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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Kingdom Hearts: Recoded (Nintendo DS)
Price:£26.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

VINE VOICEon 16 March 2013
Present for my Grandson. He said it was great and it certainly kept him occupied for quite some time which is all you can ask for.
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on 31 January 2015
I enjoyed it but it could've been better...... Like it's good and all but I found this one very easy to complete. it was still challenging sometimes but the older Kingdom Hearts games were more challenging and had better stories.
One thing I don't like is the idea of making the characters data. Like instead of the real Sora your playing as Data Sora.....

But still, In another way it was really fun and great in it's own way.
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VINE VOICEon 14 March 2011
The last DS Kingdom Hearts game, 358/2 Days, was a bit of a let down for me back when it came out. As you can imagine, I approached Recoded with some apprehension, but thankfully it is a pretty big improvement on it's predecessor in technical and gameplay terms, but there are still a number of problems here that get in the way of it being a genuinely great title.

Seemingly taking place after KH2, the story (nonsensical as it is) revolves around Jiminy Cricket's journal charting Sora and company's adventures which was wiped clean at the climax of GBA KH title Chain of Memories. King Mickey, Donald and Goofy discover an ominous new message/warning in the previously mostly blank journal and decide to do what Mickey Mouse does best: Digitise the journal by using a supercomputer to break it down into data and have a computer generated copy of Sora travel into said data and uncover both the meaning behind this new message and why the journal ended up being wiped clean originally. What follows is more or less the same thing as Chain of Memories as a memory loss suffering Sora relives a watered down take on the events of KH1, with occasional snippets of central plot used to break up the repetition. The plot is both convoluted and at times confusing, falling into the same pitfalls that have plagued this series since every game after the first one. It would be one thing if this story had a satisfying payoff at the end, but it doesn't even have that. The plot and how it is presented is this game's biggest failing.

Thankfully, the gameplay is a different story. The combat is a slightly stripped down take on KH2, with fast, button mash heavy battles that are mostly well put together but hampered by the usual KH camera issues and a deeply annoying lock on system. The levelling up system and special move set up could have done with being a bit more intuitive and simply laid out, but overall, the combat element of the game is pretty solid. Exploration is also pretty well handled, as rather than try to create large areas to explore, the game emphasises instead smaller, puzzle/challenge driven areas (With an unusual fetish for blocks and block based puzzles) occasionally broken up with completely new gameplay elements (You could even call them mini-games if you must) that see some areas take the form of homages to games like Mario and Space Harrier. These serve as interesting breaks from the normal gameplay and are well enough put together, so again: solid stuff. There is an intense amount of repetition in here though, and there is a real lack of actual side quests and additional content, and the controls can frustrate alongside THAT camera also. You have been warned.

Visually, the game is a big improvement on 358/2 Days, with smoother performance and slightly better texture work. It's still quite jagged and bland in places, but it is still an improvement, with the trade off for the graphical improvements seemingly being much smaller play areas. Whereas 358/2 Days had several huge open areas to explore, Recoded has nothing of the like, as mentioned above. The soundtrack is again a series of reused tracks from KH1-2, with the bare minimum of voice work in game, spared for the rare FMV cutscenes. Nothing new on this front to be honest.

It smacks very much of a game made on the quick to cash in on the KH name, with the whole experience feeling like so much aimless filler in what it accomplishes. It's great Square-Enix put the effort in to refine the technical aspects of the game, and it IS fun to play but I was left feeling deeply unsatisfied by the end of it. I think by this stage, I for one am pretty sick of the constant 'beating around the bush' of the KH spin off games and would say it's long past time Square-Enix started working on KH3 already, but seeing as there is already yet another spin off title coming for the 3DS this year, and it sounds like ONCE AGAIN it's premise involves retreading the events of KH1, I fear that they're likely to run this series so far into the ground before the actual threequel arrives that no one will care when it eventually does.

I mean, when there are three times as many spin offs in a series than actual installments, it is taking things a bit too far, isn't it?
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on 17 January 2011
Just like Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Recoded gets into the story quite quickly. The levelling up system is a lot different but it's pretty simple to grasp. The battles are similar to 1 and 2, but so far for the most part it's just Sora fighting alone, no parties... Although in Olympus it changes to a turn-based battle system with a slight twist which I thought was interesting.

The only thing I'm not too happy about is that although it's on the DS you don't actually need to use the touch screen at all, which I think is a shame because isn't that basically the point of the DS?

But other than that I'm really enjoying playing this game, I'm about 9 hours into it and had to force myself to put it down so that I don't finish it too quickly!
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on 25 February 2014
The company is trustworthy, I know that because my product didn't come in due date and when I complained they offered a refund or sending another, not just that, they also explained that the delay was because of the weather conditions in the US back when I ordered it and that I will eventually get two games but it's okay as long as I'm pleased. Of course, I agreed to wait without having them sending another copy and it did come shortly afterword. The game is great, as expected form Kingdom Hearts and I love it. I recommend this product for whoever is a fan of the series.
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on 22 July 2011
It's quite easy to see how this was originally released in eight instalments because the story feels quite jumpy, and because of this I would say that it is the weakest in the series in terms of plot. Despite this, the gameplay is very enjoyable (particularly for a spin-off!) and I much preferred this game to the other DS Kingdom Hearts game, 358/2 Days.

The levelling system is similar to Final Fantasy X's sphere grid (my favourite RPG levelling system of all time) and is very easy and fun to use.

Graphic-wise, it is very impressive for the DS. I am yet to see any game who has utilised the DS graphics as well as this.

I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who has enjoyed Kingdom Hearts I & II.
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on 28 February 2011
This is an excellent game, if you're a fan of KH like me you'll love it. It carrys on from the story in KH2, the only thing is the story can sort of become repetitive towards the end.
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on 26 January 2012
This game is very good. Maybe lacking the story depth of the previous games
but it still has an interesting storyline that fits nicely with Kingdom Hearts 2.
The gameplay is one of the best in the series with countless abilities and attacks
that you can perform. The graphics are good for the DS as well.

Gameplay: 10/10

Its a great game and I would recommend that you buy it. =)
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on 14 September 2012
I would always recomend Kingdom Hearts games as they contain both enjoyable game play and storyline. I'll be honest, the Recoded storyline isn't the best but the game play does make up for it. You get the traditional fighting style plus specific styles for each 'world' that is visited. I like the way that bosses are challenging but in a way that makes you more determined rather than bored.
All is all, a brilliant buy.
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on 19 January 2011
WHY, out of ALL of the Disney levels that you could POSSIBLY add into this game, did they only choose Agrabah, Wonderland and the Colosseum? While Wonderland was a breath of fresh air after not seeing it for several games, Agrabah and the Colosseum are incredibly lacking in fun and originality. The plot is interesting but badly cobbled together.
My advice to anyone wanting to buy this game? Wait until you can get a used copy for less. :D
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