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on 18 July 2011
These headphones would be excellent but have a MAJOR design flaw which is not obvious from their description and which makes me regret ever buying them.

They have a built-in volume limiter which has an on/off switch and requires a AAA battery. They cannot be operated without the limiter and accessing the battery compartment requires a small philips screwdriver (the usual ad hoc car keys/knife/credit card etc won't do).
If your children are anything like mine they will leave the them switched on, despite being told umpteen times to switch them off when not in use, thereby draining the battery, rendering them unuseable.
The volume limiter is a nice idea, but seeing as many audio devices nowadays have one on-board, and have at least a volume control, it's pretty surplus to requirements.

It's a shame as they are comfortable, fit well, look good and sound good.
So, if you buy them be prepared to either carry around a supply of AAAs and a small philips screwdriver, or be left without useable headphones.
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on 19 October 2009
My 5 year old loves these headphones and uses them on the laptop when logged into ceebebies, nickjr, etc. They are also usable in a DS.

The inbuild volume limiter is great for our peace of mind that the kids haven't cranked the vol up to 11 and are in the process of deafening themselves with the High School Musical soundtrack.

Only drawback is that kids must remember to switch the 'phones off - which they often won't!
So I'd recommend getting a battery charger and a pack of rechargeable AAA batteries to go with them.
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on 11 August 2011
The colours of these headphones show that the marketeers have thought through the demographics of the user. Nice bright primary colours appeal to kids and help sort out the "he/she has my headphones" arguments. The designers have likewise done a great job, headphones that actually fit you little ones heads and also cushion comfortably. The engineers have not thought through the purpose of the headphones. The idea is that the sound level should be limited so that little ears do not receive to many decibels causing ear damage. On these headphones this is done with a little lozenge style box that sits in the middle of the headphone lead. If it is on the headphones are on, if it is off the headphones are off, (begs the question why have a switch at all). The unit runs off an AA battery so if you leave it on as small kids will do, then you can't use the headphones. You need to carry a posi screwdriver around with you to change the battery. The switch on the lozenge box is a weak link because to much kiddie power can easily break it. Battery life if you can keep turning them off when not in use is OK. One final point, the headphone leads are actually quite short and not ideal for using with a DVD player mounted to the headrest of a car.
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on 1 November 2009
My 4 year old daughter always moaned about headphones falling off. Not anymore the JVC Tiny Phones are fab - fit great and have a volume control on them. Well worth the money, I would recommend these for all kids...
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on 9 January 2010
Disagree with the previous review. These are designed for use with an mp3 player where you don't want a ridiculously long lead to trip over, especially as they are designed for kids. The chap must have a very small head too - I can wear them but only on the largest setting. One thing I must point out is that the sound quality is excellent for kids headphones and at the price a real bargain. They look good, sound good and are comfortable to wear. The "closed" design also means that there isn't a lot of sound leakage in or out. Recommended.
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on 11 January 2013
We bought these headphones because we wanted a sound limiter for my daughters ipod. Little did we know that IPOD already have a feature in place where you can set the maximum sound levels. Had I known this upfront I would have bought the cheaper headphones without the limiter.

The attached limiter required an triple a battery which makes it quite heavy.

Having said all this my daughter is v happy with them, they are pink and comfy so I'm not too unhappy.
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on 4 September 2009
These are rubbish. The lead is way too short (it won't reach my daughter's car seat from the DVD player on the passenger seat headrest), and they cannot be used without batteries. Furthermore, at their smallest adjustment they fit my head - so much for being children's size!
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on 11 October 2009
I bought two pairs of these for my 4 year old and 6 year old because I wanted something that would protect their ears from damage and the frequency limiter seemed a great idea. Also I didnt want them to have in-ear headphones as these would be difficult for kids and they block out to much external sound so are probably not safe.

In practice they work very well, very comfortable, if a little on the large side. They both have problems with them slipping off when they first put them on (I can wear them quite easily at the maximum adjusted size and find them quite comfortable) but usually OK after they have settled down with an ipod. Lead is about 1m so a little on the short side possibly, but fine for ipod, handheld gaming etc.

Build quality seems very good, we have taken them all over, holiday abroad for two weeks and had them about 6 months now and they still look like new. The girls really like them apart from the annoying slipping off at first (worse for the 4 yr old). Sound quality is fine and the volume can still be fairly loud. Battery life is long if you remember to turn it off (battery is needed as the sound limiter uses an active process)! Overall very happy.
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on 4 December 2012
I rated it like that because they good.The people have one of the best Quality product, & I will show & tell my friends, how very very Good they are & they will also order for it too.
Thanks for the good product.
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on 27 September 2013
Well made and the noise safety feature works well. I can imagine it been a pain if your little 'un forgets to turn them off and the battery keeps going flat but luckily mine always remember to turn them off.

Great product.
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