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on 30 October 2003
Lord Soth, the Knight of the Black Rose, is a man cursed by the gods. Doomed to an eternity of undead existence, he seeks to ameliorate his condition by making his true love undead like himself. All his plans come to naught though, when he finds himself transported to another plane of existence, one dominated by creatures as evil and powerful as himself. Driven to return to his world, Krynn, he must outfight the evil around him.
I must admit that I have never read any of the Dragonlance or Ravenloft books before, but the cover of this book caught my eye. This book's story of evil versus evil is refreshingly different from any other book I have ever written. Also, the book's presentation of Soth's descent into his fallen state was quite fascinating. Overall, I found this a very good book, one that I recommend highly.
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on 8 February 2009
This is a D&D favorite of mine. For those who are well into the Dragonlance campaign and love the world of Krynn (and/or of Ravenloft), this book is a must-read. It follows lord Soth from Kitiara's death in the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas. Unable to redeem himself in any way, Soth is soon caught up in events even he cannot control. Through this book you will get to know the real Lord Soth, giving you a sense of both revulsion and pity for the death knight. James Lowder is a great fantasy writer, I rate him alongside Paul Kemp as the best TSR/WotC authors.
Soth meets Strahd! ....Just read it!
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on 5 September 1998
Let me explain that by saying KotBR is a great novel. It gives us what its predecessor, Vampire of the Mists, didn't have: blood and gore galore, which is essential to a good action novel. The story of Lord Soth's journey from the burned-out shell of Dargaard Keep to his own domain of Sithicus is a compelling one, and very well-executed.
What I don't get is why so many people harp over the fact that he went. Yes, the vast majority of them are DL fans (like me), who believe RL "stole" Soth and that he belongs in DL. He did, but after the conclusion of Test of the Twins (presented from his point of view in this book's prologue), his usefulness on Krynn had ceased. What to do with an excellent character? Bring on the Mists!
The fact that this book was mostly action, consisting mainly of a death knight running around in Barovia and Gundarak and slaughtering whatever he came across, is what makes it only 4-stars. It had some story, some character development, and it had Strahd (in a version I much prefer to the one in VotM), which makes it more than passe. If Soth and Strahd were the only characters, the book would have been poor indeed. But, we also got Caradoc, Magda, and Azrael, as well as the only novelized appearance of the late Duke Gundar and his dhampir son (whose name escapes me).
Anyway, the book was good enough to truly draw my attention to RL and make we slaver in desire over the upcoming sequel, Spectre of the Black Rose, which is supposed to settle all the disagreements between DL and RL over Soth. I know it won't, as he has to end up in one or the other, and the other side will be unhappy no matter where he ends up. Oh well, c'est la vie.
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on 26 October 1998
Lord Soth is utterly ruthless. Strahd is powerful. Together these two tear up Ravenloft.
I thought this was good character developement for Soth. In the Dragonlance Saga Soth was a bit tame. But his wrath is unleashed here.
The ending is great.
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on 9 May 2001
This is an adventurous fantasy novel which takes the classic heroic band of characters and gives it a dark twist. In this case the adventurers on a quest are a beautiful gypsy girl, an entertaining werebadger and Lord Soth. 'Who's Lord Soth?' you say: well, he's an undead knight of immense power and ruthless conviction fallen from the graces of an order he once championed, and for all the world he reminds me of Darth Vader. Soth's band are forced to pit their wits against the minions of the vampire-lord Count Strahd Von Zarovich, who has the hallmarks of modern cliche vampires, but turns out to be as ruthless and intelligent a villain as the original Dracula. This book's atmospheric setting and fantastical creatures (everything from dragons to zombies) make for a very good read.
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on 6 April 1997
This was my first Ravenloft novel, and, while not great, it was good enough to make me go out and buy the first book in the series, Vampire of the Mists. I especially appreciate Jim Lowder taking the time to go back to study Test of the Twins for the prologue and various other parts of the book - probably a lot of other authors wouldn't have taken the time, and would have ended screwing something up. It's not quite the Lord Soth I remember from DragonLance, though. He seems to caring for a death knight who went through so much pain and suffering in the first two DragonLance trilogies (which serve as an excellent prologue to this book and which I Highly recommend)! A few minor contradictions, but overall well written. -Ember
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on 21 August 1997
This is one of the better Ravenloft books I've read, which really recounts a better part of the characters lives. A great storyline which provides a lot of detail and wanted explanation into the Dark Domains, and how Lord Soth came to visit this place. The undertermined fierceness of the dark lords is interesting as well, as they both clash in a stand-off. The ending will surprise you.
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on 13 October 1997
As the intro tells us, I have been wondering about lord Soth since I read the chronicles. The chronicles where what I wanted in a fantasy book and since then, Dragonlance has been my game setting. After reading this book and some pushing from my friens, I finally crossed over to Ravenloft. Eric
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VINE VOICEon 27 August 2005
Set in the Ravenloft fantasy horror realm, this novel charts Soth's capture by the mists during his frenzied pursuit of Caradoc.

Soth ends up in Barovia where its evil lord Strahd tries to use him as a pawn, this rapidly turns to mutual respect once Strahd re-evaluates Soth's credentials. This novel has some excellent interaction between these two undead powers.

We also learn of Azrael's descent into lycanhtropy and I particularly enjoyed the way in which the werebadger turns the tables on his would be executioners when they attempt to hang him high. Aswell, as the sombre dwarf, Soth is also accompanied by the mysterious gypsy girl Magda, whilst seeking a return route back to Krynn.

The novel ends the way in which it commenced with Soth pursuing his former senescal, Caradoc. As Soth throttles the last gasp of breath out of Caradoc, the mists arise. Rather than a return to Krynn, Soth is doomed to an eternal existence in a hellish realm that the mists have melded around him- Sithicus. This novel would probably have benefitted from a few more action sequences, nonetheless, this a good blend of Fantasy and Horror.
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on 29 May 1998
I read this book thinking it will be just good. IT WAS GREAT. Non-stop action, this got me trying to find other books about lord soth, I could not find any. but then for the heck of it I just type in Lord Soth, and I find a book called lord soth, well I am not back in heaven.
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