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on 28 December 2012
Right from the first few pages, I got the feeling that this book was something different to the previous few. While it took some time to get there, I was proven correct.

This feels like the beginning of the end and it finally ties off some of the plot threads that started as far back as Crown of Swords. Mat, Perrin and Elayne all have a proper climactic ending and once this book was over, I felt that we could get down to the remainder of the plot instead of dragging out story lines over the course of four or five books.


Unfortunately, for the most part, he doesn't have much to do except court Tuon. Until the end where he commands a decent battle for the first time since Fires of Heaven. It is in this book that Mat and Tuon's relationship hits a long expected moment in an unexpected way and makes you think whether it would have happened at all if Mat had not walked through the Ter'angreal in Tear.


Again, his story is basically tying up the plot of his rescue of Faile. Again, we get an exciting battle where allegiances are shifted in unexpected ways. At one moment I was genuinely surprised by one character's actions and saddened it ended like that. The only benefit I can say of stretching this story across four books is that when Faile and Perrin are finally reunited, you get the same elated feeling that Perrin feels. If maybe for a different reason.


As before, this is another tying up of Elayne's fight for the throne, though most of this is contained within the last couple of chapters, with a couple of interesting side plots that have a small amount of bearing on the outcome.


For the first time in this series, I can safely say Egwene's story is one of the most interesting and well written portions of the book. In perhaps the only plot point of Crossroads of Twilight, she was taken by Aes Sedai of the White Tower, and in this she tries to use it to her advantage. Reading about her sowing seeds of dissent and refusing to back down just because of a few punishments makes me feel how far the character has come. It is in her story that one of my favourite scenes to date occurs and is simply her walking into the mess hall and sitting down to eat. I'm not going to spoil why this is good though.


And here is the weak point of the novel. Rand has virtually nothing to do. Oh he gets to battle Semirhage, and suffers yet another lasting injury, but he doesn't get much else. It seems that Jordan is just trying to shoe horn him in because he's the main character, and that he can't allow Rand to do anything until the others' stories are finished.

All in all, a fantastic return to form, and here's hoping it gets better from here.
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on 24 March 2017
You can curtainly tell the female characters are written by a man. This book has started of better than book ten, which you need to read to understand the story.. but be warned book 10 is full of gass and not much else. However, my husband and i have been working our way through all the books, and we do like the characters, just wish the books got to the point more often. It is an intregueing world that they author has established.
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on 29 July 2013
The last book in the series that Robert Jordan completed before his untimely death, this continues the story of a group of ordinary young people from the Two Rivers being thrust into totally unordinary circumstances. If you enjoy fantasy novels, don't start with this one. Start with the first book in the series - The Eye of the World - and read through. The series is much better read in the correct order. If you are really serious about understanding the story, go one better and start with the shorter prequel, New Spring, which precedes the main series by 20 years and gives a good background story to help you root yourself in the novels.
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on 6 November 2005
It's been a long wait, and whilst I'm not saying it was totally worth it, KoD does make me happy in a few ways! He has actually closed off a few story lines and things really do seem to be progressing towards the final battle. The question is still though will he live long enough to write it!! Jordan's style is heavy going with paragraphs of who is wearing what, and really pointless conversations, but when he wants to kick a story along he can. Once the drugs for the verbal diarrhoea kick in for him his ingenuity and sometimes plain nastiness for some of the characters [often well deserved!!] just rushes you along and the pages fly by - but so often you end up reading bits begging for the action to start!
Bring on Tarmon Gai'don!!! (please...)
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on 5 December 2017
Bought as a present very much appreciated
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on 20 January 2017
Not much to review. It is a good quality product and the content is up to everyone to judge.
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on 9 March 2017
Having read all the previous books this continued the story excellently. All the themes were developed expertly. Nice twists and turns as usual.
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on 1 January 2017
The story is a bit long but worth sticking to the end.
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on 13 April 2014
A necessary read for the series but very boring & hard going in places!
I read two other books in the time of reading this as I needed the break!

Hope the next one is better!
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on 7 March 2011
This is one of my favourite books in the series. A lot of the story lines from the past few books are brought to conclusion. The pace of the book is fast and the main characters all get some good chapters.

Re-reading the series after 2010 is very rewarding. A lot of the reviews written a few years ago are tainted by the long wait between books. (Which was very annoying at the time). Now that the new books are out and the final instalment is due in 2012, I would encourage any fan of the series to start from book 1 and dive straight in.
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