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on 2 April 2012
Does MORE than it says on the tin. I'm surprised that they're not really pushing compatibility with iPhone 4. I purchased with just a little apprehension having learned of the the risk in pairing bluetooth headphones with the iPhone but these worked straight out of the box (after the initial charge...). Remote controls work, telephone calls work - and the earpieces sit comfortably over my hearing aids.
The Apple store wanted over £200 for bluetooth headphones - this is no contest.
My only concern is that the neck band seems to be a little flimsy and could get broken easily but when something works so well you give a a little respect, don't you?
I don't normally do reviews but hope that others can benefit as well.
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on 8 April 2013
If your looking for high quality headphones, then look elsewhere. If your looking for reasonably sounding headphones with bluetooth then these are a really good buy. Okay they feel a bit cheap, but they fitted really well and i liked the neckband style instead of over the head. I use these with my samsung galaxy tab and found the bluetooth to operate over a distance of approx 4 to 5 metres. They sound pretty good to, nice bit of bass when needed. A very good buy for the price, really cant go wrong with these.
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on 26 April 2012
I usually can't be bothered reviewing the products I buy on Amazon, but I can't help myself here.

This is the best 20 quid I've spend for a long time! I was looking for a new pair of headphones to use with my HTC phone as well as a new bluetooth headset for my PS3. I noticed these pop up on both searches - it hadn't occurred to me that one product would serve both purposes!

These work really well with my Android phone - once paired they connect in seconds and the sound quality is surprisingly good. Spotify Premium has now become something very special indeed, and I don't even bother carrying my iPod around any more. An added bonus is the microphone. I wasn't planning on using this to make/receive phonecalls, but when a call comes in while you're listening to music, you might as well, right? It's really easy to answer the call by pressing the big button, sound quality is acceptable for the other person, and your music is conveniently paused until the call is ended (at which point it starts up again automatically). I feel like an idiot talking on the phone hands-free, but who cares.

These also work really well with my PS3. It seems you do have to go through the pairing process every time you want to use the headset, unlike my previous bluetooth headset, which was detected automatically. But other than that, I've had no problems. I will never tire of swearing at 16 year old boys on Red Dead Redemption multiplayer.

Charging them up when I got them was really easy. I haven't had to recharge them yet, and I've had a good week of music and multiplayer fun.

This is the perfect gadget to accompany my gadgety lifestyle. Love it!
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on 14 June 2013
This is my second set almost identical to the first set. The first set stopped working after about 1 month this set I have now had for about 3 months. I use them at the gym 3 times a week. I thought the first set gave up because of sweat but this set seem to be coping just fine although I do stuff a bit of paper towel in each ear cover towards the end of my sessions to absorb the worst of the sweat. I chose bluetooth because there are no wires that get caught on apparatus, and over ear because in ear tend to irritate my inner ear (personal preference). The price also was a major factor. Friends with more expensive products that also failed like my first set made me decide not to spend too much and just accept they will not last. Sound quality for me is more than satisfactory for a gym session or sometimes I have worn them when cleaning the car or doing garden work. The product does exactly what I intended for them and they are cheap enough to throw away and buy again every so often when they fail. Terrible attitude I know but practical and acceptably cost effective given that more expensive products treated in the same way would likely not last long enough to justify their additional cost. I charge them once a week whether the low battery warning sounds or not, I estimate I wear them for maybe 4 hours a week. Amazon experience - as usual no problems.
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on 12 January 2012
This product has been a great asset to my growing mobile media accessories. I attending a video shoot at the weekend which entailed a lot of sitting around so I used these headphones via bluetooth with my tablet pc to watch movies. Very good quality, battery life was untouched but I used it continually for 8 hours and there was no sign of loss of charge as they are scheduled for 20 hours. Very comfortable, didnt try the link with with my phone but expect that will be fine also. Definitely recommend.
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on 7 November 2012
I was searching and reviewing many bluetooth headphones to wear while I am jogging and to use it with my computer for skype calls. There was mixed reviews for this product, but for the price, I thought I would take a chance, especially since it was not only a headphone for music, but it could make and receive calls with noise cancellation technology. I was pleased with my choice.

The bluetooth functionality is very good with no delayed sound or skipping occurring while listening to music or talking on the phone. It is crisp and clear. The sound is also adjustable, both on your phone and on the headphones, so you can find the right pitch for you which won't hurt your ears. It is perfect for running as there are no wires to tangle up or get in your way. The buttons are very responsive, both for adjusting the sound, changing the song, and for the pause/calls button. The noise cancellation works well, but as with all bluetooth products, when it is windy, it is a little difficult for the receiving party to hear you, but this is just something that is somewhat of a reality with handsfree headsets.

There are a few things that one should know with this product. It is not adjustable to fit any size head. Unfortunately, it seems to fit slightly larger heads as my wife, who has a smaller head, it is a little loose. It still fits fine around her ears, but in the back, it is not tight. Also, if you have slightly smaller ears, you may seem to have a problem with the fitting there too.

Aesthetically, they are little bulky looking, but if that doesn't bother you, as it doesn't with me, then this isn't really a problem.

It worked well with my computer for listening to music and doing skype calls. The range is good and worked well while I was talking and sitting in another room from where the computer was. If you have another voip programme, see if it is compatible with these earphones, as some programmes seem to have a problem with connecting properly to it.

I like the foldable function it has so it can become compact and easy to carry around.

All in all, I really like this product for the price you pay. It works perfectly for me, especially while I go for a run, the sound is crisp and clear, and it connects well with a computer. I recommend this product for anyone that is tight on a budget and doesn't want to fork out a lot of money for higher end bluetooth headphones, however, if you do have a smaller sized head than average, or smaller/compact ears, this may not fit you right and may be better for you to find an adjustable headphone.

Nevertheless, I am very satisfied.
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on 11 July 2012
From fully charged the battery life is fine, lasting me a day of phone meetings.

The music quality is okay ... what you expect for the price.

However, I don't have a huge head, but these headphones pinch a little, and become uncomfortable to for me to wear fairly quickly.

Main issue is that these headphones do not have mute button. Okay, they are not advertised as such, but this is the same (for example) for platonics which certainly do. Not having a mute button means I have to have my phone in my hand as I come on and off mute.
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on 14 November 2015
I was delighted to open the pack and see how small these fold up. They are really neat! They also come with a fabric case like a soft glasses case size. I mislaid the instructions the minute I opened these so had to look up on the internet. Hold down the on button for about 10 seconds at first to get these to pair up with the bluetooth on the phone. Once that 's done they work perfectly. You can adjust the volume on the headset and once you get used to it and remember where the buttons are this is very easy to do. You have vol up and down and track skip backwards or forwards. You can also use them as a phone bluetooth. The sound is very good quality for headphones this price. Clear with decent bass. When I turn them up full they blow my head off. I received this product at discount in exchange for an honest review.
review image review image
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on 26 November 2015
I've been using these headphones for approximately a week now, and I have enjoyed using them though there are a few downsides to the product.

Sound quality and microphone - The sound quality is average, not bad but not the best. However, you know going in that the sound quality isn't going to be studio level and, in fact, for the price, the sound quality is above average. The headphones get sufficiently loud and can be somewhat immersive. The control buttons on the side are especially useful, and make using music players so much easier; the buttons also adapt to whatever app you're using to play music through, so switching to soundcloud from google play music, the buttons then function with soundcloud even when the play widget is in the background. The microphone is good and the chat quality is great, meaning that you can use it rather easily to take phone calls.

Comfort - I've never really been a fan of the hook over ear headphones due to the lack of comfort. These headphones aren't the most comfortable, but then I do have a big head and big ears, and there is a lack of adjustability with the headphones, meaning that they can pull on your ears slightly, therefore making long periods of use difficult. Also, the actual speaker size is quite small and can take some adjusting to get them in the best position. Though the best position for sound quality and the position of comfort may not be the same.

Battery life - Battery life is good, I get about 8 hours out of them. Recharging is easy using a mini-USB and doesn't take that long, but in all honesty I haven't timed it.

(I received this product at a discount price to provide an honest review)
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on 7 June 2012
Need a pair of Bluetooth headphones for the gym. Tried three different types even though these were so highly rated why, they don't look great on ! I have seen people using these and always thought they looked weird, like a couple of aerosol caps stuck on your ears bit like the cyber men! After three failures I succumbed and bit the bullet and ordered a pair. I will never look back(or in the mirror)now these are great all round headphones and work well with my Samsung galaxy S11 on calls. Not Bose or Dre Beats sound quality but good enough for a work out at the gym or a train journey. Just avoid looking in mirrors or your reflection when wearing!
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