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Kiss Me Once
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£4.85+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

VINE VOICETOP 1000 REVIEWERon 17 March 2014
Kiss Me Once is the twelfth studio album by Kylie Minogue, and is her first album under her new management team [Jay Z's Roc Nation]. Kylie and singer/songwriter Sia Furler are the album's executive producers, whilst individual track contributers include Cutfather, Daniel Davidsen, Mike Del Rio, GoodWill & MGI, The Monsters & The Strangerz and Pharrell Williams.


I'll not tapdance around things and just be brutally honest - this album is a real disappointment for me. I personally think that all of Kylie's albums since Light Years have been "meh", but there are usually a handful of songs that I've found enjoyable on each one, and with Kylie also changing management just before the bulk of work began on this album, I was expecting at least four decent tracks this time too...

My main issue is the same as it was for her last album [Aphrodite]; there's just not a lot of variety in the style of the lyrics on the album. The tone and content of the songs all fit into one of two themes from beginning to end. They really needed to mix the lyrical content and style up more since the pace of the synth pop music is the same throughout the album - except for Beautiful which was a bit of a slower, quieter pace. Everything flows together too well most of the time; making a lot of individual tracks forgettable in the jumble of loud noise the album becomes.

The other thing that bothered me; Kylie's vocals. She's famous for her sweet, innocent, almost childlike vocals, but at times this effect seems too forced and nasal. It is something that has been getting more noticeable on each album, and now it has reached the point that it has begun to irritate me. Quite a few of the tracks also use a large amount of autotune, which just strips away any personality from the songs.


A track by track breakdown isn't needed for this review: The whole album is musically monotone - basically it's all about relationships and sex. Kylie herself has only co-wrote one album track [Fine] and one bonus track for the special edition of the album [Sleeping With The Enemy].

The Pharrell Williams penned and produced I Was Gonna Cancel is the only track that I can say isn't about a relationship in one way or another (he wrote in after she became stressed out and started crying during recording sessions), and even that is nothing more then empty noise as far as I'm concerned. I'm still not sure if Kylie is telling herself, a boyfriend or a friend that they're going to be okay in the over-repetitive Fine - that song could go any way...

Lead single Into The Blue and duet [with Enrique Inglesias] Beautiful are the only two tracks that have proven to be in any way memorable for me - and even then I wouldn't say I'm really keen on them. Heck if the were on any of Kylie's previous albums I'd probably call them filler tracks.

The bonus songs? Mr Presidant is simply awful, which it's repetitive lyrics and Cheryl Cole levels of autotune. Sleeping With The Enemy is a bit better - it didn't wow me, but it is more memorable then the regular album edition tracks, so I think that it has been wasted.

The rest of the album? I've kept listening to everything ever since they leaked to when my CD arrived hoping that the songs will grow on me, but I just forget everything about the other songs within fifteen minutes of listening to them.


I should have listened to my gut instinct that told me to save my money after being left underwhelmed by the lead single, as there wasn't anything on the album that is anything other than a five minute wonder for me. I'll give my CD to my Kylie-mad work collegue, and won't be rushing to get any future Kylie albums.
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on 17 March 2014
Silly little Kylie Minogue has backed herself into a corner and shot herself in the foot with her recent output and it's come back to bite her now. By aiming her output squarely at gay men and performing almost exclusively in that type of environment she has alienated any of those floating buyers and the 10year-old girls who used to waste their parent's money on her shoddy,novelty product. I'm sure I'll bring the wrath of her hissy-fitting protectors -but check out the charts! Her lead single barely scraped into the Top40 and this album has, after 7 weeks dropped to number 70-something -which bears out my assumption that all is not well with the faceless committee who pull the strings for the Minogue-puppet-child and it will probably drop out of the Top100 next week. She just ain't selling anymore. All of this after the most relentless publicity campaign in modern history -she has been given more column inches than any real news story in that time,her goofy,toothy,Botoxed old mug has been on the TV every time you turn it on and the media have been bending over backwards to build the hype......and this is what she has unfortunately squeezed out. If you bought it,don't you feel you've been had? So far past her 'Best Before' date,it's embarrassing and proven to be a self-absorbed,self-loving narcissist with the intellect of a housefly larvae through her toe-curling appearances on that BBC drivel 'The Voice' the general public at large have seen her as she really is and they evidently have not liked what they saw. Let's face it, nobody wants to watch a 45yr-old woman-child acting like a spoilt brat at a birthday party who demands that they are the centre of everybody's attention, do they?
Anyway,to the CD in question -was unlucky to hear some of it played in a pub recently and it was rubbish,utterly without merit and with no memorable tunes or hooks on it, it was actually making people cringe and laugh. The best I could say about it was that it was totally forgettable formula electropap, supposedly sexy, with dance music on it -I disagree, play this if you want to clear a dancefloor......unless it's in a gay-bar.
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VINE VOICETOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 March 2014
Forty something. And Kylie still believes in love. No cycnicism, no broken hearts. Just endless songs of love. You have to admire someone so single minded, with just one thing, just one totem, one religion. The kiss. The heart. I suppose. But then again, Kylie's songs have never really been about anything, ever, have they? Not that I know of anyway. Always, forever, love. From I should be so lucky to the final moments of this - “Kiss Me Once” is an album where Kylie remains, as ever, utterly of the now ; a shopwindow of modern pop. And whilst “Into The Blue” is an autotuned slice of glory, some of the rest – the risibly titled “Sexercize” (for heavens sake!) is where K becomes not a leader so much as a follower : with modern production tricks and styles starting to obscure the admittedly one-dimensional content. Also, with so many producers and so many hands, the album lacks a definitive personality, being a compilation of songs from modern producers and writers, united by the common thread that is only Kylie's voice and her knack for picking an uplifting chorus to take us to the heavens. Sure they are great pop songs, they are tiny moments of uplifting hopeful paradise in a world that often falls short, but also, as with all her albums, the dominant personality is not really Kylie's, as she is a blank slate on which she projects her relatively simplistic hopes and fears. When she did depth and took more chances with “Impossible Princess” everyone rubbished her, and Kylie retreated into her pop coccoon. It's a beautiful place, but Kylie can't leave there now, forever trapped in wistful and young hopefulness. And since she is older now than the competition, and at 47, certainly aging with more grace and power than her faded peers (and nearest rival, Madonna), instead of looking at the glass half full, here we have K, the finest pop star of a generation, still doing what she does with far more grace and verve than almost everyone else.
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on 16 April 2014
Kiss me once, the 12th studio album by pop princess, Kylie Minogue opens with the lead single 'Into the blue' which just happens to be one of Kylie's most under-rated singles. It's a perfect pop song and one which I didn't really appreciate the song when it was released. A great dance beat with a lovely orchestral pieces thrown in, sewn neatly together with some great lyrics.

Million Miles - Instantly catchy. Would be a brilliant summer driving tune and can not be overlooked as a possible single.

The 2nd single, 'I was gonna cancel' is written and produced by man of the moment, Pharrell Williams is the low point on the album and I can't help but feel this song would have been better if it was on Kylie's 3rd album 'rhythm of love' - yes it sounds like like a Pharrell track but is so early 90's. Been there, got that T shirt and I've moved on.

'Sexy love' Picks up where the single 'love at first sight left off Would sit comfortable on the 'Fever' or 'Aphroidite' albums. A true Kylie tune. Another summer gem.

And now the controversial love it or hate it 'sexercise' Well I LOVE it! Credit to the song's producer. This is an epic song and a stand out track on the album.

'Feels so good' sounds like it was pushed off the 'fever' album. A nice enough uptempo ballad. It's an album filler song that I can live with.

'If only' - A song which would have fitted nicely on the 'aprhrodie' album but another album filler which is just ok.

'Les sex' Throw back to the 80's. it sounds like calvin harris was asked to mix a Pete Waterman song. But better coz none feature on the album! A well crafted song and instantly catchy.

'Kiss me once' another uptemp ballad. which is more suited to Kylie's 1st album. Tries to sound like an anthemic ballad with some Christmas bell chimes thrown in for good measure. It's ok, but would rather skip this song.

'Beautiful' the duet with Enrique Iglesias. Has all the ingredients of a great song. Stunning simple lyrics flow effortlessly over a simplistic piano which gently builds and melts. The one thing that might irritate is the use of Enrique sounding like he's a robot with overuse of a vocoder or something. But simply a stunning song.

'Fine' Kylie reassures us that everything's going to be fine fine fine which brings the album to a great close.

All in all, this is an album which will please any die hard Kylie fan. It took quite a few listens to get into it. It's been 4 years since the last Kylie studio album, so I was expecting more especially with some great non album tracks such as Timebomb and skirt being issued in previous years. I suppose a new management, Kylie was told to play it safe with some tracks similar to her previous best from fever and aphrodite and a few new styles thrown in to try out on her hardcore fan base. Hopefully the next album will be a five star.
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on 5 April 2014
I received my copy of the Limited Edition Box Sex and a really nice piece of packaging work for Kylie - "Kiss Me Once" album. It is another great album and piece of pop/dance music from start to finish from our little Oz lass. I would find it hard to narrow the album down to track by track status, as everyone reading this will have their favourites and fillers. Though the singles released so far are a superb start to listen to; Into The Blue and Sexercize. Other Kylie notables are: I Was Gonna Cancel, Sexy Love, If Only, Les Sex, Kiss Me Once, Beautiful might be 3rd next single a duet and Fine. Bubbling under the scope are Million Miles, Feels So Good, as for the bonus tracks probably spare left overs from the studio sessions, Sleeping With the Enemy, should have been included as a main album track, and for Mr President would be the lowest point on the album.

Over all I can't really say there is a really poor track on the album, and I reckon KYLIE could cull at least six singles from this CD. If Parlophone & Warner Music Group get behind her and prove a 40-ish artist after 25 years service is still a better bet musically. Than rather than a quick few £ $ Y million from and artist or band that will not have the longevity by the likes of KYLIE.

There are three versions the Standard, Deluxe or Limited Edition Box Set issues, and I went for the latter with high hopes with the packaging. For any box set the contents are the icing on the cake for someone that wants something that extra special. I checked the box contents for all its included parts as advertised when I placed the order. I have found a few differences from the advertised box set contents of this product and the let downs in design too. The Limited Edition Box Set of KMO as advertised is supposed to include:

1 - 12" Double Vinyl Album:
I would have thought it better as a gatefold sleeve with extra photos & info than a single slip sleeve for the two vinyl LP's.

2 - CD Album with Bonus Tracks:
The KMO CD release issue here is a very basic cardboard sleeve version with the two bonus tracks (13 songs in total). It is printed with a lipstick handwritten album title with a bluesy black background covered in rain drops. The rear cover listing the song titles and bonus tracks, and not even a CD booklet with it. The CD has the same sleeve background with KYLIE printed in silver across a lipstick kiss in red. Sorry to say folks, I am very disappointed with the over all CD packaging and not even in a jewel case.

3 - Digital Download Album Code:
A small ochre coloured business card with the Kiss Me Once handwriting title in red, and patterned then with a red box area containing the digital code.

4 - 5x 12" x 12" Art Prints:
4a, White card centred with a small lipstick kiss.
4b, Pretty Kylie hair tossed back looking over one shoulder sitting on the floor in a backless golden knitted mini dress.
4c, Kylie pressed against a wall in a curvaceous red latex backless halter-neck with matching nail polish and lipstick.
4d, Kylie in a black strapped top/dress behind a rain soaked window with two imprinted kisses and giving a third lipstick kiss on the glass. In fact the bluesy black background behind Kylie is the same as the poor card sleeve of the CD album cover.
4e, This print is of Kylie behind the rain soaked glass, eyes closed and red lipstick pout with a small silver bead or pearl between her lips. The same photo used for the Standard and Deluxe jewel cased CD versions, but without any written title or text.

5 - A 12" x 12" Clear rain drop window:
A clear acetate sheet with just over a 1" black bordered with rain splashed dimpled window of your own, with a slightly darker ochre coloured handwriting album title "Kiss Me Once" in the lower right hand corner. Just about readable on a white background as in the centred lipstick Kiss 4a print, but near useless on the other four prints 4b-4e.

6 - A 12" x 12" Red sticker:
A large set of rather plain graphic crimsonness lips that measures approx 10.25" (W) x 6.75" (H) sticker. The rest of the sticker is a waste as it has a 1.5" teardrop on the top right corner, and a 0.25" small oval on the bottom right corner that are non removable printed to the rest of the sheet.

7 - A 12" x 12" thin sheet of white paper:
I suppose or take it this is to keep the prints and sticker separated.

8 - The Red Limited Edition Box Set packaging:
All the above are housed in a black box top and bottom covered in a deep red silky valour like material on the covers. The back or bottom of the box is plain no writing or graphics on it. The top cover has although a very small version of the sticker graphic imprinted in the centre of the lid valour. The lip graphic measuring 2.75" x 1.75" in width and height.

Above is what you get in the box set contents although in the pre-order advertisement, I now find was misleading. The 12" Sticker Sheet was to contain ten small Kylie sized Kiss Red Lipstick Sticker Designs in a diagonal line from corner to corner forming the letter "X" as in a kiss. Also with the "KYLIE - KISS ME ONCE" logo printed or removable sticker too, below the crossed lips sticker sheet rather than the one in the box contents. As for the Acetate rain drop window a better choice of colour than the ochre KMO hand writing logo could have been better chosen to stand out when held against the prints, to make your own Kylie styled album cover with the title logo artwork.

There was a run of 100 box sets signed by Kylie, but with such a limited worldwide run of this box set, I think Kylie could have spent more time doing a lot more autographs, especially with the legions of fans she has, and as said the limited production run of this release. Though very Happy Days to those that received one of the 100 autographed issues. Although all the songs on here is what really supposed to matter most, and would be the most important part other than the packaging. I feel cheated at the cost of nearly £51, with the CD album that should have been the Deluxe version with the extra tracks in a proper Jewel Case and with a Booklet not a rather plain card sleeve. The lack of a Double Album Gatefold Sleeve is annoying, although three other fabulous photos on the sleeves are nice, the track list on the fourth side. The different Sticker Sheet from the one in the pre-order advert, poor choice in the colouring of the window logo. If doing a Limited Edition please put more thought into it, and get the contents correct before advertising the limited edition box sets or any special editions.

It is the MUSIC on here than brings us fans together to enjoy the sounds that can be made track by track, by any genres of the music industry, and the artists that write and perform the material released. You could call me the A to Z Man as my 1,500+ CD albums alone, run from anything by AC/DC to Zucchero or another way to put it ABBA to ZZ Top. I like to buy "Original" to hold in my hands releases than downloads, which you have nothing to show for it but a price tagged emailed link or code. I love music via the hard copy vinyl and CD albums and singles, and my music collection genre ranges from the 50′s to present day. I even like the old musical movies before that, that had the likes of Gene Kelly with Raindrops keep falling on my head while dancing in the rain.

Actually as a packaging example for a Limited Edition Box Set, check out Within Temptation pre-order "HYDRA" album release at £49.99 GBP it contented the following:

1 - DOUBLE VINYL in a Gatefold Sleeve.
2 - SONGBOOK with lyric's and music cords.
3 - PLECTRUM with Logo on one side and the reverse side with band name and album title.
4 - INSTRUMENTAL CD release of the full Album, though in Cardboard Sleeve.
5 - MEDIABOOK with a 100 pages with info, lyrics, and photos, also housing CD1 HYDRA album and a bonus CD2 eight extra tracks (three disks in total).

All housed in a Silver Foiled lettered HYDRA book edition package approx 5.5″ x 5″ x 0.5″ in dimension. It has the MEDIABOOK held in place with a foam insert with MEDIABOOK cut out area, that fits nicely in the limited edition box approx of the same size as the box but twice as deep compared to KYLIE - Kiss Me Once release which cost a few pounds more.

Anyway, I thought to bring these details forward about the Kylie box set, and as advertised it is also in my option to be very miss guiding to the fans with the released content, advertised differences, the highs and lows of the items inside. As I said it could be taken as bad advertising and even fall under the law of False Advertising and the Manufacturing of Goods and Products clause.

Well, that is my over all option about the album Kiss Me Once by KYLIE and the packaging of my pre-ordered limited edition box set. If the record company wish to contact me they can about the pointers I have made about the packaging. I'll welcome any replies by them if they are willing to talk about it.

So 5 Stars for the tracks, as for the packaging I'll say 3 Stars, as too which version to buy I would say the Deluxe release for the greater fan, and the Standard for the casual fan.
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on 19 March 2014
Considering this is Kylie's 12th outing, you'd think her songs would start to get a bit redundant - however this album is the complete opposite - this album really feels like a throwback to so many eras of Kylie, but yet sounds so current.

"Into The Blue" is a great lead single and very euphoric, very much an 'All The Lovers' 2.0 i think, though not the best on the album, i feel like this song will work perfectly when she performs it on tour. "Million Miles" for me sounds very much like "Get Outta My Way", but in a good way, great beat, love the vocals on it - great song! "I Was Gonna Cancel" reaaaally sounds like a throwback to way back when, sounds like it could easily been part of 'Enjoy Yourself' or 'Rhythm of Love'; a modern day 80's Kylie tune. With "Sexy Love" i read somewhere that it sounds like a cross between 'Wow' and 'Love At First Sight' and this person couldn't have been more right, so happy, so bouncy and would work great as a summer single. Now we move on to "Sexercise", probably the most talked about song on the album thus far, at first it seems a bit lukewarm, it doesn't really go anywhere, but as the video for the song got released this morning, the song really is running in pole position as the song of the album for me - the video really brings the song to life and makes me just wanna grind on that fitness ball! Been stuck in my head all day and this song too could have easily have been part of 'Body Language'. "Feels So Good" is a cover song (I know, who knew?!),and to me it reminds me a bit of 'Everything Is Beautiful' from Kylie's previous album. We then have "If Only" which i really love. The music to the song is so powerful and i feel again with this song, on tour it would work perfectly. this song is definitely up there with the favourites on this album. Next we have "Les Sex" which again sounds like part of 'Body Language', very quirky beats (which makes it work perfectly as a typical Kylie song) and odd lyrics ("if loves a drug, we're higher than stiletto's") but nonetheless a definite stand out, i think this would work great as a tour opener. We then have the title track, "Kiss Me Once", after a few listens, once you really get to know the song, it's amazing - Kylie herself said that the song is starting to sound great live and i really think it will, so euphoric and a great track to title the album with - a real gem for the album. We then have the only real filler on the album, "Beautiful", i really hope i get to like this song in time, but after a few listens its so bland and forgettable. I really do not understand why this song is so overly auto-tuned, just when you get to the real soothing moments in the song its killed by these robots trying to tell me i'm so beautiful - i think this is the real reason i don't like the song, if it was performed acoustically, i feel like i'd love it, but the album really could have done without the song. The final track on the standard edition of the album is "Fine" which is a good song, but not really anything compared to some of the other songs on the here. The 80's sample used in this song works, and i feel it could have been used more to make the song a bit better, but overall with this song, it just feels a bit 'meh' to end on, same with 'Beautiful', i hope this song grows on me. The first of the two bonus tracks on the album is "Mr. President" which is a complete oddball, it doesn't really fit in with the album and i think it's real home is 2007's 'X', a good song but just doesn't belong on this album for me. The final song is "Sleeping With The Enemy" which i feel is a really nice way to end the album - its soothing, perfectly produced & probably the only song on the album where (as far as i can tell) no auto-tune is used, feels like it could've been on 'Kylie Minogue' - 'Sleeping With The Enemy' is definitely the right vibe to end the album with.

Overall a great album, though not up there with 2010's 'Aphrodite' it's probably one of Kylie's best ever efforts - i cannot wait for some more songs from this new era of Kylie!

P.s - future singles have to be 'Sexy Love', 'I Was Gonna Cancel' or 'Kiss Me Once' - i'd loveeeee for 'If Only' to be released but i doubt it will, oh well, here's hoping! Thanks for the music Kylie.
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on 22 March 2014
I don't quite know where to rate Kiss Me Once. It certainly has some high moments, but unfortunately a few lows too. Overall at first glance/listen it seems to be lacking the strong identity that her last few albums had.

Firstly, why all the sex?? It seems to be marketed at the 14 yr old boy market with sex being mentioned in 3 song titles. Sexy Love is fine, Les Sex I'll let go (though it could have easily had a different title) but Sexercise?? Really?? Kylie always cornered the 'Sexy' market without ever going over the line to 'Sexual' territory. Not here though, the video in particular is bordering tacky and ignoring all that I can think of multiple songs more worthy of a single release.

Several high points despite all that. Into the Blue is a great song, as are Kiss Me Once, Fine, Cancel, Les Sex, and others. If I was reviewing the regular release it might have been 3 stars, however both bonus tracks are great and push it to a definite 4.

I do wish producers had more faith in her vocals though. Often over-produced it covers up how good her voice can be and occasionally she's tweaked into sounding like a chipmonk. The BBC Proms and other live shows have proved she can sing, so let her! 'Beautiful' is near-ruined by the effects and how bland En-reeky sounds. Look forward to hearing any future versions of that. (Bono improved the already-great 'Kids' so there's hope!)

Not my favourite of her last few albums but still better than most other pop artists. Looking forward to the tour!
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on 18 March 2014
i feared the worst for kylies new album when she singed to Rocnation(Jay-Zs label) i thought we may get the trashy tacky awful generic EDM-pop that has sadly taken over the charts in recent years,however when i heard "Into the Blue" my fears went out the window! i fell in love with the sparkling,fizzing,energetic yet elegant disco pop gem,which will make you let go and dance! however there are even better tracks which havent been given single status(CORRECT AT TIME OF WRITING!) for example "Kiss me Once" is a euphoric sparkling 80's gem about letting go and falling in love with just the right amount of camp! "Les Sex" is a very camp,silly,cheeky disco gem witch screams out AMAZING in big pink flashing letters(Your disco needs you 2!) "Feels so Good" has a dreamy carefree nature with a 90's dance theme with a pure pop kylie glittery twist and makes you want to dance! "Fine" a kylie co-written track has a 90's dance theme with euphoric glittery twist and is about feeling good about the future after a bad day,"Sexy Love" is a funky,catchy pop tune witch will get in your head!,"Million Miles" has pop-rock vibe with a brilliant chrous and will get in your head! "I Was Gonna Cancel" is a funk-r&b track with a kylie twist "If Only" is once agian a dreamy dance pop gem witch is very unique and unlike anything on the radio with a euphoric sparkly chrous!
VERDICT: Kylie has got her dancing shoes back on and has made an album witch will make you dance like no one is watching and let go in the neon lights and sparkles,you cant feel sad after listing to this,welcome back queen minouge!
BEST TRACKS: "Kiss Me Once" "Les Sex" "If Only" "Fine" "Feels So Good" "Into The Blue"
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on 7 November 2017
Unfortunately i received this deluxe edition with no external case.
review imagereview image
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on 17 March 2014
When her amazing since Timebomb was released in 2012 it was such an amazingly fresh sound that I had really high hopes for Kylie's new cd, especially that she was signed with a new record label Roc Nation.
Kiss Me Once have arrived today, but was highly disappointed with it.
Was never crazy about the single Into The Blue either, but that seems to be the best song out of the whole thing.
Not saying it's a bad cd, but extremely generic, nothing really jumps out, sounds just like the rest. Would be surprised if this would be successful in the US as they intended it to be, considering that Kylie had many AMAZING cd's before which weren't even noticed in the US.
Obviously many fans love it based on the glowing reviews on ITunes, but for me it's just very average, nothing really stands out, to me this is her least memorable cd so far.
I loved X, I think it was an excellent, very underrated record, even Aphrodite had instant jump out great songs on it I loved.
I have seen Kylie live a few times and she can actually sing well, but on this cd even her voice just ok, the whole production is just bland.
This was aimed to get on the charts, lots of "sex" mention on the songs, aimed at possibly the younger generation, but getting on the top of the charts has nothing to do with good music, usually the worst are #1's and the good stuff stay behind.
I hope she will release something more personal and deeper next time.
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