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on 2 October 2016
Very disappointed with this. Started off good and I'm glad I didn't write a review first thing otherwise this text would be very different.

After a few uses the plastic strip around the edge of the drums accumulate cheese underneath and yuo cannot get it out without removing the plastic strip, cleaning and trying to put it back. Due to the very small clips they were not designed to be removed and cleaned. Removed the strips completely and tried again and it kept getting stuck grating the cheese. Tried bending the metal back at the rear of the "cheese box" bit and that made a small differece but not enough. This soon went in the bin.

If this plastic strip can be securely fastened some other way so cheese doesn't get stuck underneath it it may just get two stars.

Completely useless and a waste of resources - avoid.
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on 13 January 2017
Great concept, and I bought one after using my nans which she has had since the 70's and loved it, however this particular product is quite poorly made. You have to chop food up quite small for it to be of any use, defeating the purpose of grating. Feels very flimsy, and you have to 'hold' it all together during operation, moreso than I would have expected. It does do the job, eventually, but much more hassle than it is worth, and a pain to clean too. NOT dishwasher safe as advertised. 2 washes in (using finish tablets) and it has started with the dreaded rust spotting. Wouldn't buy it again or recommend.
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on 9 May 2017
This has been used twice but it is so badly constructed it is destined for the bin!
On each occasion tiny bits of metal appear in the cheese !!
Closer examination reveals thet the lugs which support the handle on the cylinder have not been finished and stand proud!
So towards the end of the grating process the lugs catch the circular grating tube so care is needed to process the the last piece of cheese!
Furthermore, the nylon "bearings "on the grater tube have come adrift so metal grates on metal.
Not worth returning so beware!
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on 5 March 2015
This is really very poor. It is tinny, cheap feeling, and flimsy. Worse than this, it is almost useless.

In order to place your chosen grater of the three available, you have to fold back the food holder, insert the grater, then replace the food holder. You now put the food into the food holder, and fold over the handle with its spatula before turning the handle. The problem is, the food holder is only just over an inch high, and if the spatula does not engage in the food holder slot then as soon as you turn the handle it all falls apart.

As a result, you can only grate very small pieces of food. I had to cut my Parmesan into four pieces to be able to grate it - and with each of the four pieces I got some grated cheese followed by a slice which could not be grated - not what I bought this for.

I am going to replace this with the cheap, white plastic version I had before - which sadly broke (After 15 years - and my fault for trying to grate ginger!)
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on 9 September 2017
I appreciate that this item is very cheap, this is reflected in the quality. It is very flimsy and won't last very long but more importantly, the edges where the parts have been made have not been finished properly and are EXTREMELY sharp. it would only be a matter of time before you cut yourself washing or drying it and I would be very worried to allow a child to use it when they are helping to prepare food.
Don't waste your money, buy something a little more expensive.
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on 25 February 2016
My second plastic rotary grater had broken - tab to hold hopper in place had broken off and was no longer to able to use as couldn't hold it in place and use grater at same time. Saw this metal one and thought that won't break it's metal. Despite conflicting reviews I thought I'd give it a go. It doesn't need to break as it has nothing to hold the food cage in place anyway. It's quite good and does the job it's supposed to but find last chunk of cheese or carrot or whatever else you're using it for gets stuck and doesn't grate I also agree with reviewers who say it is flimsy but not too flimsy to it's job until last bit. Also the nose of metal on metal is quite "grating" in itself. Think these are a brilliant concept and certainly save your nails from being grated too. Many years ago I was given what was referred to as a mouligrater when looking for a replacement it dawned on me that mouli referred to Moulinex however being a well known established brand these to my mind were too expensive. Hence I gave this realistically priced version from Kitchen Craft a try.
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on 12 May 2016
I was hoping for a little more from this product.
While grating, the rotary die tends to grind against the hopper's 'feeding arm' and I have to be very careful not to catch it on anything that might cause damage to the product

Having used it to grate cheese a few times, I found that the rotary shredder is a nightmare to clean as the plastic guides tend to store lots of ground up material underneath...
Contemplating removing them, but I expect it would hamper the product's purpose

Those two issues aside, it is a good hand-grater that helps avoid the strain of regular up-and-down grating.
Works good on cheese and cold sausages.
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on 10 October 2017
On the first use one of the plastic strips came off of one side of the grater. The second use with a different grater attachment led to cheese getting under the plastic on the sides of the wheel which would have absolutely gotten moldy in a hurry. I've run high-end restaurants, and bars in the states for fifteen years and this is an exceptionally low quality item for the money; I would advise against purchase of this item by anyone whom is not a child.

Avoid this product, and move on to avoid wasting your time, and money with a product that only LOOKS commercial grade, however is nothing more than a piece of recycling.
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on 12 February 2016
Tried to grate chocolate and ended up with chunks slipping between the barrel and the housing. The whole thing feels incredibly flimsy and I fear the houseing or the lever will warp with too much pressure. Looks and feels like something from the pound shop. Not impressed at all. And whose bright idea was it to put handles on the barrels? It makes storage so much more problematic! I'm returning this and will look for something more suitable.
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on 1 August 2015
I bought this because I kept grating my knuckles on a standard grater. I love the action of these rotary cheese graters, but I realised that some of the cheese was being pushed through the turned edge and coming out black. It's difficult to pick out the black bits once it falls into the cheese, so reluctantly, I bought an electric food processor and grated a big batch of cheese all at once and put it in the freezer. This system is working well for me. I also realised that when I am making an omelette, I can slice the cheese finely with a knife instead of grating it, and that works just as well too.
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