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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 6 September 2014
It might sound odd to conclude that a book about a future world 500 years from now is old school but this feels like it was written during the late 80s or early 90s. All attitude, new speak, big guns and hyper sexuality. Koko, the eponymous protagonist is a fearsome amalgamation of school boy sex object, ruthless killer, techno mercenary and mother figure. The future has gone to s*** and it's every woman for her self.

This sounds like heavy criticism but it's not. This is done with style, panache and gusto. It's pacey, tight and fun. Recommended.
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on 14 September 2014
Started well but didn't really sustain my interest. Fairly conventional SF plot (kick ass ex-military female protagonist in retiral suddenly has assassins after her because of a secret she doesn't know she has). Then the chase is on through a reasonably well-realised future world as Koko tries to find who ordered the hit and why, while dodging a selection of contract killers. I assume there will be more books in the series and if so, they will probably be worth checking out to see how they develop.
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on 11 March 2016
Cyberpunk is a genre that's crying out for good stories, sadly this isn't one of them.
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on 28 September 2014
Great fun.
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on 1 October 2014
Far better than expected, really ace, loved it
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on 4 October 2014
Really enjoyed this book. Had great settings and characters. Looking forward to the sequel.
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on 12 March 2015
I so wanted to love this novel. It had a cool cover, a cool lead- a Kickass female and a cyberpunk setting of corrupt corporation, fantasy islands, huge sky cities and corporate soldiers...and yet.....

Shea almost tries too hard, is too cool for school, too well greased for this romp to be enjoyable. The fight scenes are kinda lame when compared to the legions of military fiction out there or the likes of Richard Morgan's Altered Carbon. The plot is...frankly boring and the ideas in this novel seem tired, well trodden and offer nothing new to the genre.
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on 28 August 2015
The book takes place 500 years in the future. The world is pretty messed up by now. And one place is sure in the front running. Sixty islands; the place where you can watch a massacre and then take part in an orgy. Brothels and killings. Aww what a wonderful resort!

Our ex mercenary heroine Koko owns a brothel. Life is good. But then BOOM! Her former wants her dead. But Koko can kick ass and taking her down wont be easy. She was cool. No nonsense from her.

The book is action filled, since people are trying to kill her after all. I liked the glimpses of this futuristic society. The action parts were good. And the light humor hidden there.

Ohh, when I think of it, then this would make a great action movie. Oh that would be so kick-ass! Well they might skip that one scene that was all ewww, no way! When you are killing you can't be delicate ;)

I enjoyed the fast ride.
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on 18 January 2017
Koko Takes a Holiday is the equivalent of an action blockbuster movie. Not a Micheal Bay movie - I wouldn’t wish to compare a book I enjoyed as much as this to Transformers 4 - Too Loud and Too Long - but a cool, stylish and violent thriller. It moves with the pace of a Hollywood thriller and ultimately is lacking in substance, like many summer action movies.

Taking as its reference points the familiar ground of cyberpunk, sci-fi and noir, the story doesn’t exactly break new ground, but it does throw an interesting protagonist into the mix. Koko herself is an ex-mercenary, now running a brothel and is handy with heavy weaponry. What could have been a very one dimensional character turns out to be a rather likable one, never gratuitously portrayed as a sexy chick-with-a-gun but resourceful and funny.

In fact the whole novel has fun with gender stereotypes, most of the main characters are female, from Koko herself to her ex comrade turned corporate nemesis and three tough assassins. The world that Koko inhabits is an interesting, albeit slightly unoriginal one - ruined by wars and ecological disaster, wars are now fought by corporate armies over resources, whilst the rest of the population live in orbit. Its just a shame that the story is slightly unoriginal and insubstantial.

That’s not to say that Koko Takes a Holiday isn’t enjoyable - it’s fast, funny, gory and weirdly sweet in parts. And I will be reading the sequel - Koko The Mighty - as the story ends on quite the cliffhanger, as one would expect from a pulpy read like this, and I'm more than happy to spend some time in Koko’s company.
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on 26 July 2014
I really enjoyed this story although the violence is a bit too much. I look forward to the sequel.

I am very happy that the author didn't get too pornographic with his lusty heroine! I have read too many books recently where the male author seems to be writing his sexual fantasies into the story. I found Kieran Shea's level of eroticism to be at the right level - thank you! A bit less killing would be my wish for the next book though.
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