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on 7 July 2012
I must admit my surprise and awe at discovering this fine product, it just goes to show how humble Nick Humby really is. Some icons demand statues or areas named after them in their honour, not Nick that's just not his style! He quietly passes through under the radar and releases this tricky little number, total respect and admiration for the guy I mean just look at that smile. Though I must admit not nearly big as grin when I heard the knock on the door and realised it was the postman.
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on 29 July 2013
I am a huge fan of Senior Accountants, even before they became the coolest people on earth (I'm no glory hunter), and consider myself privileged to have met the legendary Bert Perkins (famous for the singular pivot-table ethereal tax-accounting method) at a Charity Dinner for Wayward Statisticians. I bought this jigsaw, not for the fun of completing puzzles, but purely for the picture of "The Man" - Nick Humby. Whilst the puzzle itself provided an hour or so of fun, the resulting picture is a thing to behold. I was saddened to discover that the jigsaw is not the wipe-clean variety, consequently my copy of this jigsaw has a piece slightly soiled, which makes the bottom of Nick's tie seem somewhat strange. Having blighted this beautiful image due to my lack of foresight I have written to Nick several times to apologise for having defaced what would otherwise be a miraculous image, I sense his abhorrence at my mis-deeds and will welcome the opportunity to apologise to Nick, his family, his fans and followers.......as soon as the Restraining Order is rescinded.
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on 12 April 2013
The Mrs bought me this because I said I wanted a book by Nick Hornby for my birthday. Clearly something went awry in the game of Chinese Whispers we were playing between the two of us because I ended up with Photo Jigsaw Puzzle of A portrait of Manchester United Finance Director Nick Humby from Manchester United instead.

Upon unwrapping I realised, for the first time, that there are two levels to dumbfoundedness. I was dumbfounded at her error, but became further dumbfounded when I saw that it was none other than Financial Director at Manchester United, and all round guru of people referred to as finance directors at clubs called Manchester United, Nick Humby! (Imagine the first level of dumbfoundedness is your jaw hitting the floor and then the next level is your jaw developing a little drill that bores down further into the floor and that's where I was at).

Having taken two weeks off work to complete the puzzle at an average of 2 pieces a day (I highly advise leaving the two pieces that form his beaming smile till the end; your heart skips a beat, go on, try it) I thought the come-down would be brutal. However, I ran the completed puzzle through a laminator and now use the completed puzzle as a place mat, hence 5 stars for durability.

I have since requested Nick Hornby's entire back catalogue for future birthdays.
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on 15 August 2013
I must admit I'm not the world's biggest football fan or much of a fan of the 'Red Devils' as it were so I bought this in good faith not knowing that Nick Humby left his position as Finance Director at Manchester United almost 7 (SEVEN) years ago!

My son is an aspiring Finance Director (currently he's in HR department at Focus-Do-It-All but studying at night school) and he's collecting jigsaws of all Premiership and Football League Finance Directors. When I saw this I thought it'd be a perfect gift for his birthday. Imagine my shock at his disconsolate little face when he opened this! He tried to be brave and laugh it off, but I know it tore him up inside. He ended up getting sent home from work and even cried all through bath time and all because Amazon are still advertising this as the CURRENT Manchester United Finance Director! You ruined my son's big day and to round it off, I can't seem to see a Richard Arnold (the new Finance Director) jigsaw anywhere on the website.

Shame on you.

It is very durable though, no concerns there.
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on 4 May 2013
and about Flippin' time.
For years now I've had to put up with bootleg/Jigsaws of undetermined origin of the daddy of Finance directors Nick Humby,now those days are gone
This official release couldn't come at a better time. I recently completed the unofficial set of Premier League finance directors but these "Boots" are made from poor quality materials and I feel guilty that my money goes to a dodgy bloke who has a sweatshop in Leicester and not to the people who really need it MUFC.
Like most of you reading this I have the Nick Humby bath mat,drink coasters and cat litter tray but the jigsaw is the icing on the cake.
Well done to MUFC for finally making people's dreams come true and I'm already looking forward to the limited edition 500 piece jigsaw that includes a Nick Humby cross stitch for the wife and Nick Humby pop-up book for the kiddies.
So if you only buy one Nick Humby jigsaw make sure it's this one.
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on 11 October 2013
I am disgusted with this product. I eagerly opened the box only to discover that it had been shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces. I was going to send it back, but then I remembered the restraining order the sub-postmaster took out against me, so instead I had to make do and mend, which saw me undertake a painstaking and time consuming procedure in order to piece the picture together myself.

It's just not on, Amazon should be ashamed of themselves for selling such shoddy goods.
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on 17 May 2012
Everyone knows that Bruce Wayne is a fictional character. But as soon as I found out that Nick Humby IS Batman (thanks Mr ED Robson from Lancaster) I eagerly purchase this item to take pride of place in my Batman Characters' Alter-Ego Jigsaw Collection. The large blue expanse of Humby's shirt is probably more difficult than the green spandex area in my "Susan Boyle becoming Poison Ivy" puzzle and the extent of flesh tones on Humby's forehead provides a bigger challenge than the torso on my "Alan Bennett as Bane" limited edition enigma. This is must for any Batman Character Alter-Ego Jigsaw enthusiast!
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on 22 February 2013
I was so thrilled to find this! It's all about Mervyn King nowadays, but he's with the Bank of England and they're just so LAMESTREAM. All my mates love King and call me pretentious when I go on about Humby, but they'll shut their fat faces when they see this.

He really is one of the greats. I never stood a chance in the finance business. I mean, I can do a COUNTIF function OK, and read a balance book. I can even do double entries with a pint in me, but I'd never be like the top guys. Even before I lost my foot to an ill fitting electronic tag (they said it was my savage Type 2 Diabetes and sedentary lifestyle, but that was just to get out of the compo), I knew I'd never make it.

My hair is well too curly and I look like a docker going to a funeral in a suit, especially since I bought it for a funeral of my mate Pidge who was flattened by a container of what turned out to be prostitutes. Also, trousers are all too long for my legs.

I never had what it took, but I can still enjoy his classic work (the Glazer deal, oh my God!) and think about what could have been if my fingers weren't too clumsy for calculators at school.

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on 4 April 2012
My kids love this product and play with it for hours. Admittedly I did have to sell it to them by telling them Nick Humby is secretly Batman. But once I'd got them to believe that, they were away.
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on 29 May 2012
When you ask people to name cultural icons, many names come up. Winston Churchill, George Michael and Pippa Middleton's arse for example. But if you asked me then i know how i'd choose, Nick Humby.

Finacial expert, weirdly handsome, cooler than an Eskimo's fridge. Its safe to say hes an icon alright. As soon as i hear'd of this 'jigsaw' i knew i needed it. Hes helped Man United greatly, the unsung hero. The Tom Hagen to Fergie's Vito Corleone. The 'Man with no Name' if you will.

Hopefully i can keep this for the next 30 years then cash in for it when old Nick hits big time.
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