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VINE VOICEon 8 June 2010
"Jesus Christ Superstar" is my favourite score of the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice partnership. It is so full of raw energy, although if you listen to the soundtrack album rather than see the film, you notice the performance energy is not quite so high here as it is on the original concept album.

The film is made like a long pop video but, unlike a pop video, it is deeply moving when it needs to be: in the the Garden of Gethsemane and the Last Supper. All the artists perform well. Most of the photography is stunning and a lot of the images are very powerful, for example: the priests seeming to hover in the air like crows and Judas' entry into the "Jesus Cjrist Superstar" number.

I think this performance is actually more enjoyable than one or two others that are available on DVD. These seem worthy in performance rather than exciting, which this performance really is. It is the excitement and energy of this piece that makes it and you do get this here.

You also get, as extras, an interesting commentary from the director, Norman Jewison, and Ted Neely, who plays Jesus plus an interview with Sir Tim Rice about how the piece came to be written. Recommended.
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on 14 November 2008
This film is my particular favourite interpretation of the score.

Well, having watched this a whole bunch of times for own entertainment/degree study/group entertainment i can happy say this film fits each area.
Your enjoyment depends on a how important 'cinematography' and/or 'religion' is to you.
Yes they whoosh past the crucifixion & other more religious elements, some of the characters are funny, some beautiful, some of the costumes are just darn daft and Jesus tearing up a market is just magic...

70's singers
Free form 70's style dance
Costumes in a 70's fashion
and some seriously high squeaky/impressive/stunning 70's style singing ....YOU'LL LOVE IT!!!

I find this film deeply moving in parts and laugh out loud silly in others.

Ted Neely as Jesus is beautiful (described above as a 'wimpy looking Jesus'...wander around desert land for a couple of years and see how you look ((but I'm not getting into that argument))
Neely's voice cracks, he looks strained, tired and he's thin (Some see this as a failing on his part as an actor)
BUT it's perfect for the part of a confused, torn man.
His voice sores with beauty, pain and power. The mind & body of a torn man screeches at the sky over the rocks he sings from.
It's free, it's angry and it's broken. It's beautiful and it's fuelled with the oomph of 70's ROCK.

What else is expected from a 70's ROCK Opera!!??
ROCK ON people.

As one of the guards says;
"one thing I'll say for him, Jesus is cool"
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on 29 April 2012
Jesus Christ Superstar is my favorite movie of all time. Why? I don't know. I love everything about it. The casting, the music, the story, the direction. I'm a big fan of 70's music and this is the ultimate 70's musical for me. You will only like this film if you are fan of 1970's music. The film is shot on location and has this mixture of 1970's visuals mixing with Roman time costumes. It's a very entertaining musical and has the best Judas and Jesus performances ( in terms of Jesus Christ Superstar musicals). Carl Anderson as Judas is simply amazing and must be seen. If you love musicals and especially Andrew Lyod Webber ones, you should get this one.

The DVD comes with commentary track by director Norman Jewison and Ted Neeley (Jesus). There's also interview with lyricist Tim Rice and a photo gallery. Sound and Video quality could have been better. Overall this is a very good DVD of an amazing musical.
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on 5 April 2015
This was my favourite musical as a child, and it's stood the test of time and then some. My six-year-old loved it - though thankfully didn't see the bit where Judas hanged himself (remove kids when you see him with a rope). It's edgy, fantastically 70s and - way more than I remember - so moving. The music is completely amazing - makes one forgive ALW for being such an oily sort in the flesh. The best thing about it is the vocals - just incredible. Makes The Voice seem like Pontin's. And makes you think about the Easter story in a wholly different way.
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on 11 November 2017
Not very often you get two brilliant performances in one film. But the soulful voice of the late great Carl Anderson (Judas) and belting vocal range of Ted Neely (Jesus) make this the best adaptation of this Andrew Lloyd Webber musical by a country mile. Great supporting cat too. Other versions pale by comparison.
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VINE VOICEon 21 April 2011
Over the years I have always enjoyed watching this film when it has appeared on television, after not seeing it for a while I decided it was high time I bought the DVD after I found myself out of the blue humming Superstar.
Placing a bid for a used copy on an auction website I was disappointed to be outbid near the end of the auction, but checking on Amazon I was then delighted to find this brand new copy cheaper than the used one I was bidding for and with free delivery.
The sound is not that brilliant in places but the music is as good as ever, excellent value for a trip down memory lane with a true classic film.
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on 6 November 2014
I am not a religious person. In fact it's not possible to believe less than I do.
However, I absolutely love this film and have done so since it's initial release in 1973.
Great music, wonderfully performed in a great setting and (if I'm honest) a brilliant story. Most stories I enjoy are works of fiction so whether or not I happen to believe in the voracity of this particular tale is irrelevant - it's still a fabulous film.
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on 22 June 2012
This is one of my favourite all time films and musicals. I am not religious at all, but the songs and the music of this timeless classic is fabulous. I love the 70's feel to the film too. I first watched this film when I was five years old and I have now watched it over 100 times throughout my lifetime. Love it love it love it. The rock element is genious!! Enjoy!

Oh, and the performance by Carl Anderson as Judas, what an amazing voice he had! He is breathtaking, as are the whole crew. Pontius Pilate and Mary are also stars of this show.
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on 20 August 2012
It's nearly 40 years since I first saw this movie, so not surprising that it now seems more than a little dated, but the music, of course, is still great. When I first saw the show I was a Christian and wondered if I would find it offensive, but not so. It was just a modern (then) interpretation of a Passion Play. I'm no longer a Christian, but bought this for my grandchildren to watch as a rock-opera. They found it very moving in parts, but also amused to see the clothes that grandma used to wear!

If you haven't seen it, but like the genre, then it's worth watching.
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on 4 January 2017
saw this when it was first released and have now decided it needs to be in my musical collection to educate the younger generation. the music just does not age and is perfect for the story
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