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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

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on 7 May 2014
Good quality built, small but big enough for 2.

This is the first Pressure Cooker I use, because I've been scared of the old style pressure cooker in the 80s. I thought it would be difficult to use, how wrong was I, it is very easy - the user manual is well written, how to use it and also giving guide times for different ingredients.

So far I've cooked different vegetables - potatoes, carrots, kale, broccoli, etc; and find that the veg are softer than I would like, so I jotted down less time on the manual so the next time they were perfect for me. I've also cooked oxtail, chicken and beef joint, and very happy with the result.

I am particularly happy with how much faster it cooks compared to normal or slow cooking. I've saved time as well as money as I use less gas for my cooking. I should've used this pressure cooker years ago!

I have since bought a larger (28cm 8ltr) Kuhn Rikon to cook larger meals.

One niggle - It's a bit difficult to keep this beauty spotless, but I still give it 5 star for the performance.
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on 27 April 2013
This is my first pressure cooker. My wife has always had them, but when I showed an interest in using hers, as a vegetarian, she banned me cooking meat in it. So, I looked to see what was available in a size that would suit just me for a single meal and this was the smallest I could find.

Pressure cookers are the titans of cookware, and this small one is still a big pan compared to normal saucepans. As such it is big enough to make, say, a curry for four people. It is probably too small however to use pot-in-pot methods, when you say, put some rice and water inside a bowl in the cooker. It feels well made, is straightforward in how it works and is easy to clean, even when the pressure valve gets full of food that you shouldn't have tried cooking in there, or had overfilled it.

The pan has allowed me to move confidently into the world of pressure cooking, and I use it regularly. It is especially good for things like curries or chillies that traditionally taste better the next day. Not so in the pressure cooker that makes the meat tender and intermingles the flavours in 20 minutes. It makes a creme brulee simply too.

There are cheaper pots out there, but I see this as a once in a lifetime buy (spare parts are all available at a reasonable price on Amazon), so am happy to pay the £90 I did. I think if I were to get hooked on pressure cooking (unlikely), I'd probably need a larger one for some things, like cooking a whole chicken.
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on 21 December 2016
Outstanding. Worth every penny and er... £. It is so quick, silent and very, very safe. Keep your eye on it, don't walk off. It is not an automatic tool. Made dal very fast. Made pot roast whole chicken, only 20 minutes at high pressure, allow to naturally cool, depressurise. Use Catherine Phipps presure cooker book, spot on. Fast cooking of bean, pulses and vastly reduce electricity bills. 2017 EDF price hikes, no, no, no. ;)

Everyone with a mind to eco and their wallet should buy 3 pressure cookers and a microwave ;)
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on 25 September 2012
I am really impressed with this pressure cooker, it is almost silent. The quality of the pan and lid is superb. I bought one after my sister's purchase.It makes cooking family meals much quicker! A real asset to any kitchen.
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on 4 August 2014
We are very happy with this pressure cooker and with excellent service from Kuhn Rikon in general. We in fact also have a bigger 8L version -- and in my carelessness, i dropped the lid and broke one of the plastic handles. Since this was my fault, i contacted Kuhn Rikon to purchase a replacement lid. Fast response back was -- i didn't need a new lid -- i just needed replacement handles and Kuhn Rikon would send these to me FOC as soon as possible!!!

This is fantastic. Such good service obviously buys loyalty and so its very "good business".
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on 19 July 2017
I bought the 3.5l version for the stove on the boat, it's exactly the same diameter of base to the kettle so the pan restraints don't have to be moved! The p.cooker is easy to use and easy to clean, I have made a lovely tagine in about 1 hour starting from scratch. iI's great to have a lovely warm meal when it's gone wet windy and cold; made in much the same time as heating up some 'cans of'. It also makes great marmalade! I am so impressed with it! So unlike the aluminium p.cookers I have used in the past.
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on 11 June 2013
This is such an easy, stress free and safe pressure cooker that just works and is made to very high standards.
Kuhn Rikon have all spares and parts available. It is rather expensive, but will pay itself off quite quickly with the savings in time and energy.
The best pressure cooker that I have used. It is very quiet and simple to see the 2 pressure settings. .
A very good product.
Invest in a quality item, you won't regret buying one !
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on 25 October 2013
A veritable ransom was paid for this item and expectations were high. I need not have worried because it is a excellent item. Extremely well made, easy to use and very easy to clean. Overall top marks.
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on 24 September 2015
Mixed feelings about this. I often have to replace the lid several times before I can get it to be air tight. Once I achieve this it works beautifully. I have never had this problem with a pressure cooker before. I would have liked a more comprehensive recipe leaflet, but can get recipes on line I suppose. The quality seems good, and the small size is plenty big enough for the two of us.
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on 9 March 2015
We have been using the pressure cooker for sometime now and we've got use to it compared to our old prestige.
The pressure cooker when in use discharges very little steam and is very quiet compared to the previous one,
we have noticed that it does take a little longer to cook the food to our taste, but considering how quickly it gets up to
pressure and maintains that pressure with the gas at the minimum setting this is not a problem, we are both totally
pleased with our purchase.
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