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on 7 January 2015
Really very pleased with this item.

I am a newbie to Moka pots so didn't want an expensive one if I wasn't going to get on with it.

I'm sure that it isn't as well made as many - but it makes a beautiful cup of espresso - my gingerbread lattes are divine!!

I use mine on gas - so put it on the lowest setting - it takes about 5 mins. I haven't had an overspill (as seen on youtube!) and keep the top open as per other advice. I also haven't had any leaks at all as I always check that the bottom is on tight.

Only clean it with water - no soap - it leaves a coffee "film" inside it. Simply wipe this out with a paper towel.

Cheaper than a Tassimo
No waste (use grounds in your garden)
Coffee is hotter than in a Tassimo
Was worried about the handle on my stove - no issue
Build as expected for a cheap moka pot!
Extra seal included
More economical than pods
Really easy to clean
Buy a milk frother for a real coffee shop latte!!! (Andrew James)

I'm drinking more coffee
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on 7 June 2015
My daughter has had one of these things for years and wondered for years how it worked and was it just for espresso. So far I have seen them used on gas, electric radiant rings, glass top (do not use on induction), petrol stoves and primus stoves.

After a little research I found the answer to my dreams. No more glass jug with a plunger type coffee make. no more messy filter papers. No expensive coffee maker machine. All I needed all the way long was one of these little babies. NOTE: Available in 3 cup, 6 cup and 9 cup sizes (cups are measured in espresso size).

Being a tight wad II bought one of the cheapest I could find that had decent reviews. I paid £8.67 for the aluminium looking 3 cup size model knowing it was only good enough for one decent mug of coffee at a time.

It arrived 2 days after ordering and was probably the best packed item I have received. It came in a small box that only just fitted the around the manufacturer's packaging. May as well have put a postage label on the makers box and ship it like that.

Following other reviewers I washed the pot out with hot soapy water and the in hot water and sodium bicarb.

It says in the instructions not to fill above the valve line in the water container. I usually disregard this safety ti and fill to ½ way above it. So far so good. The metal coffee holder which sits snug on top of the water container holds more than enough coffee for one decent sized cup of coffee. I use 2 very heaped teaspoons of ground coffee but others may one more or less depending on taste. I like strong black coffee.

The base (and coffee holder) screw into the top container easily but need to be fully tightened. Heating takes only a few minutes until the magic bubbling can be heard. Reminded me of the sounds just like my old percolator I use to use back in the 80's.

It only takes a minute to finish brewing. Pouring is no problem once you get use to it. A few drips at first but with a little practice no drips whatsoever. Washing the machine out is a breeze but I tend to just rinse and wash out once a day.

Nearly forgot: the machine comes with a spare silicone sealing ring.

In summary:-
A cheap percolator that comes in varying sizes that can be used on a variety of heating sources apart from not induction. Does what it is meant to do and does it well. No need to pay more for a better looking design for what will basically be the same item.

Happy brewing!!
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on 24 April 2017
Not high quality in any shape or form.
The metal portion of the maker is OK but the handle is too thin to grip and flimsy.
But worst of all - when you pour the coffee out, it drips everywhere..... not good.
Spend a little extra and get the Bialetti Italian 6 cup espresso maker. I have and it's 100 times better
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on 22 February 2018
I read so many reviews before buying it and was afraid that it would break soon or discolour etc. I received this little guy on 9th of February and was waiting to write a review. I've been using it every day since 9th and it works perfectly.
- Do not fill it up to the top, follow the instructions, otherwise - a. the coffee will get wet; b. it will leak a bit while boiling.
- Use good quality coffee and right grind - if you put cheap, bad coffee, you will get a bad one.
- when washing - do not use the scourer side of the sponge - a. there's no need and b. it will lose the shine, obviously.
See the photos below - I took them just now - you can see my reflection, it's still so shiny.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on 27 April 2014
Firstly, a safety note. Pouring can be a little tricky. Pour very slowly and you're fine but pour too quickly and the coffee runs straight down the outside and all over whatever is beneath it.

If you're just after a quick cuppa and pay little attention to a really good cup of coffee then this will do the job cheaply. If you really enjoy coffee though, then read on.
Yes, it does the job but the faults, compared to my old one, make it a little hazardous to use and the end result is poor.
The metal is very thin and as a result the boil time is very fast, even using the lowest heat, and the pressure very high forcing the water through the coffee filter so quickly that the flavour is significantly reduced. The lid is a poor fit and it vents a lot of steam through the hinge which then runs down the handle and onto the hob. It cools quickly enough to handle when finished but is a little messy. After maybe a dozen uses the main handle is becoming loose and the hinge has started to seize and would need freeing off to continue to use it. If left as is, I think the handles may break when forcing the lid open.
There are far better quality and safer products out there. I'll be replacing this with one of those.
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on 15 December 2014
Was some very mixed reviews on this, but price made me think it was worth the gamble!! 1st impressions were not good!! Leaked all over the place, but a little experimentation & it turns out I've got a pretty good coffee pot!!
Stopping it leaking is just down to screwing the base on very tightly (maybe a thicker silicone gasket would solve this?) & when it comes to pouring the coffee, start to pour slowly!!
I use it to make regular coffee, rather than espresso, so use less ground coffee (followed the regular instructions when I 1st got this, made 2 pots in an hour & spent the next few hours twitching!! :-D ) & it makes just about the perfect amount of coffee for a regular sized mug!! Just experiment with the amount of grinds to find your taste!!
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on 1 May 2014
Very poor quality. For a product designed to hold a not insubstantial amount of hot near boiling liquid I would be frightened to pick this up with its thin flimsey handle and consider it to be dangerous. The metal from which is made is tin can thick, light and can only be thought of in disposable terms. I have several coffee makers of this type and bought this for use in a holiday home. I considered this to be a midrange priced product thus minimising the risk of purchasing a dud. Wrong.

My advise to those requiring a product of this type is to buy one from a high street outlet where one can pick it up and feel the weight and quality of the construction. I have returned this product unused for a full refund. I will add that the delivery service was good an the returns process very easy if you have a home printer for the printing of the labels. In this respect I can congratulate Amazon.
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on 22 March 2015
I can't believe that it actually makes better fully flavoured and stinger coffee than coffee machines I've tried many, wasn't to sure about this but it's amazing! The negative side is yes you need to be a little careful handle can get a bit hot from the top but it you want a proper full flavoured coffee cup then you can't really complain also i use it with ground coffee and it's kinda gunky filter doesn't very finely filter the coffee like filter paper although it doesn't have bits of coffee it's a little mucky if you know what I mean but then again can't complain with the quality of coffee received.
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on 27 October 2017
Brilliant. I use to make small herbal teas by using herb filled tea bags were the coffee should go. I'll always order the 3 cup size. Will buy these again.
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on 21 August 2010
I bought this to replace a Bialetti maker. This is a lot cheaper but I have found it relaible. The pot comes with an extra rubber seal. At first it seemed to stick a bit when screwing together, but after a few uses it seemed to be smoother. The coffe it makes is good and its large capacity means you can brew two average size mugs in one go- great for a coffee addled household.

The components are easy to take apart to clean and spares seem easily available online. I have had this pot about 4 months and am pleased, have had to tighten up the black gripper on top of the lid sometimes, otherwise no problems.

Great for the price
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