans. The different components of the set allow for many different play scenarios and these can be extended by combining with other Lego sets, in particular I would recommend 60020 Cargo Truck as a good accompaniment.
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on 8 October 2013
Bought this for my 6 year old who loves planes and he was thrilled when he got this. Its alot bigger than i thought it would be and for the price we got it at was a real bargain, loads of extra bits to build aswell and a must if you are a fan of Lego and or planes!
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I bought this for my son last year adding to the fairly extensive collection he already has.

This is an good plane and set, but be aware of the size at just under 50cm long and with a span of about 38cm it's one of the bigger plane sets and takes up a bit of space.

Build wise this took about 80 minutes from start to finish at a fairly leisurely pace too, thanks in part to the wing and fuselage parts (which are solid pieces) in total 658 pieces but one of the quicker sets we've built. Once constructed the rear part of the plane folds open, this is held with a latch and is quite secure when closed, you can also "flip up" the area behind the cockpit and at the rear section to store parts in which can be loaded with the boxes included in the set.

The cockpit top section can be taken off and two seats for the pilots and a few control panel parts are inside. A nice touch is you have the "throttle" levers on a section which mimics a real plane control, no levers though which would have been a bonus.

Other included parts are the forklift, re-fuelling vehicle, ATV and a truck with a moving "conveyor belt" and 5 figures including the pilot. A control tower is also in the bundle though this has a rotating seat and radar antenna but the back part is not solid (open design) so it's really a front facing toy rather than a full blown control tower (it's not bad though)

This set might has advantages and disadvantages despite the number of pieces quite a lot of parts are pre moulded and fairly sizeable this might not sit so well with dedicated Lego fans (who like to build mostly brick by brick) to others it speeds up the build time quite a lot. Really depends on what your taste here breaking down the set won't be that useful with the wing and fuselage parts as you won't really be able to use these for general building. Price well little bit high in my view, but as ever the quality is here. On upside to the larger parts used is that when build the plane is fairly strong and will survive a bit of rough handling with the kids.

If you want a larger plane that's easier to make this is worth a look, but if you want a full on "Lego" experience with lots of building and small parts, you might want to look at something else.
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on 2 October 2013
my son is over the the moon with this toy. he loves planes and with this lego city airport set made his life happier! I strongly recommend this x
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on 6 November 2013
Spent the best part of a morning building the many parts of this with my son.
He's a bit below the age range but once it's fully built there is loads for a little boy to enjoy and play with.

As said my son is a little younger than designed for this and as such the more delicate parts, engines and tail fin, don't survive the ordeal of being played with but he loves it and thats what matters.

There are quite a few extras to this, the plane, tower, fuel truck and a loading vehicle.
lots of fun for daddy and son.
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on 7 November 2013
We bought this for our 7yr old. Fabulous set and lots to keep the children busy. Aeroplane was a good size too - thoroughly recommend
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on 3 November 2013
Excellent as always, my son loves all the lego aeroplanes. You can't go wrong with lego, just wish it didn't hurt so much when you stand on it.
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on 29 January 2015
Purchased for a 6 year old boy.

We purchased this for our little boy for Christmas '14. He loves lego, and can quite happily build his own models from the instructions, as long as it isn't too complicated. We built this together on Christmas Day, and spent the next few weeks rebuilding he tail section near the rear doors as they broke off every time he played with it.

It's a well loved toy, but, a little too slender at the rear of the build.
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on 12 November 2013
Always five stars for 'Lego'. Never breaks, never goes out of date, my children love Lego and they are aged 9-17.

This was an excellent buy as it was £18 cheaper than Argos!

Always cheaper than Lego Direct. I always check Amazon before I buy any Lego as it is the cheapest place to buy Lego.
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on 26 September 2014
Bought this as a Christmas present because it was much cheaper 45£ than going to lego store 65£ definitely good deal
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