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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 September 2015
Wow! I'm so glad I got this.
Having applied another product (Effipro) to my cat's coat month after month for a year, I thought he was protected from fleas. I didn't suspect that the increased scratching and licking could be fleas, nor that the little white grains were eggs. But he was clearly suffering, so I thought I'll try these tablets.

And whoa! After giving him one (mashed with a creamy treat), it took just 15 minutes to see results. For a few minutes, my poor kitty ran and scratched - this was the fleas in his coat starting to crawl because they didn't like the treatment. Then after half an hour, he lay down on the desk between my arms, purring happily.

My kitty radiated relief. I could practically see the happiness coming from him.

I found a dozen dead fleas on the table. They had dropped out of his coat where I hadn't spotted them when they were alive. Those were the fleas the previous treatment (Effipro) hadn't killed.

When choosing a flea treatment, select one to which the fleas in your locality haven't developed immunity. My cat and I live on the East Sussex coast. If you live in this area, chances are your fleas will be like ours - they ignore Effipro but drop dead with 4fleas.
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on 7 September 2013
Cassie is an indoor cat and so I guess it was me that bought a flea into the house. Noticed her constantly scratching and getting irritated a few days ago and after getting a few bites myself was horrified to find loads of the sods crawling through her fur. Ordered Indorex for the house but needed something to remove them from my lovely cat so got these. Wow!, got one down her without too much trouble and 15 minutes later they were falling off of her and dying. She ran about a bit but quickly settled down and I saw loads of them crawling out of her fur trying to get away but unable to jump and just staggering around dying (hopefully in agony). Going to blitz the house once the Indorex arrives to kill off any that escaped and in the meantime vacuuming excessively. I feel so guilty that my cat got fleas in the first place but at least know I know that just one of these tablets will kill them off. I now have a very happy cat who now is catching up on a lot of missed sleep due to these little gits. Highly recommended, very very effective and and worth the price
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on 20 October 2012
It is a very safe product, BUT as with all drugs dose is very important, over dosing of course can lead to toxic effects. These are 11.4mg tablets, note that the recommended min dose is 1mg/kg, so for example if you have a cat that weighs 4kg you will need to dose with 4mg, which means you will have to use 1/3 of a tablet! This is impractical, you could give 1/4 tablet (2.85kg weight equivalent), but even this is fiddly. Note that 1 tablet contains the dose for a cat up to 11kg. So a good practical compromise would be for cats up to 5kg give 1/2 a tablet. (1/2 tablet would be the dose for a 5.7kg cat.) So if there there is an adverse reaction, which is unlikely but could happen, you have not given the full 11.4mg dose in a smaller cat. Cats over 5kg give a whole tablet. Advice given on the packet is just to give one tablet for 1 to 11kg cats. Human medicines would probably not do this even with 'safe' drugs. If the cat has kidney or liver problems then best to consult a vet about using the tablets. I just crush the tablet up with the back of a spoon, use half or all according to the cat's weight, mix the powder well in a small amount of the cat's wet food so it will all be eaten in one go, give when the cat is hungry! I am a pharmacologist and have looked at the clinical data. The toxicity in rats (median LD50) is around 1600mg, so giving an 11.4mg dose to a cat is well within safe limits, there have been no adverse events reported. I just like to give (close to) the right dose! I give 5 star for the product, it's easier and more effective than dermal drugs which the cat can probably lick off. I have used 1/2 tablet again on my 3.9kg cat this summer (2014) which cleared her of a flea infestation that her flea collar couldn't cope with (fleas to be expected in the summer when the cat spends most of her time outdoors). Don't be concerned over the cat's reaction. The cat will feel the fleas reacting to the drug, will run around and scratch for a few hours (around 3hrs for my cat) and then have some food and curl up for a sleep! A second dose can be given 24hrs after the first dose since the drug is eliminated from the cat's system fairly quickly (reduces by half in 8hrs), but the flea infestation would have to be very serious to warrant a second dose, also there is extra stress for the cat. A first dose will kill 100% of actively biting fleas, a second dose might be required if more fleas appear after a week or so. These fleas probably arise from eggs that were already on the cat's fur. Note that the drug only kills fleas that are sucking blood (as the drug is in the blood). It has been 3 weeks since I gave the 1/2 tablet, the cat is still clear of fleas, she has a new flea collar on which is probably taking care of new flea arrivals (mostly from flea eggs still on the cat - hence the need for regular/weekly combing). My cat only needs one dose over the summer, when all cats that go outdoors are at risk of flea infestation, I think it's a great buy that I would wholeheartedly recommend.
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on 12 December 2013
Does exactly as described. If there's any fleas they will be dropping off within minutes. Downside is if you have a cat that's adverse to taking tablets. I put mine in some pate and no problem.
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on 22 August 2014
I took in a stray and am currently rehabilitating her little by little. I noticed she was absolutely crawling with fleas and of course they had to go. I tried fipronil as that's supposed to be the gold standard stuff, well I used it and a few weeks later the fleas were back with a vengeance. My whole house was infested with the little blood sucking demons. In my desperation I found this product while looking on amazon for some flea foggers. I bought it because I tried everything else and they just wouldn't go. Because my cat is so tiny, at only 1.6kg I only gave her a little tiny speck of the rather large 11mg pill*. Even at that small amount, the change was miraculous. I found dead fleas all over her favorite blanket that had dropped off. After a rigorous vaccum and a very intensive flea combing to get rid of the next generation, I've finally gotten rid of all the fleas.

*Please note that you should always dose according to your cat's weight, roughly 1mg per kg.
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on 7 November 2013
I have been treating my cat with Frontline which did not have any effect, and this product worked first time, so I am very pleased.
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on 25 August 2014
After trying natural remedies and combing to remove the fleas I have in and bought these. Within an hour I was finding dead fleas where all 3 cats had been. It was amazing how quickly these worked with no fuss. They got a whole tablet each as I read the box and looked up about weight etc and they have suffered no ill effects and are happily flea free
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on 5 September 2013
Not a pleasant topic but a necessity when you have 3 cats. Always seems to work and fairly easy to administer
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on 16 July 2016
Two cats covered in fleas ....popped a tablet in each if their mouths, they were going mad itching for about 20 mins then they both flopped down and went to sleep. Flea free, no hesitation in recommending this product and am happy to give again as and when fleas re-appear, also happy it can be used in conjunction with over treatments (if needed)!!!
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on 22 July 2016
Was a bit sceptical after reading all the other reviews for this product - how could fleas "fall off" so quickly?
But after crushing up the pill in their evening wet food my two cats starting itching and grooming like mad 20 minutes later. The fleas were hanging off the end of their fur and falling off. Some were not quite dead and needed scooping into soapy water to be finished off, but it was amazing to watch.
After about an hour of madness both kitties settled down and were in an itch free sleep for the first time in months!
I am however, not looking forward to the hair balls that all the grooming will no doubt have produced...!
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