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on 27 August 2017
Rarely do I post reviews for products (on the basis that if something I've bought does what it's supposed to, I see no reason to declare it to be the best thing since sliced bread...). In this case, however, I feel it reasonable to share my experience.

Having taken a short cycle holiday recently, we left our bikes locked for the night in a well-lit area outside of our hotel in a town centre and returned the next morning to find that some light-fingered toerag had decided to have a go at them during the night. Whether they'd not had enough time or strength I can't say but they were clearly foiled by the lock and cable. They've obviously attempted to twist the cable to breaking point with some sort of bar or lever as can be seen by the damage done to the cable. Whilst the cable needs to be replaced and there's damage to the paintwork on my bike and to the bracket on the lock itself, both bikes are still in our possession and we're very glad about it.

The lock is still perfectly usable (as is the cable really although it's pretty mangled - 1 strand of cabling did give way) but decided to buy a second one rather than simply replace the cable (which is obviously the weaker of the 2 components). I've never used the bracket anyway (as many people have said, the fixing isn't the greatest so the lock always lives in one of our rack bags that sit on the top of the pannier racks) so the damage to this isn't an issue for us.

I'm really pleased to be able to provide some solid evidence on the strength of the locks whilst still having our bikes - unsettling though the experience may have been. We simply took the view that the would-be thief left frustrated and we still had the bikes so didn't let it put a dampener on the holiday.

Thanks Kryptonite - money well spent.
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on 5 January 2017
Trusting the Kryptonite brand was the right decision. I bought this in order to replace a very similar lock that was by a lower quality brand and can see and feel the differences hugely. Having this comparison emphasises the small details that make Kryptonite a superior, and therefore trusted, brand.

- Small enough for bag, coat pocket and large back pocket on men's jeans but not mine!
- Lighter than similar locks of this size from other brands
- Key mechanism is smooth and secure
- Sturdy and durable
- Fits a large bike (I have a very large men's bike and it fits, snugly, but it fits!)
- I have not used the connection onto the frame as I tend to either put it in my bag or just wrap it around the frame depending on my journey.
- Good bright colour and I think this adds as a deterrent to would-be-theives as the Kryptonite brand is known for their toughness
- D-lock and cable lock combination

** GOOD INFO** I was once left a note on my bike by the local police who had graded all of the bikes in the area on how well they were locked. The extra info stated that the most effective way of locking the bike is for the D-lock to be threaded through the frame and front tyre (front?! - 90% sure it's front as that's the wheel that's easier to remove) and the cable to be threaded through the back tyre and locked onto the D-lock. The straight part of the D-lock is to ideally be rested on the opposite side of the metal bike lock frame. The reasons for this are:
- The straight part could be dislodged by a sledgehammer so having it against a non-stable surface such as the tyre makes this very difficult/impossible
- Two different locks (ie, solid metal and cable) are to be used together as when it comes to law enforcement, if someone is caught carrying one tool such as bolt cutters (with no obvious reason such as their employment) then there is no real reason to suspect anything. However if someone is caught with two tools that can be used for 2 different types of lock for no obvious reason - this can show intent to steal a bike or other devious crimes and are more likely to be in trouble thus saving you from a potential bike thief! Maybe others have heard this and can corroborate?

Either way, it is much safer to use two locks to secure your precious mode of transport.

Highly Recommend! Very Good Egg :)
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on 22 October 2012
Cycling in London there is always a relatively high risk of bike theft. This lock does a lot to deter any potential thieves.

- D-lock small but large enough to get round thin lamp-posts. Standard width.
- Fairly lightweight due to size
- Coating prevents rust
- 3 keys, the main of which has an LED built in for unlocking at night
- Turnable cover blocks key-hole preventing internal rust
- Locking mechanism smooth, as yet no 'stickyness'
- Cord locks front wheel.
- Cord can be easily carried around the torso
- Cheap price on Amazon
- Nice distinguishable colour

- The D-lock holder that connects to the frame is useless. The simple tightening mechanism comes loose quickly along any small bumps in the road. Which is a pain as the lock swings round into the pedalling zone.
Luckily the lock fits into a back pocket
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on 12 November 2017
This is a medium strength D lock. At about 1.3kg, it is about the right weight to carry whilst out and about.It's easily large enough to put around a standard bike rack and one wheel. It just about covers both wheels and a standard bike post (if you take the front wheel off, obviously!). It's a bit too small for most lamposts.

In terms of security, it is strong enough to withstand most bolt cutters but a sturdy pair of 42" bolt cutters would probably defeat it. I'd expect it to last only a few seconds against an angle grinder though (a type of attack becoming more common in London, even in daylight). I would recommend this for medium risk areas but not high risk areas like central London, especially if your bike is worth more than £200. For the price it's as good as you'll get but for higher risk areas, you'll need a Sold Secure Gold rated lock.

The biggest downside is the sub-standard bracket. It secures with a strap that relies on tension from the screw that holds the bracket to the frame. One poor quality screw is obviously not strong enough to secure a 1kg lock to a moving bike. Therefore the bracket came loose quickly and needed tensioning weekly, and before long the screw thread went, meaning the bracket needed replacing. There's no good reason they couldn't have used multiple screws and a buckle to secure the strap, it's incredibly sloppy design.

So in summary if you want to carry this in your backpack - it's a great lock for the price. However if you want a lock to carry on your bike, don't bother with this one.
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on 3 June 2017
I lock my bike up regularly in an area where I know thieves operate. I often see other bikes missing wheels where they've been stolen. There are marks on both the U Lock and the cable I bought where thieves have tried to cut through them unsuccessfully. Kryptonite also offer a free year's insurance of sort where (you register with the first month or so after purchase) they'll replace your bike if it gets stolen while using this U lock. The cable obviously isn't as strong as the U lock and I do know people who have had that cut through, but it does require decent equipment to do so is less likely to happen in daylight. This U lock is small so it can be tricky to use as you need to get your bike up close to the rack, but that makes it a lot harder to cut it without damaging the bike.
Kryptonite, on their website, also offer videos explaining the best way to use these locks for maximum protection, which is useful if you're new to cycling.
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on 25 July 2017
Very heavy duty, does the job. Only downside is the U lock rattles a helluva lot when going over bumps and jumps. But I've got a really quick easy solution! The rattles occurs because there's too much space between the rubber rings and the lock bar. Pull off the 2 rubber rings and tie a hair band/bobble tightly where the rubber rings were. Then slide the rubber rings back over the hair bobbled. This should snugly fill the space between the lock and rubber rings. See my picture if you're not sure what I'm on about !
review image
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on 27 February 2018
DISCLAIMER: I returned this item as soon as it arrived because it is rated Sold Secure SILVER and not Gold which the Kryptonite web site appears to advertise it as being. I'm not down rating it on that basis, it was just not fit for purpose for me.

This lock has a great design, great build quality and appears to be simple to use. The bundled cables are rather useless as a pair of croppers would get through them in seconds. The U lock however looks great, very solid.

Unfortunately, as pointed out in my disclaimer, the Sold Secure rating is not gold, as advertised, it's silver. No good for me as my insurer won't accept it on my cycle policy. 4/5 though nonetheless as it is a great little lock if it's a silver rated product you are after.
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on 28 September 2017
This lock is everything you need to keep your bike safe in cities like Manchester, where bikes get stolen everywhere! It is short, so you can't lock both of the wheels (as many do with road bikes, removing the front wheel and putting it beside the rear one), but the cable does the job as well, so it is perfectly safe.
The product feels very robust and it comes with 3 pairs of keys, one of which has a very useful Led light attached.
Would buy it again.
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on 5 June 2017
Had this lock nearly 2 years and no one has bothered to steal the bike. That doesn't mean it's not impregnable , but it appears to be a good deterrant. I'm thinking of getting a lock that is slightly bigger as it would it be easier to lock in some cycle parking bays. That's my only negative point. However the whole point of the smaller size is to give the evil theif less room to move with their tools too.

The bike is easy to secure with the bracket on the bike frame , with no vibration.

The cable flex wire would be easy to cut through , and is only a deterrant to the opportunist theif looking to steal your easy release front wheel.
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on 19 January 2018
Absolutely fantastic. Its very solid and thick and very easy to use. The key goes smoothly and works perfectly. Its much faster to lock than my previous chain one.

Packaging and presentation is outstanding with good labeling. It comes with an easy to install holder (manual looks weird, but there are youtube 1 min videos to explain the process) so it takes seconds to get to it or leave it when you are using your bike. The cable holds both wheels perfectly, this one is a bit weirder to lash around the frame when using the bike.

It also comes with a 2000€ insurance for your bike should the bike be stolen by breaking the lock, though to activate it you need receipts of both the bikes and lock, serial numbers, pictures and such.

In general I find it easy and fast to use, convenient to carry and I get piece of mind when I leave the bike locked in the city.
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