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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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I bought these as a punt, because I found them for a bargain price elsewhere and couldn't resist.
I was after a high quality pair of in-ear Earphones for times such as the Gym when I need small and portable rather than larger on ear such as my B&W P3 set.

I was considering spending upwards of £150 on a pair of Shure SE315 or similar, or even another pair of BW C5's (I lost mine).
I've had three pairs of Shure head and earphones and I consider these premium with outstanding build and sound quality.

But reading some reviews I came across the Japanese market version of these JVC's' Victor FXD80 and they all spoke highly of these earphone's which were comparable in build and sound Quality to the Yamaha EPH 100 which are almost 3 times the price of these.

Anyway, mine arrived today and after wearing them and comparing them to the other pairs I have I was blown away by how brilliant these are.

They're iOS and Google compatible with a switch on the control unit.

They feature a nice built cable, gold L shape connector and the units themselves look a million dollars - beautiful Aluminium and quality weight and feel.
They come with a nice pouch, cable clip and cable cord keeper (so the cord doesn't flap around when too long) and different sized buds.

They're very comfortable in ear, fit could be more secure though.

There is some sound leakage and they isolate fairly sound giving full, rich, nice level of music.
Great balance and clarity.

Deep bass with no distortion. - the Shure's (and BW) have less leakage and do isolate the sound a tad more, I think this is because of the ear buds which I need to play with (you get three sets of different size)

I am very impressed with these, they're excellent, the build and sound are of units much more expensive than these.

I tested them with Hip-Hop, Rock and some dance tracks - obviously it also depends on what player is being used, but the quality is outstanding.

With a decent unit featuring a Wolfson DAC such as the iPod 5th generation (classic) you'll have superb sound for minimum outlay.

Would've given 4 stars but the price = a 5 Star product.
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on 20 June 2014
I did quite a bit of research before buying these. I was looking also at the Sony XB90, Sony XBA-H1 and these little beauties. They all are reportedly great headphones, but the microphone on these JVCs, and the great price of £26 had me choosing these.

I'll keep it short, but basically the fit of these is good - they're smaller than I thought they would be, and also lighter than I was expecting. The silicon earbuds / tips are nice, but I'm yet to find out if replacement tips will fit, as they appear to be a tiny bit larger than other Sony/Nokia/Pioneer eartips that I have used (bigger at the end that attaches to the earphone - the sizing for your ear is normal.

Really good quality earphones overall. Better cable than I have had on other JVC earphones. I think they look the business too!

Most importantly, the sound: It's really rich sound with excellent bass delivery (not muddy or soft) - nice smooth mids and detailed high notes. I always use Adele's "Set fire to the rain" as a test track as it has a huge range of sounds. The song sounded the best I have heard in a long while, picking up on all the detail....and every nuance of Adele's fab vocals. The bass guitar is a bit recessed in that song, but that is nit picking on an otherwise excellent sound. I've tried Jazz, Pop, Progressive House, Swing Hop...and Adele - they all sound brilliant. They are a little "warm" sounding... less "analytical" than my Sennheiser PX360...but they stlil pick up all the little details and are an easy listen.

I have on order a pair of much more expensive Audiofly AF78 earphones - I'm now seriously wondering if I should have bought them!
Update: The Audiofly do have better sound, but I actually use the JVC much more... they are more practical / better ergonomics, and the sound is almost as good!
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on 2 June 2015
Excellent in ears. Quality feel and construction, really nice sound quality that is balanced throughout the ranges, really clear deep bass with sparkling highs and punchy mids especially in the vocal range. Sound quality wise they equal in-ears that I've owned that are three times the price.
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on 8 April 2015
Was convinced by two things: Excellent 8.7 score on the The Headphone List and the low price on Amazon. Turns out about fair for the price. The unit is quality and a bit on the heavy side but not uncomfortable for me and not really noticeable when worn. Sound isolation is very good and I was amazed by the lack of wire noise that was a problem with the sennheiser CX300II. I was initially worried about what I thought was contact issue because the sound and button wasn't working. It turns out to be the position of the A-B switch that needs to be on A for iPhones and all was well. The balance overall is warm, a bit recessed mid and woolly bass. It's quite bass centric: plenty of low frequencies and the attack is impactful but isn't as sharp. The treble roll off does encourage louder listening. Soundstage is ok. Overall very comfortable sound. One example is: Scheherazade first movement lacks a bit of Russian sparkle. The flip side is comfort and more non-fatigue and encourages you to up the volume. CX300II on the other hand had fiercing treble that was uncomfortable. Bass reducer EQ helps a bit but less satisfying for following bass lines.
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on 23 July 2015
Read lots of good reviews for these but I was really disappointed when I got them. They don't seem to be balanced well at all. The highs are way too pronounced and come with produce a nasty hiss when they get up there. The bass is really lacking as well, made worse by the previous comment. They do have a better sound stage than my previous headphones but that's not enough to make up for the weaknesses.
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on 18 June 2015
I listen to opera mainly. This pair of headphones does not fit comfortably in my ears (despite trying different silicon ear pieces). It also distorts playback more often than reasonable. For eg the sound gets muffled, like the playback is happening in the next room. As well, whirring and scratching noises that are at least as loud as the music. I'm listening via an iPhone6. Would not recommend.
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on 1 August 2014
At first I hated them but I have fiddled around with the silicon ear plug things, and once they sit in your ears right, they sound really good. Unlike my previous earphones that maxed out the bass, these keep the levels just right, and I listen to everything from classical to heavy trance so happy with the versatility. They look great and don't fall out at the gym. Microphone works very well. I would have liked a volume control.
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on 15 May 2015
Great gadget but expensive for my pocket, i also wish the hear piece fit very well without dropping off sometimes but i am satisfied with it.
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on 29 November 2014
Decided to go with these for my iPhone 6 and I'm very satisified with the sound quality and the microphone which does the job without complications. The build quality seems to be very good and the headphones are very good looking with its stylish metal design.

The BIG con is the comfort, which would have me return these if i wouldn't have found a separate soloution. The headphones comes with three different pairs of earpads and every single one of them had a terrible fit for my ears, if they didn't fall out they did hurt in my ears. The experience might ouf course vary from person to person, altough a friend of mine who bought them as well had the same problem.

The soloution was fairly simple and cheap, both of us ordered these:

The new earpads changed the entire fit and gave me an entirely different pair of headphones, giving a tighter fit which boosted the base and gave a good comfort. If the headphones would ship with these originally then I would have rated this product as a 4.5 altough now I'm gonna have to go with a 3, considering how dissapointing the comforts was with the original fit.

If you're looking for a pair of headphones with clear vocals, good intrument separation and a pretty wide sound stage for a good price there are most definitely a price worthy pair of headphones, even with the additional cost of new ear pads. The bas is good but if you're on the hunt for a primarly base havey pair you might end up dissapointed.
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on 10 November 2014
sound and feel is very good, very good but i only go with jvc there are one of the strongest headphones.
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