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The stories running through issues #14-21 of the `New 52' Justice League Dark are collected as Justice League Dark Volume 3: The Death of Magic TP (The New 52). There are two main stories collected here, with a bridging issue from the previous collection/storyline leading off, as two people are missing from the previous adventure involving the Books of Magic (which I haven't read), and various newcomers from ARGUS are milling about trying to help; along with the Phantom Stranger who pops in to warn of an impending major war - which will be a big crossover event with all the Justice Leagues, collected as Justice League Trinity War HC (The New 52).

However, the stories collected here are very entertaining, with excellent scripting and high-definition artwork. The writer manages to provide excellent characterisation and interaction for the cast, something they didn't always get as `guest artists' in other people's series.

Issues #15-18: "The Death of Magic" opens with Zatanna and Tim Hunter appearing in another dimension, sent there by the Books of Magic in the previous volume. Zatanna discovers that her magic powers are phenomenally increased in this dimension, which is dominated by a super-scientific high tech culture, which has outlawed magic and magic users, and has a very intolerant attitude to mythical beings and creatures, as our heroes discover, when they are rescued from the high-tech police sent to apprehend them by the surviving giants, sprites and the like. It turns out that many of their kind emigrated across a dimensional bridge long ago to Earth, along with their leader the Hunter, and they now see young Tim as their saviour retuned to them, who will lead them in a war against the oppressive humans. Meanwhile, the rest of the team have been struggling to find a way to reopen the bridge from Earth, and eventually recruit Tim's father to act as a catalyst to open the way. However, when they cross over, some very strange effects occur - Constantine is unable to tell a lie, Madame Xanadu starts to age rapidly, and Deadman finds that Boston Brand is alive again. There is also a huge bleed of magical energy from the high-tech world caused by the lack of magicians using it, and it is causing a dangerous overload that will have devastating results if not stopped quickly. Someone has to volunteer to cross over to warn the others...

Issues #19-21: "Horror City" sees an assassination attempt on John Constantine by the Cult of the Cold Flame, and while he is busy dodging it, someone steals the House of Mystery... and uses it to unleash nightmares on the inhabitants of New York. Fortunately, the Flash is on hand to lend a hand (and a scientific brain) to the team, as they struggle to face their own nightmares and help their teammates to overcome theirs, and eventually discover the figure who has taken control of the House - the son of one of the team. There are also several foretellings and prophecies thrown about, as you'd expect in this book, some of which may be truer than others.

These are excellent stories, ranging from the `epic' of the first to the more personal, but still large-scale in the appropriate places, of the second. As I said above, there is excellent scripting and high-definition artwork, with great characterisation and interaction among the cast and guests.
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on 23 February 2014
When I first started out I wasn't even too sure I wanted to read JLD. Superheroes with magic? I wasn't sure. But, boy, am I ever glad I got into this because it is one of my favourite series!!! This volume is fantastic. So much is going on and I'm going to have to give a SPOILER alert just in case I let too much slip from previous volumes or even this issue. So don't read any if your afraid of learning more than you might want! OMG! I love Deadman. He is my absolute favourite guy on this team, DC, please don't kill him off and if he has been already, don't anybody tell me! I hate Constantine, he's a conceited jerk but it sure looks good on him when the magic world messes with him and he can no longer lie, that was funny. Things get really intense in this volume. The whole Books of Magic story line is wrapped up with some stunning conclusions but we have the introduction of two new heroes from other groups: The Flash & Swamp Thing (I have never read ST in my life). This series is taking me places I've never been before in the DC Universe. Flash ends up kind of liking working with JLD, he likes the camaraderie the have here as opposed to his always in-fighting JL. The stage is set though with the various JLs, there is tension in the air, vying for leadership roles, lots of dissension against Steve Trevor, sorry don't like him can't get past hearing Lyle Waggoner every time he speaks LOL. And just what are the Justice League groups going to look like when this is over. Can't wait for Trinity War (on pre-order) for March. Then I'll get up to date with the Trinity of Sin books/Pandora/Phantom Stranger, man, this is wicked stuff.... I'm hooked, I'm a fan! Call me a Leaguer!
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on 9 April 2014
Dark is the new Black.
I honestly think this is the best team mag on the market these days, well written, well drawn, a good amount of character and mystery and a splash of humour that feels natural not forced or slapstick.
The wrap up of the Tim Humter/Books of Magic storyline works well but I agree with others that there may have been a longer arc initially outlined but crossovers forced a quick ending.
For the same reason the Doctor Destiny arc feels slightly squashed and I am sure he will be back soon – especially as his links to the group have been so deeply established now.
Other group titles may mark time before major crossovers but not this one, every issue progresses the story and the team forward.
I eagerly await the Trinity War – but I’m rooting for this team to win it!
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on 16 February 2014
The first 2 collections of Justice League Dark have been a treat, the first an origin story pulling the very differing team together the second a more blockbuster magical adventure, this third volume doesn't quite come up to the standards of the second but it is still very good.

This volume contains issues 14-21 (not 14-19 as it says in the description) and contains 2 stories the death of magic and horror city, the first kicks off straight from the end of the previous volume (stop reading now if you haven't read the second volume) with Zatanna and Tim Hunter teleported to parts unknown and the rest of the team with help from A.R.G.U.S trying to find a way to find them, I won't spoil the story (the general gist is magic against technology) but it brings up some interesting twists and turns but the pace is extremely fast and the ending does seem to rush towards you with great speed, the second story starts with Constantine having the house of mysteries stolen and someone releasing monsters from within it, after the last volume being quite Constantine focused this shifts the story back to the other members of the team (even though the team seems to have some members missing) it also contains a couple of interesting cameos, this story again is fast paced and is a nice mix of horror and action but it also drops some hints about what is possibly coming in the teams future.

So although it doesn't quite hit the heights of the previous volume there is a lot to like, after his addition in the last volume Frankenstein really brings a lot to the team and with his own series being cancelled it's good to see the character given the chance to shine in this title and the rest of the characters are extremely likeable, after three volumes I'm not sick of Deadman and Constantine bickering, the art is still up to previous standards and the various magical creatures and monsters are all great to look at, the one real issues is the plot is a little rushed, but balance that with the amount they fit in and the amount of fun this title still is it works out to be a good continuation of the series.

If you have loved the series so far then this doesn't let you down, if you are looking at this and wondering if the series is for you then all I can say is try it you might well like what you find, but I would advise reading Volume 2 first.
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on 1 April 2014
Sorry to rain the parades of those who really like this title. The first two volumes were pretty good, guiven the really tenuous premise, but this is simply poor.

The scripting has gone haywire- too much is crammed into the story without any real attention to character(except obvious stereotyping) and the thing is in essence a bit of a mess.

I really hope those who enjoy the title continue to do so. Me, I'm calling it a day!
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on 31 December 2015
great supernatural stories
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