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on 13 February 2012
I purchased this all in one printer just over a month ago and it has now stopped working. Prior to this everything was fine and I was generally happy with the printer although the quality of the materials isn't fantastic and it feels very flimsy. When it stopped working I contacted Kodak's online 'live chat' support which was easy. However the advice they gave was exactly the same as in the manual, so not much point really. I was advised to contact Kodak by telephone to request a replacement, however after spending 2 minutes going through the automated telephone service I ended up hearing the engaged tone each time.

As I write this I am still trying to get a response from Kodak about replacement via email but judging by the service via 'live chat' and telephone I won't hold my breath!

It is now 3 months on and the replacement printer Kodak sent has stopped printing. I have found this printer frustrating in the time I have owned it, not only due to the faults, but also the quality of the printing, the inability to print envelopes, and the occasional failure to connect via Wi-Fi. I have now decided to cut my losses and return the item and buy something else.

Amazon though have been excellent and their customer service team a lesson to others in how to deal with issues.
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on 21 March 2012
I have owned personal printers for nearly 15 years, I've had 8 in that time. My biggest bug bear has been print costs - you know what I mean, the cost of replacing inks. Nothing worse than being seduced into buying a £39 printer only to spend £25 on ink every month. Do you know printer ink is £1,800 a litre (remember that next time you are complaining at £1.40 for a litre of petrol). Anyhow, I digress. I've had this Kodak 6.1 Hero for 3 months, I consider myself a heavy print user, and I am still on the same cartridges it shipped with. I purchased spares so I am ready when it runs out - even they were only half the cost of my previous HP cartridges), but this Kodak printer ink is like the Duracell Bunny, it just keeps going. Print quality good, speed is certainly adequate. Not sure why all the fuss about wireless connectivity - I just plugged it in, followed the instructions and was wirelessly printing in less than 10 minutes, no fuss at all. If I was forced to find a negative, it would be that it is a bit noisy and it's internal printing mechanism seems to overpower it's flimsy carcass - in other words, you can see the whole printer rocking / jarring from side to side as it prints. Very very very happy indeed. Annoyed with myself for persevering with better quality printers whilst allowing myself to be mugged on ink costs for so long. I would guess the savings you make on ink with this product compared to other brands, would pay for the printer's purchase price within 18 months. IMpressive.
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on 11 November 2011
Arrived less than 24 hours after ordering. Great all-in-one printer, fantastic print quality, very easy to set up. I use this printer for my business in my home office so it gets regular daily use. No problems so far. Would definitely recommend.
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on 20 December 2011
We havent had this printer very long, so havent tried out everything yet, however so far we have been really pleased with all aspects, and the speed of printing is excellent. We have had about four or five different types of printers over the years and so far,(touch wood) this has been the best. This is for home use, but is used a lot.
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on 4 November 2012
I have owned a Kodak printer for 5 years, Kodak Easyshare 5100. While their low spec printer, it served me very well and had really low printing costs. Recently It started to eat up ink very quickly. So I decided it was time to replace it

To qualify the comments which follow, I am technically literate and work in the technology industry. I can fix most products myself. But I refuse to accept a faulty product, especially when it costs so much money in the first place.

Product look and feel
It looks smart, certainly doesn't look cheap.
But when it starts printing, it takes forever to get going, with the bits onside turning for ages, before it begins to print. That makes it feel cheap. Very cheap.

The process is simple. Very simple.
But it didnt work in my case. Software would not recognise the office here 6.1 and then i couldn't get back to rrecognising my old Kodak EasyShare 5100
3 hours of Kodak support and they vcouldnt do it until they installed one component at a time.
FYI: Problems happened with Mac OS and Windows Vista.

Printing Blacks: Fine no problems
Printing Colour: Really poor quality. My old Kodak Easyshare 5100 does a far superior job.
Speed: Its slow. Same speed as my old printer hwich i paid £50 for 5 years ago.
Copying: Works Fine
Double Sided Photo copying: Works fine
Auto Document Feeder: Works Fine

USB Connection: If USB is connect ed when the printer starts up, then the printer displays a message that it doesnt recognise the USB device. Only way to resolve is to unplug USB and restart printer. When printer is started then plug USB into the PC. Never come across this issue with a printer before. Surely this cant be how its meant to operate????
Wifi: Connecting is really easy. But it intermittently allows you to connect to the printer.
Paper Jams: Inexplicable that a printer should jam on first print, and then regularly afterwards
Scanning: Doesn't work
Double sided Scanning from Auto Document Feeder: Doesn't Work
Every time any type of scanning is tried the whole printer freezes, and the software freezes to. Requires forced restart every time just to get back to normal operation.
Other: Randomly Freezes so you cant really use it over wifi (if the wifi worked) as you have to restart it all the time.

Kodak Customer Support spent several hours and couldn't resolve these issues. (Ps they are very slow as well)
I have wasted near enough a whole day.

I was a loyal Kodak customer when it came to all in one printers, i didn't even look at another brand as I was so happy with the economy of running Kodak printers compared to others i have had in the past. The fact that i have wasted so much time on a faulty printer and talking to their support people, I wont be buying Kodak again

Steer clear of this product, The printing works, but you can get a cheaper model if that all you want.
It has lots of great features, but they just don't work.
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on 21 March 2012
Please be careful when purchasing this machine if the machine is faulty as mine was Kodak only replace with refurbished machine which arrived weeks later only to be faulty and on asking for a refund was told they do not do refunds only replace still waiting after 6weeks for a machine that works.
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on 20 January 2012
I went for Kodak as I previously had an HP wireless AiO which did me for five years (yes, an oldie but goodie). I tried their 'all singing all dancing' latest model AiO - which worked great as a copier but refused to connect to my network, so I got their budget AiO, which printed in very poor quality and swallowed 3 sets of cartridges in a few weeks. Hmmm, change of brand i thought - went for Kodak because their cartridges are good value and I was impressed with the ADF and 2-sided facility. Pros - I really love the print quality when the machine works well, better than any I have experienced in the last few years. However, Cons - these are deal breakers for me: the auto document feed blurs the top of every document, meaning if you want a decent copy, you have to do it sheet by sheet - defeats the object of the feature. Secondly, the two-sided print facility frequently skips a page - so some sheet s come out 2-sided and others don't - so one has to repeat the print job. I am gutted - I really hoped this one was the last one - not sure what to do now, I don't fancy the time and trouble of installing yet another printer.... wish me luck.
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on 29 December 2011
I was looking for a replacement for my 4 year old Brother - it had done well but the type was becoming hit and miss.

I chose the Kodak in an attempt to reduce the cost of ink and paper and at the same time get the same quality I was used to with the Brother. I think I've succeeded.

Set up was very easy - you can connect to your router wirelessly but I use a cable. The manual says use the CD in each PC that's connected to the Kodak - all you have to do is select whether connection is by LAN cable or WiFi - I have one of each and they both installed perfectly. The software then connects to the net and downloads the updates that have been created since the CD was made - again no hitches there. It's noticeable that as yet the Kodak hasn't forgotten what it's there for - if the Brother hadn't been used for a few days it had to be rebooted as it just wouldn't wake up.

The printer works very well: good colours and an excellent quality black for letters which even at standard density look quite professional. I don't know how fast it prints, but it's fast enough that you don't feel you're waiting long for letters to appear. I haven't tried photographs so I can't comment, but letters, powerpoint slides and Internet pages look fine. The real joy is a duplex printer that works: using 80 gramme paper means genuine double-sided printing without the print leaking through from one side to another. Excellent!

The scanner works well, and captures pictures and documents clearly and quickly. Very easy to use, either using the printer keys or through the PC. I think using the printer keys is quicker and more intuitive as the menu sytem is very easy to follow.

The photocopier is terrific, both in handling multiple pages through the document feeder and an easy to lift lid above the glass that doesn't fall down when you're trying to get the document(s) positioned just so. Very useful when laying out all those fiddly receipts when you're scanning your expenses.

I'll see how the costs work out, but for the moment I'm very happy with my black (what a nice change from Office Beige!)piece of kit which lurks in the shadows beneath my desk.
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on 4 May 2012
I have had a good and trusty HP840C for over 15 years and it is a great little workshorse, but I am now doing a lot of work for a local charity at home and was concerned about the amount of paper I was getting through and wanted to be able to print double sided. I also wanted a scanner/copier so I could share documents more easily with colleagues. I did a lot of reserach and with Kodaks claims about lower ink costs went for it, and my husband bought me the Kodak Office Hero 6.1 for a Christmas present.

Well all I can say is this is the most tempremental machine of any type that I have ever owned. As other reviewers say it doesn't print at all if one print cartidge has run out so you can't even print something in a hurry in another colour. I don't believe you can get anything like the number of prints out of the cartridges that Kodak claim. It won't even scan a document if the ink has run out, and as I have had great difficulty replacing ink cartridges (the machine doesn't want to recognise the new ones and they are fiddly to fit) meaning that this is even more of a problem. I have purchased several cartridges at a time only to find that none of them work and have only ended up covered in ink for my troubles. I have not attempted to use the wi fi function or the fax, and have not printed any photos.

There are constant error messages, paper jams, feeder jams I could go on an on. My latest problem is I can't even turn the machine off to try and reset it. Even if you unplug it and plug it back in the machine's own on switch remains alight, and no matter what we try the fault will not clear. So the Kodak has been gathering dust unused for about 2 months now. Even when the Kodak does work it shakes the table to death when printing. I simply cannot muster the energy or find the time to try and sort this out at the moment.

So my trusty HP Deskjet is back out and working perfectly. Now that I use recycled/refilled ink cartridges for this my print costs have dropped significantly and I think Kodak would find this exceptionally hard to beat.

I couldn't find a way to give the Hero 6.1 less than a 1 star rating but if I could have done so I would. It certainly hasn't been my hero.
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on 14 February 2013
I'm revising this because I have found this to be the most uneconomical printer EVER. Colour cartridges run out after hardly any colour prints, and the black and white print option doesn't work unless you replace the colour cartridge so it has worked out as at astronomical cost per page. I will never buy a Kodak printer again, and next time I buy, if I bother, will rather go back to an Epson which has separate cartridges for each colour. DON'T BUY THIS PRINTER!!!

Original Review below:
I took my time choosing a printer and I'm really pleased with it. Great sharp text, and photos. Really handy features. Kids will love creating their own 3D photos, but for a small business it is also a great saver of time with double sided printing, feeder for scanning and photocopying multiple pages etc. Definitely recommend this product
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