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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 14 December 2016
This series was hilariously brilliant. Unfortunately the transfer to dvd is quite poor. Still it's over the top camp fun is still intact. There will never be another Jason King.
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on 2 November 2015
Great show.
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on 14 April 2013
I was a huge fan of both Dept S and Jason King in my youth. Both series with the delightful Mr Wyngarde, were part of my childhood. When I ordered this box set I did wonder if I was doing the right thing as I thought it might be too dated to enjoy. However, I was not disappointed. It's thoroughly enjoyable and wonderfully amusing. The character of Jason King is one in a million and Peter Wyngarde is brilliant in the role. I'd forgotten just how wonderfully entertaining this series was. Thoroughly, absolutely recommend to one and all.
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on 18 July 2014
the original Austin Powers
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on 6 May 2013
I confess I had a smile on my face all the way through viewing this series. I just find Peter Wyngarde's portrayal of Jason King one of the great comic creations of 70s TV. He doesn't play it for laughs, but the character is so entertainingly preposterous that it's impossible not to enjoy every scene he appears in or yearn to spend endless hours inhabiting his flamboyantly surreal world. For me, I think giving King his own show and dispensing with the supporting characters of 'Department S' really works, and that's solely down to Wyngarde himself; he gets away with it, despite some odd continuity, when some of the location filming sees him strolling around Europe wearing his own curly hair, only for him to be wearing King's long, bushy wig in the studio! But such strange errors, along with glaring back projection and familiar stock footage, seem to add to the distinctive charm of the series rather than detract from it.
The absence of the cinematic sheen that characterised the look of the 60s ITC series (and gave an equally glossy shine to the show that was being made more or less simultaneously with this, 'The Persuaders') doesn't spoil the viewing experience for me; the 16mm film used as a cost-cutting exercise is, to me, a very minor quibble and after a couple of episodes, I barely noticed. Curiously, considering the shameless, albeit tongue-in-cheek, mysogynistic aspects of the series (something you have to accept from the off), an attitude I thought dated the programme even more than the gloriously camp wardrobe was the episode when King thinks nothing of hunting, killing, and then mounting the head of, a rhino! Otherwise, lose yourself in a unique moment of western civilisation, when a leading man was as far from macho as it's possible to imagine. In an age when a Real Man can be defined by a shaved head and moobs, that seems incredibly refreshing!
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on 17 November 2008
This set has been quite a long time coming but proves to be well worth the wait. It seems to this reviewer that there is, necessarily, a sense of predictability about these series. Essentially, there is always a good deal of action, pretty girls, periodic car chases, intrigue, and the occasional 'whodunnit' thrown in for good measure. There is also a high level of 'cheese' which the viewer will probably either welcome with open arms or spurn with dismissive, deprecatory mutterings.

If you enjoyed the Department S box sets, then you'll enjoy these episodes - it really is as simple as that! One particular aspect this reviewer always enjoys is spotting actors and actresses (who are now familiar names) appearing as some master of vice or as a petty criminal, scarlet woman et al in their acting infancy; such occurrences abound within these episodes which were mainly filmed in 1971.

This set comes well-recommended, although the lack of an accompanying booklet was much lamented and, as a result, what would almost certainly have been a 5 star rating has been down graded to 4!

Michael Calum Jacques (author of 1st Century Radical: the shadowy origins of the man who became known as Jesus Christ)
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on 28 February 2012
Rather annoyingly the running order of each disc is not in chronological order as broadcast. So... here it is.

JASON KING - 1971 / 1972

Date broadcast Name of episode / Disc Number

15th Sep 1971 Wanna Buy a Television Series? - 4 : 4
22nd Sept 1971 A Page Before Dying - 3 : 3
6th Oct 1971 Buried in the Cold ,Cold Ground - 2 : 4
13th Oct 1971 A Deadly Line in Digits - 1 : 3
20th Oct 1971 Variations on a Theme - 2 : 3
10th Nov 1971 As Easy as A.B.C. - 3 : 1
17th Nov 1971 To Russia with ... Panache - 5 : 2
1st Dec 1971 A Red Red Rose For Ever - 4 : 1
8th Dec 1971 All That Glisters... part one - 5 : 3
15th Dec 1971 All that Glisters... part two - 5 : 4
29th Dec 1971 Flamingoes Only Fly on Tuesdays - 1 : 4
5th Jan 1972 Toki - 5 : 1
12th Jan 1972 The Constance Missal - 4 : 3
19th Jan 1972 Uneasy Lies the Head - 4 : 2
2nd Feb 1972 Nadine - 1 : 1
9th Feb 1972 A Kiss for a Beautiful Killer - 3 : 2
16th Feb 1972 If It's got To Go - It's Got To Go - 2 : 2
3rd Mar 1972 A Thin Band of Air - 1 : 2
10th Mar 1972 It's Too Bad About Auntie - 3 : 4
17th Mar 1972 The Stones of Venice - 6 : 4
24th Mar 1972 A Royal Flush - 6 : 2
31st Mar 1972 Every Picture Tells a Story - 6 : 1
7th Apr 1972 Chapter One : The Company I Keep - 2 : 1
14th Apr 1972 Zenia - 6 : 3
21st Apr 1972 An Author in Search of Two Characters - 7 : 1
28th Apr 1972 That Isn't me, That's Somebody Else - 7 : 2

Thanking you

Safe Home
Drive Carefully
May Mr King be with you
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on 21 July 2009
This is where mike myers got most of the inspiration for his austin powers character and what a character.To say he is handsome may be an overstatement but he certainly knows how to treat a lady.A very enjoyable romp into early 70s culture,I only vaguely remember seeing the jason king series strangely enough I remember its predecessor department s more,but I was delighted to get the chance to see jason king in full.While some of the episodes are hard to take overall it is extremely enjoyable in a nostalguc way.All 26 episodes are here on 7 discs accompanied by image galleries and textless materials.There is also a bizarre clip from the russell harty show featuring peter wyngarde.The best extras are the second part of the documentary"wanna watch a television series",the first part is on the department s box set,this lasts 47mins and is very informative indeed.Disc 8 has a play from 1967 featuring peter wyngarde called "crossfire" i have not seen it yet.There is also an easter egg on disc 7 featuring a short interview with wyngarde talking about his time on the prisoner.start the documentary and the skip to chapter 11 .
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on 2 December 2010
I remember Department S from the late 60s and this is the spin of series from it Jason King.The stories in Department S revolved around mysteries that were to baffling for normal police and were thus referred to Department S ( a type of Interpol) who specialised in solving the inexplicable .
For instance an aeroplane that landed without passengers and crew would be refereed to Department S.Department S called on the services of a guy who was a great crime novelist to help them Jason King.You have got to watch department S first to then fully appreciate Jason King.The stories in this series are more a vehicle to advertise the Jason King character as he tumbles headlong into adventure.I think that the stories have more humour to them than the Department S stories which tended to be more serious.There are some great looking women in the stories too.One of my favourite stories of the series is called "Uneasy lies The Head".I love the opening sequence in a Whitehall office multinational delegates are discussing ways of combating an international narcotics organisation.They are looking for a man to take charge of the investigation,Jason King is suggested,after all his mother was a French Countess and his father a descendant of the exiled Russian dynasty ( he is well heeled)Flamingoes Only Fly On Tuesdays is another favourite. In this story Jason is mistook for a gun runner while visiting a Caribbean Island during the course of the story he makes friends with the opposition party to solve the case.
If you want to relive the 60s in all its fashion watch this series !
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on 1 September 2008
He's back, after it seems like years in the wilderness, the original Swinging Detective Jason King!!

Under threat from HM Government over some unpaid backtaxes, Jason reluctantly agrees to investigate cases in his own inimitable style with a Sobranie in one hand, and a glass of Stoneaway in the other and more girls than you can shake a kaftan at!!!

Rattling good fun - highly recommended, although be warned - the series was made on 16mm film as a cost cutting excercise, so the picture is probably not as good as it should be - but this is a minor quibble.

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